View Full Version : Why isn't Cruceta up? and other minor league things

08-05-2008, 12:48 PM
First off, why the heck after the Tampa series wasn't Cruceta brought up immediately? This kid has been fantastic his last ten outings and is now showing why we waited so patiently for him to get his visa. He needs to be in our bullpen as the set up man, if not the closer now. (yes, I was exaggerating) Anyway, this kid has played his way back up to the majors and should be here for the ChiSox games.

Speaking of the ChiSox series, if we drop this one then it should be wholesale changes for next year. I'm still waiting to see if Nate has another crappy outing if Lambert gets his turn at a spot in our rotation. IMO, Nate is destined to be the second lefty with Seay for next year so why not make the move and get Lambert some MLB starts before next year.

Other minor league notes start with Jeff Larish suddenly playing 3b in Toledo. Is that a sign of the future or just a need with Hessman leaving for the Olympics?

If you want a positive look no further than Lakeland. It is infested with our best young pitching. Porcello, Below, and Nickerson as starters and a trio of our this years draft relievers sharing the closing duty in the bullpen in Perry (1st round), Satterwhite (2nd), and Weinhardt (10th) all doing well. Another bullpen guy doing well at Lakeland is Zach Simons (the guy we got in the Grilli trade).

Also, just leaving Lakeland for Erie was Guillermo Moscoso an older Venezualian who is striking out people at an alarming rate (72k's in 52 inn.) and in his debut he struck out 10 in a shutout performance.

There is hope on the farm they're just a bit young right now. Names to look for in September call up's or earlier:

Jeff Larish
Clete Thomas
Brent Clevelen
Casey Fien
Dusty Ryan
Danny Worth (if healthy)
Mike Hollimon
Wilkin Ramirez
Chris Lambert

08-06-2008, 12:09 PM
Larish is getting time at 3rd because of Hessmen, but after his first stint with the tigers this year he went back down and they moved him to 3rd and hessmen to first for a few games, they are trying to see if he can do it first, and second they want him to be more versatile with him being blocked at 1B.. i see Larish being a rotation type player, mainly DH'ing, but also giving Guillen a day off at 3rd and also giving miggy a day off from time to time.. but right now, i think we need to offer a buy out package to sheff, something like 5 or 6 mill to just walk away...

as far as "wholesale changes" i completely disagree, we have a solid core of players that are still really young, not to mention we are going to get back our number 3 pitcher, so that is like making a trade for another starter...


all are young and still good to build around.. there are more, i just didn't want to list them all haha, i think that Nate will be traded in the offseason, he is paid to much to be a lefty coming out of the pen, unless he transitions into a lights out closer..

i also think that with our owner Illitch, anything is possible.. this guy is loaded and WANTS to win a championship for the tigers, and i think that with the ballpark being close to being sold out on a nightly basis he will shell out money.. he was the one that told DD to go out and get Miggy.. maybe Illitch tells DD to sign CC or Sheets or something and tells him money isn't an issue.. we don't know, as much as some of us want to tell others what Illitch will and won't do and how much he will spend.. the dude is a billionaire.. so even if the payroll is 140 million or so.. as long as he is bringing in 120 mill... all he has to do is open up a few more little ceasars.. haha.. i really think that this offseason could be interesting..

08-07-2008, 11:13 PM
Hey, if I was Illitch, I wouldn't spend another dime until my losses are cut. Sheff, Renteria, Inge, Jacque Jones, Todd Jones, Dontrelle Willis -- Illitch spent something like $50-million plus on that mess this year alone. And I don't care how rich he is. That's real money. I don't know. Maybe he'll just keep throwing money at the problem. But first, last, and always, he's a good businessman. And this is not good business. I think the situation will be contained before there are any more spending sprees. I mean, his kids have to be going crazy. $50-million plus -- that's like how many Little Caesars franchises?