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08-04-2008, 10:38 PM
Ok, there are many threads on rumours, this is not one of them.

Ive been consistently hearing the same arguments to deffend that no american star would go to play for europe, not even for 40 million tax free Euros (58 million dollars).

1 Nba is much more important than Euroleague.

Ok, that comment is a bit egocentric, there is life outside the Usa you know? and to us europeans is much more meaningful a Euroleague title than a Nba title is for anybody in Usa, since we have much more passion for our teams.

2 There he would Lose his endorsements:

Ok, right now there is a bigger market for Nba basically euroleague is not broadcasted in the States or outside europe, but of course you shoudl take on account that MLS wasnt televised outside Usa and Mexico, UNTIL David Beckham signed for L.A GALAXY, i Guarantee you that should a Kobe or Lebron come to play here it would generate enough interest for a lot of countrys to buy the Tv Rights.

3 He would hurt his fame and shoes companys wouldnt like it.

Ok, nowdays a player like Anthony is Barely known here in Europe by general public, but if he started playing for a good team here i guarantee you he woudl become a popular Player and a lot of europeans, and asiatics and africans would buy the Jersey.

O and i take for sure that a lot of Kobes and Lebrons bandwagoners would love to Buy his idols european team Shirt and shoes too.

So which is better for Nike for example, Have only Usa,s Market or a GLOBAL MARKET?.

4 The Ultimate goal of an american player is wining the Nba Ring so that 40 millions doesnt mean anything because money is not such a big thing.

Ok, then would anybody care to explain me something?

Ok we take in consideration that usually Title contenders have their salary cap filled, take by example Boston or Lakers nowdays.

Basically they can only offer MLE.

We take into consideration that great players in their majority are drafted by teams that Suck, and they get drafted most of the times in one of the 5 first selections.

We also know that its very hard to improve and that there are teams that are in the lottery year after year after year, example the Warriors , Grizzlies or Bobcats.

We also know that stepping up from the First round is also difficult, there are lot of teams that Spent a lot years playing first and second rounds even some finals with no chance to go further and after some time they start resgressing and go back into lottery, like Denver? Nets? for example.

Ok , if like you say, 1 Money does not matter 2 the most important thin is wining an nba title.

How come 80% of players on those Perpetual Lottery teams or Perpetual 1st/second Round teams RESIGN with their team?

Ill tell you why , because teams that draft you can offer a longer and richer contract since there arent so many teams with enough cap space to offer you as much as your current team.

You even see that when they make the jump they make it to a similar team, like this years Davis, Brand and Magette, none of them moved to a INSTANT CONTENDER they went after the money.

Arenas? he could have gona L.A to earn the Mle, he didnt he took the MAX out of Wizs, and he KNOWS he is not wining a ring with them.

If wining the ring was the only important thing, every Memphis, bobcat or sonics player would play his 2 rookie contract years, then the qualifyed, "slavery clause" year offer and after 3 years they would fly into a contender for the MLE, instead of resigning Max Dollars with his lousy team.

Ok with those points clear, lets think about the following case scenario.

2010, ok we asume NOBODY flyes to europe, almost ALL the teams are saving cap for that year since there are lot of players not only Lebron that can change ship unrestricted.

I assume that everybody is gonna try to outbid the others, so basically there are gonna be a lot of max dollars resignins and Fa Contracts.

Basically in 2011 EVERYBODY will be caped out so there wont be much dollars available for Free Agency.

Ok now think you are OJ MAYO, the maximum you are being offered is like 12 million dollars and your own team wich by the way SUCKS SALTY BALLS and is nowhere near the playoffs is offering you 15 and they have the rights to match any other Nba Offer.

Then there comes a Greek or Russian Boss and tells you, i offer you a top flight euroleague team , the posibility of become an authentic idol for a whole continent and being the leader of our team.

We offer you buy out clauses after every year to come back to Usa

and we offer you 30 million of EUROS a year.

Tax free, we also give you a home and pay your food and Telefone Bills and get you a Bmw or a Mercedes.

Ok, what do you think he will do?

What would you do sincerely?

Oh one more thing, there are european players and coaches who never played in the Nba in the Hall of Fame, like Antonio Diaz Miguel.

A long post i know, i plead you excuse me if its not understable or if y made some mistakes, since english is not my first language.

08-05-2008, 03:16 AM
Very Good and asertive post.

THe Fact that nobody has cared to try to discuss it shoudl show you that you are compeltelty right.

Discussion DOne, Stars can end up in europa

08-05-2008, 10:11 AM
I defniately think you have a valid point, however here I must disagree:

So which is better for Nike for example, Have only Usa,s Market or a GLOBAL MARKET?.

There are people who would buy a Kobe jersey all over the globe, regardless of where he plays. I see enough over here (in Germany). I doubt Nike or whoever makes the jerseys would make more of a profit...

08-05-2008, 11:49 AM
has anyone seen the NIKE Maccabi Tel Aviv ad?

08-05-2008, 12:17 PM
i agree with some of ure point i think that sooner than later a nba superstar before he hit his prime of rigth after he peaks will go oversea and play, it all come down to money thier are ver few players that are willing to sign for less money. so if someone comes and offer a player twice of wat he could earn in the nba i think they would jump at it cause less be honest not everyone in the nba will win a title **** in the last 50 years 6 team have won 62% of the title and in the past 20 only 6 team have won titles (http://www.wagesofwins.com/WOWCh5.htm)

so dont ge tit twisted that everyone in the nba wants to wina title if that was the case no player would want a max contract. king james he leave the Cav's not t win a title as everyone but it but to make more money period. everyone dont get y wade bosh d william CP3 all make their contact 3 years cause after 3 years they can get 30% of the team cap. so if that not about money i dont know wat it is. NBA player are just like me and u money talks and ******** walks.

just take a look at the FA signing this season brand with 76er more money than clipper offer
posey was offer the same amount of money but a few years less but sign with NO y more money
Baron want more money over a few more years GS didnt want to give it to him so he left
deng 71 million turn down 60 million the year b4
okafor 70+ millllion down 57 million
artest got mad cause he wasnt offer a extention

apart from jamison and 00 everyone sign for the most money they could get. if a player is given the prefect offer they will be going thier hands down.

and few player have loyallllity to thier teams

08-05-2008, 12:17 PM
I agree with most of the things you said, but Europe bball has to gain more popularity here in the U.S. before top NBA players think about migrating to Europe. Like televising Eurobasket or Euroleague games here in the U.S. would help. It will help increase the popularity of Euro bball.

08-05-2008, 12:48 PM
Shawn Kemp has signed a deal in Italy :D

he isnt much of a star anymore, but still