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08-15-2008, 05:54 PM
1. Lakers - are only going to get better. there young, and they now have bynum and signed josh powell 2 replace turiaf.

2. Spurs - yes they are getting older but, last year if they had 2more wins they would b 1st, duncan didnt play 10, ginobili missed 7, parker missed 13. so expect them to b the same.

3. Hornets - are only going to b better. there young, chris paul is going to be better, plus they signed posey.

4. Rockets - if healthy, they could rank as high as 2. they do have a history of injuries which is y i would rank them #4.

5. Jazz - same squad but deron and boozer will b better. pretty sure they'll have the same rank as last year, 5.

6. Mavs - this was a tough 1, but at the ending of the season, they won over 7games in a row, which proved the kidd in big D was working. in the playoffs, expect them to be out in the 1st round, but during the season, it will be competitive.

7. Blazers - powerhouse line-up. with healthy greg oden & rookie pg Bayless, they can b a huge threat. with a line-up of greg, aldrige, outlaw, roy & bayless, u noe they'll make the playoffs.

8. Suns - shaq was sent to suns to help them beat spurs, suns nearly got swept. suns were better when they had shawn marion. shaq is going to b worse, grant hill will be too. and dont b surprised is steve nash's numbers drop as well, but they will make the playoffs, but wont go any furthur.

9. Nuggets - lost camby, lost najera, lost playoff spot.

10. Clippers - davis + camby is worse than maggette + brand. they wont make the playoffs.

11. Warriors - young team but the only thing they really did was replace baron w/ maggete & williams. not such a force.

12. Kings - will have upsets during the season, but wont b that competitive.

13. T'Wolves - west is not were these guys want to b. they 2 can pull of upsets with there front-court of Al Jefferson & Kevin Love.

14. Grizzles - bright bright future. almost a powerhouse line-up of youngsters. pg: conley/lowrey. sg:mayo sf: gay pf:needed c: marc

15. OKC - not much changed, westbrooke wont b that great. keviin durrant is the only good part of this team. maybe will get the worst record in NBA history.

08-15-2008, 05:56 PM
now im pretty sure rocket, suns, clippers & warrior fans will h8 the crap out of me, but i would say dont b surprised if this is how the west is going to finish off.

08-15-2008, 05:58 PM
in the playoffs this is how it would go down.

LAL def PHO 4-1
HOU def UTA 4-2
NOH def DAL 4-1
SAS def POR 4-3

LAL def HOU 4-3
SAS def NOH 4-3

LAL def SAS 4-2

08-15-2008, 05:59 PM
any thoughts??