View Full Version : Talks for Oscar De La Hoya-Manny Pacquiao bout break down

08-13-2008, 03:54 PM
"Negotiations about a possible fight between Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao stalled this morning after the fighters failed to reach an agreement on the split of the purse, said Bob Arum of Top Rank Boxing, which represents Pacquiao.

Arum said De La Hoya offered Pacquiao a 30% share of the purse from the proposed Dec. 6 fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but Pacquiao was seeking 40%.

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"They were adamant at 70-30 and weren't going to move," Arum said. "Manny turned down the fight and asked me to get him another fight for the fall."

Richard Schaefer, chief executive of De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions, said Tuesday that De La Hoya had agreed to fight Pacquiao at the welterweight limit of 147 pounds and with 8-ounce gloves, terms that Pacquiao had sought, but that De La Hoya would not alter the split of the purse.

Arum relayed the terms to Pacquiao, who turned down the offer.

"The decision was all Pacquiao," Arum said. "He feels, under the circumstances, he's entitled to a better split. When he realized there was absolutely no movement on De La Hoya's side, he decided to turn down the fight."

Schaefer said he was surprised with Pacquiao's decision. He hoped the details of the negotiations were clearly explained by Pacquiao's advisors in the Philippines because Pacquiao was set to earn the biggest payday of his career, regardless of the split.

"I don't think anybody, at least anybody I know, spends in percentages," Schaefer said. "If you buy something, you don't ask how much percentage does it cost. You spend in dollars and cents. He could have made, at least, $9 million to $10 million, or about three or four times as much fighting someone else. I guess he's going to have to do three or four fights to make the same amount of money."

Schaefer said De La Hoya would be in Southern California on Monday to participate in a charity golf tournament and they would discuss future opponents during his 10-day stay.

De La Hoya, 35, is boxing's biggest draw and has said he will retire after his next fight.

Pacquiao had moved up to the 135-pound lightweight division in June, taking the WBC title from David Diaz with a ninth-round knockout at Mandalay Bay Events Center. Following the victory, many expected Pacquiao's next challenger to be popular Englishman Ricky Hatton in the 140-pound division, or 130 pounders Edwin Valero or Humberto Soto.

De La Hoya weighed 150 in his last fight against Steve Forbes, the lightest he has been since taking on Arturo Gatti at 147 pounds in March 2001.

Pacquiao, 29, began his professional career as a 106-pound strawweight. He has been fighting at 130 since 2005. In his last fight, he moved up to the 135-pound lightweight division for the first time, taking the WBC title from David Diaz with a ninth-round knockout at Mandalay Bay Events Center."


08-13-2008, 03:59 PM
I think De La Hoya is an idiot!!! He was so greedy, he didn't want to go 60-40 with Pacquaio. Who's a bigger draw than Pacaquaio that De La Hoya is willing to fight? He already got whupped by Hopkins and Mosley and is scared to fight Margarito, so what other small fighter can he fight cause you know he isn't going to fight somebody his size.

What De La Hoya fails to realize is that he needs Manny, more than Manny needs him. If Ricky Hatton wins, a mega fight between Ricky Hatton and Manny Pacquaio can happen, which I would love to see.

Other fight fan fights would be Pacquaio vs. Edwin Valero or Amir Khan. If Khan gets a few fights in the US, a fight next year with Pacquaio would be huge.