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08-17-2008, 11:06 PM
I was dissapointed in 2006 as i expected the league to expand their best ever 50 list in ten more names.

I also found rather unfair back then in 96 that they leaned to much about wining teams than in actual quality of players, and so people like Kc Jones made the list, basing only on their teams success.

So here ive made a new list for the top 60 players from this 60 years of Nba, 10 per postition, as i think is only fair to not compare different positions ,there were too many centers and Pg in their list .

Note, as PF is a thin line historically ive moved some of the best centers who would be UNDERSIZED nowdays to the Pf list.

Here is my List :


1 Wilt Chamberlain.

2 Bill Russell.

3 Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

4 Hakeem Olajuwon.

5 Willis Reed.

6 Patrick Ewing.

7 David Robinson.

8 Shaquille Oneal.

9 Moses Malone.

10 George Mikan .

11 Walt Bellamy.

12 Artis Gilmore.

Considered but didnt make it (Lanier,Parish,Sikma,Thurmond,Walton).


1 Tim Duncan.

2 Kevin Mchale.

3 Elvin Hayes.

4 Karl Malone.

5 Charles Barkley.

6 Kevin Garnett.

7 Dave Cowens.

8 Bob Pettit.

9 Tom Chambers.

10 Dan Issel.

11 Alvan Adams.

12 Charles Oakley.

Discarded (Spencer Haywood,Shawn Kemp,Clyde Lovellette,Mo Lucas, Bob Mcadoo,Dolph Schayes,Wes Unseld).


1 Larry bird.

2 Elgin Baylor.

3 Dr Julius Erving.

4 Bernard King.

5 Jon Havlicek.

6 Dominique Wilkins.

7 Dave Debuschere.

8 James Worthy.

9 Alex English.

10 Adrian Dantley.

11 Grant Hill.

12 Jerry Lucas.

Discarded (Pippen,Gallatin,Howell,Heinshon,Loscuttoff,Mullin ,Jim Pollard,Twyman, Kiki Vandewhege,).


1 Michael Jordan.

2 Jerry West.

3 Pete Maravich.

4 Rick Barry.

5 Kobe Bryant ( on his way to number 2).

6 George Gervin.

7 Clyde Drexler.

8 Walter Davis.

9 Earl Monroe.

10 Sam Jones.

11 Rolando Blackman.

12 Allen Iverson.

Discarded ( Arizin,Bing,Dumars,World B,Reggie Miller.)


1 Magic Johnson.

2 Oscar Robertson.

3 Bob Cousy.

4 Walt Frazier.

5 John Stockton.

6 Isaiah Thomas.

7 Jason Kidd.

8 Steve Nash.

9 Maurice Cheeks.

10 Gary Payton.

11 Tiny Archibald.

12 Bill Sharman

Considered too ( Goodrich,Greer,Kevin Johnson,Calvin Murphy,Mark Price,David Thompson,Lenny Wilkens).

08-17-2008, 11:20 PM
10 players x 5 positions = 50 players only :(

08-17-2008, 11:28 PM
Its kinda unfair to have 10 per position (or 12 if you wanted 60) because of how deep the center position is. Even moving alot of the C's to the PF position still leaves the center list way to deep compared to the other positions.

08-17-2008, 11:37 PM
Crap, is true, i have to add 2 more per list, Ill edit it.

08-17-2008, 11:39 PM
Done :D

08-18-2008, 12:45 AM
Crap, is true, i have to add 2 more per list, Ill edit it.

He is not saying that. He is saying that it could be 20 centers that deserve to be in the top 50 not just 10. Basically you can't create a list nomalizing the positions as if they are all equal across the board.