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Frank Costanza
09-26-2008, 04:57 PM
I dont want all the ppl in here accusing me in april of bandwagoning so i am putting it right here right now, the leafs will be in the top 8 of the eastern conference in 2008/2009 with this squad that no one belives in not even their gm. I am not saying we win the cup but we will make the playoffs, this could spring lots of talk negative and positive, go ahead guys rip me apart if you disagree for those who are wtih me lets show just why we feel this way

Frank Costanza
09-26-2008, 05:00 PM
I like our goalie situ
I like our coach
I like the Pieces we kept, Kabarle-Pony-Antripov-Steen-Stajan-Kubina-blake
I like the pieces we attainted- finger-van ryn- cujo
I like our speed
I worry about our defence(had to be a realist to not just the idealist i appear as)
given we are young, have some unproven guys but i think with the new nhl there are fewer teams stacking up big contracts, if we can use our speed to our advantage and can use wilsons method of blocking shots, and cycling the players quick we can win some games, division games will be the most important , we have to beat bos-buffalo-ottawa to be in there , lots of games against them but we have traditionally done well against our divisoin

09-26-2008, 08:00 PM
The Leafs may be the lowest scoring team in the league, this season..

No top line center, no legit 3rd/4th d-man, no secondary scoring, no leader,etc..

The only wins the Leafs will get will be to trap the hell out of the opposition and pull out 2-1 hockey games...

Sorry, but I see the Leafs in the cellar...

09-27-2008, 03:50 PM
OMG, thank you for the laugh... i love these joke threads.. hahahaha

09-27-2008, 04:29 PM
this is one of the funniest threads of all time...im practically fighting to not say something insulting toward you with your sundin post and now this one...lets see where do I start...

the Leafs will very likely be the lowest scoring team in hockey this year. Nikky Antropov and Alex Ponikarovsky will both be shown as useless without the guy that carried them for years Sundin and I can see both of them having less than 10 goals and if either score 20 goals I'll be shocked.

Matty Stajan will have exactly the same season he had last year if we are lucky. He is a checker who over-acheived last season IMO.

the Leafs defence core has 2 proven top 2 defencemen, 4 back 2 defencemen in Finger, Van Ryn, Coliacovo, and White, and 2 unknown defencemen in Stralman and Frogen

there is no go-to scorer on the team UNLESS Tlusty and Kulemin both blossom.

there is no go-to set up man on the team UNLESS Grabovski and Steen both blossom.

there is no go-to scoring line at all on this team.

the one thing this team will be good at is playing defensive hockey. The only good thing about Antropov is that he has developed into being responsible in his own zone. Alex Steen and Matt Stajan will lead the charge and are very responsible back there. Dominic Moore IMO single handedly won 3 games last season including one against the Detroit Red Wings and he will be counted on to play a huge defensive role with this team and hopefully he can blossom into a John Madden type. Tlusty's scoring might not be there but his defence and aggressiveness sure is and he will be nice back there. Devereux and Mayers are both good in their own end as is Hollweg and Earl if they make the team.

The Forwards are very good defensively but the problem is the defencemen are very weak defensively and very strong offensively. This team could have its TOP 3 SCORERS all be DEFENCEMEN. Kaberle will no doubt be the team leader in points as without Mats he is the only one who can set anything up. Kubina will be the trigger man on the PP so since that is where we will end up getting all our goals expect 20+ from him. and Anton Stralman will have to have a big year for this team as well.

the bottom line for this team is that they will be quite responsible in their own end and they will work hard. Unfortunately the hardest working team doesnt necessarily win the game when you have no skill. I can see alot of 0-0 games going into shootouts this season with the offensive skill we may be throwing out there. For this team to be successful EVERYTHING has to go right and that mainly means the development of the young skilled players. Tlusty will need at least 20 goals as will Kulemin. Steen will need to finally be that player we've been waiting for him to be since he was drafted. Stajan will have to put up exactly the same season as last year or better. Hagman will have to become some sort of solo-scorer which he isnt without Brad Richards who he played with and scored alot of goals along-side. Antropov will have to be that legit number 1 center that he will never be. and the 3rd and 4th lines will have to chip in alot specifically Mayers, Moore, and Devereux.

one more thing is that there is no certainty...there are a million crappy ways to set these lines but nothing that would inspire alot of confidence IMO.

just curious Mr. Costanza...what are your Leaf line combos???

09-27-2008, 07:03 PM
As much as I hope I am wrong I think there is no chance the Leafs make the playoffs. I am still very excited for the season though can't to see some of our young guys play and hopefully blossom

09-28-2008, 01:41 PM
things i like about the 09 season....................


09-28-2008, 04:18 PM
Top 8 this season....sure, yah, why not. Did you also know that crystal meth isn't addicitive, John Mccain isn't dusty old and Pony doesn't have body odor issues.

Frank Costanza
09-29-2008, 02:23 PM
why all the hate, you guys will eat your words when round one of the playoffs is tor at mtl 1vs8 and all of a sudden well have this forum tearing up, i just hope you all remember the name frank costanza then cause i will not be kind about it, oh no, i will gloat my mother****ing *** off that i will ,