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10-08-2008, 07:07 PM
I was thinking about how much more valuable it means to be a 2-way player than purely an offensive player. I have come up with some comparisons between players that are at or near the same level, one being purely offensive and the other being a 2-way player.

PG- Steve Nash vs Jason Kidd: Kidd has been known to play great defense through his entire career as well as being able to rack up the assists. Nash is a great offensive player, capable of putting up more assists than Kidd, but damnit if he defense isn't amongst the worst in the league. (CP3 and Deron don't contrast each other as well as Nash and Kidd do).

SG- Kobe vs AI: Not quite as contrasting as Kidd and Nash, Kobe has proven he can be at least as great an offensive player as AI has been, Kobe's defense is worlds better than AI's.

SF- Melo vs Marion: I would put these two at near same level. Melo's offensive game is more versatile than Marion's, thus making him so much more deadly. However, Marion's defense vs Melo's is like night and day.

PF- KG vs Dirk: KG's defensive intensity earned him the title of DPOY last season. Dirk's defense isn't anywhere near the level it should be at... but he still is the superior offensive player when comparing the two.

C- Amare vs Dwight: I realize Amare doesn't play C much anymore, he still played C for a big portion of his career and he this is probably the best contrast I could find at this position. Amare's defense isn't good, but Dwight's is. Dwight is clearly the superior defender and can hold his own offensively without much of an arsenal because of his athleticism.

It seems to me that 2-way players are undervalued when looking at this comparison.

Nash vs Kidd: Nash has won 2 MVP's... Kidd 0. Kidd plays both ways very well and as part of his defensive game, is one of the best rebounders in the league.

Kobe vs AI: Not quite so much now, but earlier (think Shaq and Kobe days) AI was considered by some to be the best player in the league despite his nonexistent defense. Kobe at that point in his career was known for his defense, and we all know his offensive capabilities weren't lacking then either despite playing with Shaq. AI then had an MVP, Kobe didn't.

Marion vs Marion: Almost everyone would take Melo over Marion. Marion still averages more rebounds per game and about the same apg while being vastly superior on the defensive end and not too lacking on the offensive end.

KG vs Dirk: These two have been damn near equal for quite some time. Finally, KG got the recognition he deserves for the defense he plays AFTER winning a championship. Before that, there was a LOT more talk about Dirk.

Amare vs Dwight: Here is the one position where I think defense really stands out. Dwight's BPG and RPG are so good that people overlook his offensive shortcomings. Amare averages nearly 5 ppg higher than Dwight, that is about the same ppg that Nash averages over Kidd. You would think that Kidd's rebounds and defensive presence puts him over the top of Nash, but no. Not the case here with Dwight.

It seems to me that defense doesn't count for too much when comparing players.

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