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09-16-2008, 09:40 PM
I found this on ESPN it has the players we can throw our money at. Depending on Darius Miles:mad:

Next offseason looks very strong for Free agency:clap:

The Blazers could be anywhere from $15-$32 million under the cap, depending on whose contracts they decide to renounce. The three key players will be Channing Frye, Steve Blake and Travis Outlaw. If they let those three go (along with Ike Diogu and Martell Webster), they could be awash in cash. But there's one fairly big caveat: The Blazers are counting on not having Darius Miles' $9 million salary on the books. However, if he plays 10 games for the Celtics this season, his salary goes back on the Blazers' books, taking away a big chunk of their free-agent cash.

Free Agents 09 (http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/columns/story?columnist=ford_chad&page=09FreeAgents-080915&lpos=spotlight&lid=tab4pos1) <------ Read

Who are you interesting in acquiring? Who do you tihnk would help the most or be a great fit to our team?

09-16-2008, 09:44 PM
Here are the players that i like:

Danny Granger, Pacers
Granger slipped on draft night three years ago because of concerns about a knee injury. But he's proven he should've been a top-six pick. Granger averaged more than 23 ppg for the Pacers over the last few months of last season. He's the Pacers' brightest hope right now, which means they'll likely have to give him a contract in the same ballpark as what Luol Deng or Josh Smith got this summer.

And for some reason im a very intrigued by Iverson. But we already have a few go to guys, so dunno. But i still like him

Allen Iverson, Nuggets
At the age of 33, Iverson continues to fill up the stat sheet with points, assists and steals. And, last season, AI posted his highest field-goal percentage and lowest turnovers per game since his second year in the league. He's still a dominant player, but two nagging questions will hurt his case for a big deal: One, with the exception of that magical season in Philly under Larry Brown, is Iverson a winner? Two, how much game does he have left? Still, Iverson has one thing going for him that Marion doesn't: He still sells tickets.


Shawn Marion, Heat
Marion is a super-talented forward with the ability to score, defend and rebound. But he turns 31 in May and has seen his production slip the past two years. Even if he puts up big numbers in Miami this season, how much is a team going to be willing to spend on him, given his age and reputation for being difficult?

And i dont wanna see us sign Marvin Williams. I think he is a huge bust.

Marvin Williams, Hawks
Williams has as much raw talent as anyone in the class of 2005, but he's been frustratingly inconsistent in his first three years with the Hawks. He needs a big year if he wants to earn anything close to what Granger or Bynum might get next summer.

09-22-2008, 06:43 PM
I would love to have Granger -- a SF who can drain the 3 like that and still make plays to get his own shot would really open things up for our other guys. He would improve our offense in multiple ways.

Marion would be really good for us but if he had problems being the 3rd option in Pheonix I worry whether he'd be willing to blend in to the team dynamic here. He is super talented though; I'd love to see him in a Blazers uni.

I love Iverson but I want us to chase someone who can drain the 3 and play well off the ball. Grabbing a veteran playmaker to take the ball out of our other guys' hands might make the Blazers better for a season but it will stunt the long-term growth of our core.

I agree with you on Williams. Offering him a big contract to get him out of Atlanta would be a really bad idea. I'd rather keep Outlaw at the 3 than chase Marvin.

I also really like Childress and think he would be a great addition to the Blazers. If we get him we would have to do something about our logjam at forward though.

Also, if nobody on our roster can emerge as a consistent threat from downtown I really think McCants could fill that void. He gets treys like he works in a cafeteria (bu-dum-dum-cha). I'm not sure what kind of contract it would take to steal him from the wolves, though,

Would anyone want to chase Artest? He might want more shots than would be good for the team and he has obvious personality issues -- but damn, Oden + Artest could be the second defensive coming of Duncan and Bowen.