View Full Version : What was the buzz like...

10-29-2008, 11:40 AM
around the Hornets prior to last season. I believe you won 39 games in 2006. Were you as Hornets fans expecting to be so successful last season? Or was it a total shocker to you?

I am a Bulls fan and there is a lot of buzz around the Bulls young core right now and we have a similar structure to our teams. I guess I am just curious as to whether or not Chicago fans are being sterotypically optimistic or if we have reason to be like you all showed you had reason to be last year...

10-30-2008, 01:05 PM
There was obviously no buzz or else the hornets would have had great attendance early in the season, I thought they would be good and make the playoffs but not as good as they ended up being. Also, I would classify the Bulls being like the Hornets. The Hornets are a more suppurier team at every position it seems but I still like the Bulls, Tyrus is fun to watch and being from down here gives me someone to cheer for and hopefully the guy will start attacking the basket more. Da bulls will make the playoffs but going againts the Cavs and Celtics will be tough to handle.

The Hornets have the possibility to be what N.O. sports has never seen and that is a consistant winner. People are starting to love the team and if they win a championship there place in the city will be solid, I already love the team more than the Saints and have season tickets, hopefully it will be like that for more people as well.