View Full Version : Latest Richmond update about possible impact of Hanna - 9/5

09-05-2008, 01:28 PM
Latest Statement from Richmond International Raceway about impact of Hanna: Richmond International Raceway officials met with weather officials and NASCAR this morning to monitor the path and potential impact of Tropical Storm Hanna. They are continuing to work closely with the Governorís office, as well as state and local officials as the storm continues moving Northeast. As of 12noon/et Friday, this weekendís events are scheduled to run as planned, however, they will continue to provide updates at 877-251-7223 and at www.rir.com, as to their status every three hours. The next update is scheduled for 3:00pm/et Friday. Should an event be postponed due to weather, it is NASCARís policy to run the event on the next raceable day.(RIR PR), see past posts on my Richmond Race Info page.(9-5-2008)