View Full Version : Lamont Jordan?

08-29-2008, 04:07 PM
So I'm trying to figure out how big of a roll if any Jordan will play in this offense, he is an above average pass catching RB and will the Pats use that to their advantage or make him fit into what Maroney does? Will he see any significant playing time?

08-29-2008, 09:52 PM
The single biggest reason the Pats did not win the SB last year was the injury to Morris, check this out (sorry for formatting):

Before Morris (6 g) After Morris hurt (7 games) Net difference

33.7 rushes/game 23.3 rushes/game -10.4 rushes per game

141.7 yards/game 89.7 yards/game -52 rushing yards per game

4.2 yards ave per rush 3.8 yards ave/rush -0.4 yards ave per rush less

34 pass att/game 37.6 pass att/game +3.6 pass att per game

24.7 completions 25.7 completions +1 more completion per game (BUT it takes 3.6 more att)

1 sack gm/5.6 yds 2 sacks gm/11.7 yds +1 sack for 6.1 yds lost more per game (including the one that on Brady's ankle perhaps)

289.6 pass yd/game 317.3 pass yd/game +27.7 passing yd/game

431.9 total off 407.0 total off -24.9 less total net yards per game

68.7 off plays/game 62.9 off plays/game -5.8 offensive plays per game (more time for other teams O, more pressure on our D)

Brady may only get 20-28 TD's this year, and the team may score less, but if they get 68+ plays per game and 410+ total offensive yards, it will take pressure off of the OL, Brady and the D. So the answer is all the backs will run a lot, Maroney should get the most toches, and we could finish in the top 3 in rushing this year.