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11-02-2008, 03:00 PM

John Buck - Great with pitching staff, shows flashes of power. That's about it. He can't throw out base stealers, can't hit for a decent average, and his power is streaky. He'll hit five homers in two weeks, then go homer-less for two months. Offensively, we could use an upgrade.

Miguel Olivo - Clock's ticking on the mutual option. The club can exercise it, and if they do, Olivo has about a week to return the favor. He won't get paid much, hits homers, and can throw out base stealers. He's not too much of an upgrade offensively over Buck, but is definitely an upgrade. However, the club seems convinced that he cannot handle the pitching staff. I'm curious to know the clubs' ERA with him behind the plate versus Buck.

Matt Tupman, Bryan Pena - AAA guys, either would make a good backup. Pena seems to have quite the upside according to the club.


Ross Gload - He's a joke as a regular guy, a keeper as a backup. He plays decent D, can play 1B and OF, and is a good clubhouse presence. Hillman seems to have a boner for him, but no one else does.

Billy Butler - Piggly wiggly can't play D. This little piggy stays home at AAA. He is touted as a great bat, but couldn't hit. He was decent but not as great as we hoped. If he doesn't show up in shape and explode in Spring Training, I'd expect him to go to AAA since we have Jacobs now and Shealy is out of options. While at AAA, I hope he get a position.

Ryan Shealy - "The Future" as of two years ago became the forgotten man. After getting injured last year and again in AAA to start the season this year, he was batting .400 in AAA when he was finally called up. He proceeded to tear the cover off the ball and led the majors in HRs in September. There are two concerns with him though. His hammys seem to get injured often (including the last game of the season) and his bat speed is slow, slower when injured. If he can strengthen his hammys, he should be a mainstay and alternate with Jacobs and maybe Butler at 1B and DH. If they all show up, one will probably be traded or if possible shifted to the outfield

Mike Jacobs - The new guy. We just traded Leo Nunez for him. He hit 32 homers last year, in a park that is about as bad as ours, supposedly worse for LH hitters. He also batted like .240. Hopefully he can bring his average up, but 32 homers is nothing to sneeze at, especially for such a cheap price. Nunez was great last year and really ****** the years before. He also has a violent throwing motion and will probably crash and burn this year.

Kila Ka'aihue- The supposed future. Developed really late but hit a ton of homers throughout AA and AAA. He got a very brief look in the majors last September but look for him to stick to AAA this year while the big league team sorts through Butler, Shealy, and Jacobs. If he continues his torrid pace through the minors, he may force the Royals' hand at the trade deadline.


Alberto Callaspo - Wife beater, drunk, and decent player. He hit about .300 in limited time last year after coming off the DL for an undisclosed illness after getting his DUI. Probably was in rehab. He doesn't hit for power, but has decent speed, decent defense, and can hit for average. He's a younger Grudzelianik, who went bye bye byeee.

Esteban German - Former super-sub and great hitter. Went through a pretty bad slump to begin last year but picked it up. Decent hitter, good speed, and can play many different positions. I don't think he's the future, but is the perfect utility guy.

Jason Smith - Utility guy that hits a good amount of homers, both in AAA and the majors. Seems to be stuck in AAA.

Mike Aviles - Last year's rookie phenom. Also a late bloomer. I think last year was a career year, and he'll be mediocre at best this year, but he's earned the right to try to prove me wrong. He could play either SS or 2B, depending on who else we sign.

Tony Pena Jr - Backup at best. I'm hoping he switches to pitching. He was damn good in that one inning of relief :-). He can't hit but can field.

Angel Sanchez - He was a possible future major leaguer but got injured in the minors. If he's healthy, we sign no one, and our 2B players fail, then Aviles could be shifted over and he could get a look. That's a lot of it's.


Alex Gordon - The unquestioned starter. This will hopefully become the breakout year for the highly touted prospect compared by many when drafted to George Brett. He was rushed and probably overwhelmed by the expectations. Hopefully, he can put the distractions aside and finally break through.

Mark Teahen - Former 3B that took over for Gordon when he got injured. He's really just the backup there, but his offensive numbers took off while playing third. If Gordon gets injured or struggles majorly, maybe just maybe Teahen can nab his old spot back and Gordon will go to the minors or the OF. It won't happen though.


David DeJesus - Continued to improve. The guy has gotten gradually better each year since coming into the league and is signed to a club friendly contract. He's a guaranteed starter, probably in CF.

Jose Guillen - Richest man in Royals' history. Hit way below what he was paid for. 16 million for 20 HR's? He showed up out of shape and was not pushed in Spring Training. He played like **** for the first couple months, had couple hot streaks, and played though leg injuries that prevented him from running in the OF and running out grounders. He was a distraction at times, a pain in the *** at others. He argues with fans and made an *** of himself. If he shows up in shape and healthy, he could up his numbers to 30 HR/120 RBI, especially with the protection in the lineup acquired w/ the arrival of Jacobs and Shealy's resurgence.

Mark Teahen - See the 3B profile. He's been an OF for a while. He's generally played below expectations and is a generally mediocre player. He hits in spurts. He should be a backup.

Joey Gathright - Scrub can't hit. Fastest guy on the team but can't bunt either. If he could learn to bunt and up his average to .280 or higher, (cough cough AAA), he could make a good leadoff guy.

Shane Costa/Mitch Maier/Chris Lubanski - The big three AAAA guys. They were all drafted at the same time, all first rounders if I remember correctly. They all seem to be the same player. Maier seems to be getting a look in the majors and played decently. With them being stuck in AAA for so long, I'd give them all a look, then if they fail in the majors CUT them. Why waste developemental spots on guys that won't develop?

NEEDS: We could use a decent and young SS or 2B to come in to man the infield with Aviles. We've already acquired a power guy.

11-02-2008, 05:55 PM
nice overview, mastap. i disagree with you about mike aviles, but time will have to tell us the truth on that one.

11-20-2008, 09:43 AM
so the coco crisp addition does what for us? does this make teahen the next one out? what about a teahen/ gload/ butler deal for a decent 2nd baseman? OR do you thing we'll stay with callaspo? hmmm.....

11-20-2008, 09:51 PM
I was giddy as a school girl when we got him :-). Teabag is maybe on the way out, though I don't think he has to go anywhere. Since he can play all three outfield spots, 1B and 3B, I could see the club trying to hang on to him for another year or two as a bench player. That being said, he is still seen as an everyday player by a lot of folks (not me) and keeping him as a bench player will severely decrease his future trade value. I don't honestly see a difference between him, Costa, Maier, and Lubanski, except the latter three don't play the infield and have absolutely no value to other teams.

For me, this is what I'd do. Ship him off to the Cubs, if they really want him, for Fortenot (if that's how you spell it) and bump Aviles over. Teahen makes a few million and sending him off and promoting one of the AAAA trio would save money. The same goes for Gload if anyone actually wants him. I'd also ship off Butler to AAA and alternate Shealy/Jacobs between 1B and DH (to rest Shealy's troublesome hammys). Turn TPjr into a reliever/mascot/hot dog boy.

Failing all else, I think Callaspo has a long term role as a super utility guy. He's learning SS in the Dominican this winter and he bats .300 as a switch hitter (I think). He doesn't strike out a lot and walks a decent amount. For this year at least, I think he's a serviceable 2B.

11-22-2008, 02:26 PM
what about bringing grudz back to play a bit at 2nd base? he wants to play and has stuck with us when we sucked. he reportedly is healthy, and is solid at 2nd.