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08-22-2008, 08:25 PM
Well, I couldn't watch the game but I love the description in this article of how physically and aggressively Melo played. He's doing so many things in these Olympics that make me think, "Man, I sure hope he keeps that up when he returns to Denver next season."

denverpost (http://www.denverpost.com/nuggets/ci_10275938):

Melo has 21 points in U.S. win

All game, Argentina banged Carmelo Anthony, shoving him, smacking him, hacking him, anything until they ran out of verbs.

But Team USA's feisty forward played relentlessly today, continuing to get to the foul line, continuing the energizing of his team.

And when it was over, the Nuggets' Anthony had a team-high 21 points, and America defeated its demon, 101-81.

"I'm sore right now," Anthony said. "I'm going to get an ice bag in a minute."

It was four summers ago when Argentina shocked Team USA in an Olympic semifinals game. Four years later, with a different attitude and sharper focus, America knocked off Argentina and will face Spain in Sunday's gold-medal game.

Asked the difference between now and the miserable 2004 experience, Melo went to the old standby, flashed his famous grin and said: "Well, I'm smiling."

Today, Anthony did lose his composure occasionally. He was banging hard with two NBA posts Luis Scola and Fabricio Oberto and in the third quarter, he threw a forearm at Scola, and a foul was called and Anthony was lucky it wasn't a flagrant. Earlier in the day, Lithuania played Spain, and Anthony's Nuggets teammate Linas Kleiza was disqualified from the game after two separate physical fouls were called as technicals.

In Team USA's game, Argentina was perpetually physical, trying to rattle the stoic superstars. At one point, it almost worked. A couple of minutes after Anthony hit Scola, American center Dwight Howard was hammered by Andres Nocioni, and Anthony jumped into the mix, jawing at the Argentines, until the U.S. players pulled Anthony out of the brewing rumble.

"They were trying to be physical, I was trying to be physical," Anthony said. "It got a little bit chirpy out there, but nothing personal, nothing major."

But Jason Kidd, the veteran American point guard, was wary. "We have to keep our composure, because we're going to be tested," he said.

Anthony's shot really wasn't falling - 3-for-14 - but he made up for it by attacking the basket. He got to the line 13 times and made all 13 shots. For the night, Argentina was 15-for-16 at the line.

08-22-2008, 08:35 PM
i just posted this in the melo/kleiza olympics thread lol doh. but ya i love how our boy is stepping up man keep it rolling and he will be a very successful player has all of the talent in the world.

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Theres nothin "Melo" about Melo's game... tha kid is just flat out BEASTLY!

08-23-2008, 12:11 AM
Carmelo Anthony... made 13-of-13 free throws to set U.S. Olympic game records for made free throws and free throw percentage.suathletics.com (http://www.suathletics.com/News/basketball/2008/8/22/USA8.22.08.asp?path=basketball)

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I See Big Things For Him And Iverson, It Takes At Least 2-3 Yrs, This Is Yr 2 1/2..is It Jus Me Or Does Anyone Else Feel Him And Melo Can Have A Sick Screen N Roll Game

08-23-2008, 02:18 PM
Hmm, you'd have to ask GK, lol. but yes

08-23-2008, 04:14 PM
This is kind of why im excited about this years team what is nene awesome at.... i will answer myself the pick and roll game.