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10-04-2008, 06:27 PM
I read this on the chronicles website. It was an email somebody sent into Richard Justice. Being a true, diehard Astros fans I thought it was true. Real fans shouldnt be offended by it. Whats your take on it?


I just felt obligated to send you a quick email letting you know how I feel about Houston fans. I'm a diehard Houston Sports fan. I was at the Astros game Sunday and got to watch the 'Stros take on and beat the Red Sox. The one thing I came away from the game with, was the feeling that Houston Fans Suck! I've been to 8 games so far this season, seven at Minute Maid, three against Division Rivals (Cubs,Cardinals,Brewers) and the one thing I've noticed is that this city is full of fair weather fans. Yesterday was the loudest I've seen the Juicebox this year, and the only time that the fans actually got loud and chanted "Lets go Astros" was after the numerous Red Sox fans started a chant of their own. Not only are we passive, but we're also spiteful.

I can only imagine how it feels being in the Astros clubhouse. Everybody loves you guys when you're winning, but as soon as the team falls on some hardluck then all of a sudden they're a forgotten team again. Its frustrating to me so how must it make the players feel?

I've been to some great games over the years. I was lucky enough to get tickets to the 18 inning game against Atlanta in the NLDS back in '05. I got to watch the Rocket come in to pitch relief and I got hugs from random strangers when Chris Burke put that game winning shot into the Crawford Boxes. I had the pleasure of watching Craig Biggio go 5 for 6 and march from 2997 to 3002 and the building was absolutely electric. I know that Houston sports fans have it in them, they just need to do it all the time. Support the team that has given us so many great memories and players. I see the Cubs fans when Chicago is in town, and as obnoxious as they are, they are passionate for their team and I can appreciate that. Its the same for the Red Sox and Cardinals, why cant it be that way for the Astros?

10-05-2008, 04:22 PM
i would do anything for my team to pump them up, but i did not go to any games this season, did anyone notice how our attendence at stros games were incredibly low, there were a bunch of empty seats!!!!