View Full Version : Chris Paul and Isiah Thomas

08-18-2008, 10:40 AM
At 6'1, one hundred and eighty pounds, Chris Paul is on course to become the same or even better point guard than Isiah Thomas. There first three years look almost the same. Chris Paul as a rookie scored 16.1 PPG to 21.1 PPG as a third year player. Isiah Thomas scored 17.0 as a rookie than upped it to 21.3 as a third year player. Even the assist totals are almost identicial. Chris Paul averaged 7.8 APG which increased to 11.6 as a third year player. Isiah Thomas dished out 7.8 as a rookie and increased his total to 11.1 APG his third year. The question now is, how many championships will Chris Paul get with his supporting cast in New Orleans? Zeke won Two with detroit with a cast of players that I agree, were better than Chris Paul's. But I have a feeling that Chris Paul might end up with three or more titles, that is if the current young cast is in tact and grows for 4-5 years. What are your opinions?