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08-13-2008, 11:49 PM
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Now for the real news Hoopsworld.com is stating that Melo is being very contradictive. Anything to make Melo look bad.

Having covered Carmelo Anthony for the past three seasons and watching him play in international competition as well as in the NBA, one thing has become painfully obvious: dude's a different player when he's representing his country.

There could be a variety of potential explanations for this, not the least of which is the fact the mid-range focus that often finds its way into international play lends itself very well to Anthony's offensive skill-set. However, the most interesting shift that takes place when Melo is balling for Team USA is his willingness to invest more on the defensive end of the floor and on the glass as opposed to focusing primarily on putting the ball in the hole.

Now, it's easy to just write this off and say Anthony is focused on different aspects of the game because he doesn't have to do all of the scoring. There's definitely some truth to that line of thinking, but just imagine for a minute if Anthony took the same mindset he had with Team USA back with him to Denver. The results could be staggering.

Take for example what Anthony recently had to say about his personal goal while competing in the Olympics this summer.

"I told Coach before this tournament, I'm going to try to get the record 16 rebounds in one of these games. I know I can score at any given time, but I'll leave the scoring up to Kobe (Bryant), LeBron (James) and Dwyane Wade he's playing fantastic right now. So if I can go out there and grab 16 rebounds, that's a whole lot better for the team than scoring 20, 25 points. That's my role, rebound and defend."

Somewhere George Karl just fell out of his chair.

Rebound and defend? Really!?!

It's not that Anthony never plays defense or never hits the glass as some disenchanted fans or straight haters like to imply. In fact, there were stretches last season where he applied himself defensively and even longer stretches where he was very good on the glass -- especially the offensive glass.

That said, these intangible qualities have never really been a priority for Anthony. It's almost like some kind of switch goes off when he's playing for Team USA where he becomes more committed to being a complete player. Unfortunately for Nugget fans, it also seems like that switch gets flicked off when he returns to the Nuggets and his focus returns to trying to score the ball and not much else.

Everything hasn't been peaches and cream for Anthony this summer in Beijing. Jerry Colangelo called him out for not being in the best of shape, and his overall performance actually hasn't been as good as it has been the past couple of summers. Thing is, it hasn't really mattered because he's got his mind right.

"I think Carmelo is getting progressively better," Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski said earlier this week. "He's getting really in good game shape. He hasn't been shooting well. But he didn't concentrate on shooting, he concentrated on rebounding. And then the shots came. We haven't shot the ball well from the outside since we've been here, but I believe we will. To see Carmelo come on like that, it's encouraging."

Anthony has said for the last month or so he's not quite sure what direction the Nuggets are moving in after trading Marcus Camby to the Los Angeles Clippers. His former college coach Jim Boeheim even came to Anthony's defense with some choice words for Denver's front office and their decision to move a former Defensive Player of the Year for nothing. It's almost like Anthony and his supporters are being preemptive and already looking for excuses for a potential mediocre season in 2008-09.

The sad thing is if Melo would just bring the same attitude he brings to Team USA, the Nuggets would have a great chance of being a contender even without Camby. It would be one thing if Anthony had never shown the willingness or ability to be a complete player. However, watching him do it in one context and not in another is frustrating and confusing.

Maybe losing Camby will force Anthony to evolve into more of a leader and challenge him to be a more complete player more consistently. Or, maybe the contradiction between Carmelo the Olympian and Carmelo the Denver Nugget will continue. If it does, the Nuggets aren't going anywhere fast anytime soon.

08-14-2008, 12:20 AM
Hoopsworld is garbage. (edit - and by that one thing I mean about them - and it applies specifically in this case - is that they will write or say anything to make an attention-grabbing headline that will get web surfers to hit their site. hoopsworld is to espn as the national enquirer is to the Washington Post)

Much, much more importantly, congrats on your 1,000th post, avsman! :cheers:

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congrats on the 1000 posts and hopefully youll have 1000 more

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i think that melo duz a great job on the glass. he averaged 7.4rpg, thats a good number. Its gone-up every year so if it goes near 8rpg, im very very satisfied. remember hes a 6'8SF, so dont expect more than 8rpg from him.
now his defence needs big time help. that is wut he desperately needs to get better at. hes got horrible D, he should b great. hes got height, quickness, and great long arms. its just that he doesnt try. defence is an issue, rebounding isnt really an issue though.

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Wow, that article sure turned into a downer by the end.

Congrats on 1k.

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thanks guys.

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:clap: Congrats Avs!!

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I hope I can make it to 1,000 someday....your my hero.... :)

Congrats dude.....

I won't even comment on the article...you all know how I feel....

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I hope I can make it to 1,000 someday....your my hero.... :)

Congrats dude.....

I won't even comment on the article...you all know how I feel....

lol you will make it son keep your head up:clap:

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Congrats on 1,000 posts man.