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09-12-2008, 03:00 AM
Cleveland has homecourt advantage.

Cleveland Cavaliers Lineup:

C- Zydrunas Ilgauskas / Andray Blatche / Adonal Foyle
PF- Brad Miller / Ben Wallace / Adonal Foyle
SF- Lebron James / Ricky Davis / Quinton Ross / Wally Szczerbiak
SG- Joe Johnson / Ricky Davis / Luke Ridnour
PG- Delonte West / Antonio Daniels / Luke Ridnour

Philadelphia 76ers Lineup:

C: Samuel Dalembert/Joey Dorsey/Jermareo Davidson
PF::Luis Scola/Joe Smith/Ryan Anderson
SF:Tayshaun Prince/Joe Alexander/Ira Newble
SG:Andre Iguodala/Jason Kapono/Mardy Collins
PG:Mike Bibby/Jannero Pargo/Anthony Johnson

Cleveland Cavaliers Series Writeup:

Point Guard:
Delonte West: a very good cable Point Guard who can Simply run the offense. He dosnt need to be a Superstar with Joe Johnson and Lebron already bringing that. He has so many Options that I feel he can become a Top Point Guard in the League.

Shooting Guard:
Joe Johnson: Hes a top five Shooting Guard in the game, We feel that he can become the best with Lebron next to him. Joe Johnson can do everything Rebound, Score, Drive, pass, and defend. He takes a huge Pressure off Lebron James, He is that Superstar that Lebron has been looking for.

Small Forward:
Lebron James: The best player in today's game, he can do everything and is a Triple Double every night. When hes not trying he can put up 30/7/7. Lebron always shows up in the Playoffs and I expect nothing but a Championship.

Power Forward:
Brad Miller: Hes Known to be a Center. We feel that he can play PF, Hes pretty quick and is a Top Passing Big Man. Miller fits perfectly, Lebron loves to drive and kick it out, Brad Miller can shoot from anywhere on the floor, Meaning that the Driving Lane wouldnt be clogged by a unmobel PF.

Z: Z is a Top Center in the League, We think that he can play very well with Brad Miller. Having two bigmen who can Shoot from anywhere on the floor is an advantage. Also with Two 15/10 Big Men we feel that it's going to be hard to stop this team.

Antonio Daniels: When Agent 0 went out with an injury, Daniels put up 8/5 Numbers. We think that he can run this offense with Delonte West on the bench.
Ben Wallace/Andray Blatche: We feel this combo downlow brings Leadership and Defense/Rebounding. Ben Wallace has been known to be a Defensive Stud and a tough player. Blatche averaged 7/5 Downlow.
Ricky Davis: Ricky brings that Defensive player off the bench who instantly can score. Davis Averaged 13 PPG with the Heat last season and we expect nothing less then that.
Ross: Ross brings Defense, We feel lucky to have such a Defensive Stud comming off our bench. He can help this whole Squad alot like a James Posey off the bench.
Wally: Wally brings that nice Shooter off the bench, Hes a Very Good shooter and can do alittle bit of everything.
Adonal Foyle: Makes Downlow so much better, He can bring alot to this team that use to be a weaker spot. We love to have him on this team.
Luke Ridnour: He helps out our PG/SG Spots, We add more depth, We think that we are the deepest team in the East.
Antonio Daniels, When Agent 0 had his injury Daniels stepped right in with 8 PPG and 5 RPG, We feel that he can become a very good Point Guard off the bench.

Philadelphia 76ers did not do a writeup.

09-12-2008, 05:36 AM

The Melky Way
09-12-2008, 06:13 AM
76ers win.

Cleveland got much better, but I really like this 76ers team with 2 defensive minded players in Scola and Dalembert down low and the additions of Prince and Bibby with an up and coming star in Igoudala, this is my sleeper team.

09-12-2008, 09:19 AM
Cavs win it for me.

09-12-2008, 10:27 AM