View Full Version : Javaris Crittenton

I Am Awesome-O
10-31-2008, 05:03 PM
Do you guys think it's time to trade Javaris Crittenton? Iavoroni doesn't seem to want to play him, and the organization sees him as a 2-guard, not a point.

So should we let him go? We almost traded him to the Wizards during the draft for the 18th pick, but they backed out to draft JaVelle McGee. So we can get a mid-late first rounder for him.

I personally want to keep him and let him develop. Then if starts tapping into his huge potential, we can either trade him for more value than we would get for him right now, or we could just keep him and let him play here.

My point is, J-Crit needs playing time to develop. Ivy doesn't want to play him. We could send him to the D-League, but that would kind of hurt his confidence.

I think Iavoroni needs to play Crittenton instead of damn Greg Buckner. Buckner is not in our plans for the future whatsoever. Actually he isn't in our plans after this year. Crittenton is a big part of our future. Is this going to be Casey Jacobsen all over again where Heisley has to tell Ivy not to play Buckner anymore? Marc better shape up, his job depends on it.