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10-04-2008, 08:00 PM
All of the statements here are direct quotes from George Karl.

What do you think?

I don't know how we're going to fix the loss of Eddie. I don't know how we're going to come off the bench with scoring, but we have some good pieces. We have some very good pieces. It's going to be different than last year, but I personally think the challenge is exciting.

Marcus was tremendous in patrolling the paint, but he wasn't in to rotating on the perimeter. There's no question that Marcus' presence is going to be missed, but I think Nene in a different way can be as good or better than Marcus. That's his challenge and our challenge. After kind of a unique summer of rebuilding the psyche and spirit of our team, we're in a very good place. We're faster, deeper and quicker with athletes at every position than ever before since I've been here.

How you teach the game as a coaching staff sometimes subconsciously allows the team that your coaching to develop a mentality. Offense, I think in some ways, is softer than defense. I'm not saying we're soft, but I think at times last year we tried to outshoot, outscore and outrun. I think this year we're going to try to keep the good stuff of our offense and incorporate some of the toughness of defense. I think as a coaching staff that excites us.

Over the last two years me and the coaching staff tried to coach the game with the mentality of scoring, playing fast, kind of the Phoenix Suns' mentality. Learning how to attack, attack, attack is how we taught the game, but we feel that we have to change our mindset to at least move in to the top-half of the defensive teams in basketball.

Last year if I had to evaluate our defense after film studying this summer, a lot of our bad defense was created by our bad shot-selection. Our offensive personality has to have more responsibility. And the second thing is the commitment to run back and play transition defense.

We have some guys on this coaching staff that even though we can rationalize success in the regular season as being good, the truth of the matter is your judgment is based upon how you do in the playoffs. From Melo to Kenyon to A.I., there's a gut feeling of nausea. It's indigestion. We don't really want to talk about our regular seasons even though we try to defend that we play and have done a lot of good things.

The hammer and how I lead the team with discipline and lead the team with changing mistakes and changing what I want and what the team needs to do I think will be -- as I said at the end of last season -- is going to be a little more hammer oriented than democracy oriented. Last year we probably talked our way through mistakes, talked our way through periods of momentum of bad basketball. This year I think you're going to see more of, 'Hey, this is what we want. If you don't give it, it's going to be playing time that is going to be changed.'

I think our players know we've cut corners, cheated the commitment in some ways. It's frustrating as a coach. Sometimes when you win 50 games it's hard to challenge a team because they go 'Coach, we won 50 games.' The problem is we don't do the little things everyday, and those little things win playoff games.

The one frustration as a coach I've had is over the years is I know we've cheated the game, but we've had success. I don't know how to coach that. When you know you're not doing this and you know you're not that but you're still one of the top-ten teams in basketball and you're winning games.... how do you bring a hammer down on winning? It was difficult. I think I've made mistakes in that area. I think I've made... maybe drastic mistakes in that area.

I have no desire to be liked. The game of basketball and coaching in the NBA is far from what you all think it is. There's more battles, confrontations and anger on a daily basis. There's more ego management and attitude adjustment on a daily basis than ever before.

I don't know if they want me to like them or I want them to like me. I think those things just happen by the process of what transpires.

This year's team has more George Karl personality to it than any team I've coached here in Denver. It has more son of a *****es. It has more I'll hit you. It has more guys that want to be mean and angry than cool and pretty. I think that's going to help us.

Our players have a different spirit to them than we left here four or five months ago. I don't know if it's they know I'm a little bit angry, they know the organization is fed up with losing. I know the Marcus trade shook people in the direction like 'Wow, we're going to get better or something's going to happen.'hoopsworld (http://www.hoopsworld.com/Story.asp?story_id=10169)

To be honest, I have to admit to calling for George Karl's firing quite a lot before. And my doubt remains stronger than my confidence in his ability to really change his ways and be the true leader and architect of strategy, game plans and solid rotations that the team really needs.

But dammit, I've also got to admit that I love everything I've been hearing from and about him this training camp. And I can't help but starting to feel like I should start this season by giving him the benefit of the doubt instead of keeping him at the top of my **** list for past seasons.

How about you?

10-04-2008, 08:16 PM
Dunno..you think coach actually knows what he's talking about this time?

10-04-2008, 09:43 PM
Doubt it.

10-05-2008, 12:00 AM
yeah.. so far so good, I guess.. everything the nuggets FO has done so far has made me pretty happy.. and I actually believe on coach Karl

10-05-2008, 12:40 AM
Nahhh....I'm rather tired of Karl, we better be great at the start of this season, or else i'm going on a "FIRE GEORGE KARL" tirade!!

10-05-2008, 03:35 AM
so far hes ive erased his last name off of my **** list, after he backs it up then his first name comes of too

10-05-2008, 05:26 AM
Nahhh....I'm rather tired of Karl, we better be great at the start of this season, or else i'm going on a "FIRE GEORGE KARL" tirade!!

You won't be alone.

But I don't think it'll be fair to judge this team until they've had at least 4-6 weeks to play together and get used to life without Camby, life with the new guys, and their roles as redefined according to the new team needs and (if he actually follows through with implementing it) Karl's new system. They're going to stumble some at the beginning, I imagine. But hopefully not too badly, and hopefully not so much that it costs us so many wins that we dig ourselves into a major playoff race deficit from the get go.

I think from about December 10th to the 31st will be the right time to take the team's temperature and get a good measure of what we should really be able to expect for the rest of the season.

10-05-2008, 05:44 AM
Actually, that last post I made got me to thinking about the 2008 opening stretch of our 08-09 schedule, and man, it's pretty damn brutal. Check it out:

Wed, Oct 29 @ Utah
Fri, Oct 31 @ LA Clippers
Sat, Nov 1 LA Lakers
Wed, Nov 5 @ Golden State
Fri, Nov 7 Dallas
Sun, Nov 9 Memphis
Tue, Nov 11 @ Charlotte
Thu, Nov 13 @ Cleveland
Fri, Nov 14 @ Boston
Sun, Nov 16 Minnesota
Tue, Nov 18 Milwaukee
Wed, Nov 19 @ San Antonio
Fri, Nov 21 @ LA Lakers
Sun, Nov 23 Chicago
Wed, Nov 26 @ LA Clippers
Thu, Nov 27 New Orleans
Sat, Nov 29 @ Minnesota
Sun, Nov 30 Houston
Tue, Dec 2 Toronto
Thu, Dec 4 San Antonio
Sat, Dec 6 @ Sacramento
Wed, Dec 10 Minnesota
Sat, Dec 13 Golden State
Mon, Dec 15 @ Dallas
Tue, Dec 16 @ Houston
Fri, Dec 19 Cleveland
Sat, Dec 20 @ Phoenix
Mon, Dec 22 Portland
Tue, Dec 23 @ Portland
Fri, Dec 26 Philadelphia
Sun, Dec 28 @ NY Knicks
Mon, Dec 29 @ Atlanta
Wed, Dec 31 @ Toronto

33 games

Longest road trips - two 3-gamers

Longest home stretch - one 3-gamer

18 games away (54%), 15 home

24 games (73%) vs. 2008 playoff teams or POR, GSW, LAC (teams that many feel are in playoff contention and comparably strong as the Nuggets), and of those 24, 14 (58%) are on the road

Just 9 games of the 33 (27%) are what should be easy wins, and 4 of those on the road.