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08-21-2008, 03:09 AM
Hey I am Mike Nolan

"We have not made a decision yet on who the starting Quarterback is."

"Psst.."Martzy" go tell Sullivan continue taking 1st team reps, tell him not to be afraid of Alex's death stare when he is taking the reps, oh and tell him not to go hard, we need him to play the entire game tomorrow."

Martz- "What about Shaun?"

Nolan "Shaun Who?"

(clearing throat, back to the media) Again we have not made a decision yet on who the starting Quarterback is going to be."

Media- Coach Nolan, what kind of excitement does J.T. bring to this offense?

Nolan- "i dont want to be specific to a player because I think that is unfair, oh trainer, make sure all the trainers we have hired bring Sullivan his afternoon cookie snacks..."

Trainer- "But how does alex's shoulder look?"

Nolan- "It's painful, hey but make sure those are iced oatmeal cookies, with a cup of milk...haha, J.T. just loves those."

Media- Coach do you like Alex?

Nolan- "Next Question!"

Media- Coach how do you feel about the niners orginization?

Nolan- "Well like I said. nothing really says I screwed up hiring mike nolan, like the niners orginization does, haha, cachuck"

Media- Are you a winnner?

Nolan- That's a possibility

Media- Can you count to 5?

Nolan- That's a possiblity

Media- When will you be fired?

Nolan- That's a possiblity

Media- Can you say anything else?

Nolan- That's a possibility

Media- Would it be feasible to throw somebody in as a starter that hasnít gotten very much work throughout camp?

Nolan- Such as?

Media- Are you that dumb? Alex Smith?

Nolan- They all have gotten a good amount of work, oh wait, we need to sign a third Quarterback, Martzy call Scott!!

Martz- What about Shaun?

Nolan- Oh ya, forgot

Nolan- Well, I think we are done here and dont forget, I think that's a possiblity!!"

08-21-2008, 03:46 AM
HAHAHAHA wow.... that would be an awesome sig, but its a tad too big.

08-21-2008, 11:12 AM
ehhhh not a nolan hater like some on here i think he is going to lead us at least to 8-8 this season.. but some of this was funny

08-21-2008, 11:25 AM
I agree that it was funny. I don't hate Nolan either, he just needs to learn to make up his mind and not continue to tell false things.