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10-03-2008, 09:59 PM
I'll start with the offense, which I think is very solid. There is still rumors that Forsberg and Sundin have been talking and would both sign on to the Avs midway through the season so that they can both fit under the cap. But thats neither here nor there so here are my starting lines.

Smyth Stastny Hedjuk
Tucker Sakic Jones
Wolski Hensick Svatos
Ledin McCormick Lappy

McLeod, Arnason, Hendricks, Smith, Guite, Willsie, Parker, and Stewart are left over. There's still time so Hendricks, Smith, and Stewart will most likely be sent down. I would not be at all surprised to see Arnason traded very soon, especially if Giguere learns anything further about Forsberg or Sundin.

With defense there is no doubt a solid core and something that the whole team can depend upon. There is a good mix of old veterans, players in their prime, and some youth thrown in there.

Clark Hannan
Foote Liles
Leopold Salei

With Campbell, Cumiskey, Tjarnqvist, Mackenzie, Montgomery, Vernace left. Most likely everyone except Cumiskey and Tjarnqvist will be sent down. Cumiskey can come in and play very well for the Avs if and most likely when Leopold gets hurt, Tjarnqvist is there for an insurance policy I guess. I never understood the signing of Tjarnqvist.

Then comes goaltending, this could be the biggest question mark on the team. I still believe in Budaj and believe he has all the tools to become a solid number one goaltender. After him there are bigger questions, Raycroft, Weiman, and Backy should fight for the number two spot behind Budaj.


I think those last three go in order as of right now. Bacashihua doesn't have very good numbers right now, Weiman hasn't really been given a chance. Raycroft didn't look very good when I saw him a few nights ago. He was almost scored on from behind the net in overtime. He looks confused in the net at times. I think Granato should tell the media that it's an open competition and leave those three to fight for it.

So what would your starting line-up be?

10-04-2008, 12:38 AM
Wolski Stastny Hedjuk
Tucker Sakic Smyth
Jones Hensick Svatos
Ledin Mcleod Lappy

Salei Hannan
Foote Liles
Leopold Clark

and god i hope Weiman

10-04-2008, 01:43 AM
Tucker Stastny Hedjuk
Smyth Sakic Svatos
Jones Arnason Wolski
Ledin Mcleod Lappy

Foote Liles
Clark Hannan
Salei Leopold

Raycroft....for at least 6 weeks, then maybe Weiman if he looks good

Jones chokes with open chances a lot, the curse of Davey Jones!
And I think Hensick still needs a little work.

Not comfortable with the goalie position at all, Budaj gets hurt or goes on a cold streak, and we may be in trouble