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Sheffies Chef
08-15-2008, 03:22 PM
... anybody play baseball or used to? Give details on what you did. Positions, how good you were, what kind of player you were, if a pitcher, what pitches did you throw, cool stories from the diamond.

I'll start.

I'm 14 so i'm still playing, I pitch and catch for the most part, I play a little Centerfield, but mostly the first two. I'm not horrible, i'm not an offensive player by any means, but behind the plate, i call a good game, i'm a leader, i have a strong arm and a good glove (i love blocking a ball and then gunning an idiot trying to take a base on me lol). As a pitcher, i'm pretty good, for high school, i'm not going anywhere though. I can throw a 4 seam and 2 seam fastball, change, circle change, slider, knuckle, curve, 12-6 curve, sweeping curve, splitter, my own version of a splitter where i put my thumb and first finger around the ball instead of first and second fingers (it's slower while the former is faster). in a game, i'm usually fastball and splitter if i'm in relief (i close a lot). if i'm starting, i throw just about all of those pitches lol. everything but the kitchen sink gets thrown when i'm starting lol.

Last year in spring and summer ball combined i was 8-1, 3.46 ERA, 8 Saves, 35 innings, 40 k's, 38 BB's. i was a little eratic but got the job done.

as a hitter, .287, 1 tater, 21 rbi, 33 sbs. i'm not fast, but quick and i can slide under the glove, and i choose my spots and get good jumps.

enough about me, how about you guys...

Have fun with this, get to know each other a bit better!


08-15-2008, 05:06 PM
Im 17, and I play summer ball for my high school im going to be a senior and am going to try and get on the varsity team. I also play Toledo city fall ball. Im an outfielder and can play all 3 outfield positions and play the best D for my team usually. I struggled at first with some of my hitting but got it down and batted .370 this summer. I also hit a 400 foot bomb to left field because we didnt have a fence at this field so it landed into the tennis courts haha it was awesome. Thats just a little of my baseball career haha too much to list.

08-15-2008, 05:34 PM
I played 4 years in HS as a 1B/3B. I was/am a big guy at about 6'5 240, so I was what you would expect. I didn't drop a ton of bunts or steal 3rd often. I was an Adam Dunn type wit solid defense. I was able to walk on at Eastern Michigan University and played 2 years there. We were not a great team. I was an avg player. I hit 2 home runs and hit about .275 my senior year in a part-time role (about half the games). I only made on error my senior year as a 1B/3B. I even piched 2 games with not-so-great results (think Fernando Rodney control). I had a good high school career and was lucky enough to play some in college.