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08-23-2008, 11:20 PM
I just read a fantastic page that crooner recommended me , Www.remembertheaba.com

Then i searched for the current Aba and found out there are a lot of minor leagues being displayed in the Usa, Nbdl, Cba, International League, Aba 2000.

It made me think for a while....

The Aba was a real trouble for the Nba back then in the 70s since a LOT of the best talents decided to play for the Aba instead of Nba, Barry, Gillmore, Gervin, Dr J, David Thompson, Dan Issel etc etc.

So basically it was not so automathic that a great player always liked Nba better.

They were even a trouble in direct games, one of the most silenced stats by Nba is that they lost THE MAJORITY of the Friendlys between Nba teams and Aba teams, including a Boston Celtics decade Champions losing to Utah Stars.

They had a hard time tough to get good Tv Contracts wich ended up in their "merger".

The Fact is that Nba won the battle and ended eating the big pie.

Those cba nbdl etc etc are to Small to compete with the league...

But now everything is about money and fine players are considering a jump to europe or just doing so like Childress.

What would happen if all the smaller leagues merged and founded the aba Again, with same old teams like Kentucky Colonels.

With big Owners not afraid to invest and WITH NO salary cap?.

Able to offer 30 millions a year to the Wades, Lebrons , Stoudamires etc that are expiring in 2010?

08-23-2008, 11:30 PM
Well, if I'm a "big owner" and want to have a basketball team, I'd rather join the NBA, which is stable, and has a high revenue, rather than risk the chance of merging with smaller markets and trying to make a league of our own and compete with the NBA.