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08-03-2008, 03:47 AM
Rookies Brohm, Flynn quietly progressing for Pack
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By Chris Jenkins, AP Sports Writer
GREEN BAY, Wis. Brett Favre is locked in a standoff with the Green Bay Packers' front office. Aaron Rodgers is absorbing constant scrutiny as the new starting quarterback trying to replace a three-time MVP.
Brian Brohm and Matt Flynn? They're just two rookies trying to learn how to play quarterback in the NFL, and they're more than happy to fly under the radar for now.

Brohm, a second-round pick out of Louisville, said the only time Favre's situation directly affects him is when a bunch of TV cameras gather around Rodgers in the locker next to him and he has to go get dressed somewhere else.

"There's been a lot of media attention, so it's been tough to get to my locker when Aaron is over here getting interviewed," Brohm said. "That's the only thing, I've had to wait a little bit to get back to my locker."

Otherwise, Brohm and Flynn, a seventh-round pick out of LSU, have been having typical training camps for rookie quarterbacks: Generally solid play, mixed in with the occasional batted pass or ill-advised scramble.

"I think in both Brian and Matt together, you are seeing them get more comfortable with the speed of the game, more comfortable in the pocket," Packers coach Mike McCarthy said earlier this week. "That's what you look for in young quarterbacks, so I'm very pleased with the progress they have made so far."

Assuming Favre doesn't end up lingering on the Packers' roster as a $12 million backup this season - the least likely of all the potential resolutions to the Favre dispute - the Packers will likely end up with both rookies backing up Rodgers.

The Packers had Rodgers ready to go when Favre retired in March, but still needed a backup plan. They talked to veterans, including Daunte Culpepper, but ended up picking Brohm and Flynn during the NFL draft in April.

Both were considered good value picks for the Packers. Brohm was considered a potential top-10 pick going into his senior season, but his uneven performance with a so-so Louisville team last season cost him on draft day.

McCarthy has praised Brohm for picking up the Packers' offense quickly, but Brohm knows he has plenty of work left to do.

"Typically, I'm pretty critical of myself," Brohm said. "But I feel like I've done a pretty good job of picking things up. Obviously, there's been a few mental errors here or there that I need to clean up, but that's part of the learning process. The more reps you get, the better you're going to get at running the plays."

And Flynn was drafted as a project in the seventh round - not bad, considering all he did last season was lead LSU to a victory over Ohio State in the BCS championship game.

But Flynn didn't necessarily have a smooth ride in college. He was expected to take over as LSU's starter after the departure of top draft pick JaMarcus Russell but injuries left him alternating with Ryan Perrilloux.

"I learned a lot in college from my experience, and I learned a lot about myself," Flynn said. "I grew up a lot in that situation. I've learned, I have a hard head. I don't let things sink in and get to me. I just stay calm and do what I can do. When there's things out of your reach, that you can't control, why worry about it? Just worry about yourself."

For Flynn, that applies to the Favre situation, too.

"If I worry about stuff like that, then I'm not going to be able to perform the best I can," Flynn said. "Right now, I'm a rookie. You have to start somewhere. And in order for me to achieve my goal of becoming a longtime quarterback in the NFL, I can't worry about things. I have to try to progress myself as a quarterback and try to get better each practice, because I believe my best football is in front of me. So you can't worry about things."

Brohm said he isn't worried about the Favre situation - but he certainly wants to be the No. 2 quarterback this season.

"Yeah, that's obviously a job I want to hold on to," Brohm said. "But, right now, I'm just trying to get better and hopefully impress the coaches."

Brohm and Flynn will get their first taste of an NFL game day atmosphere Sunday, when the Packers host their annual "Family Night" scrimmage at Lambeau Field.

"It's going to be very exciting," Brohm said. "It's going to be a lot of fun. I just can't wait to get out there and see what it feels like."

Notes: TE Tory Humphrey missed Saturday's practice with tightness in his ankle and Achilles' tendon. Humphrey said he wasn't concerned about the injury, despite missing all of last season with a broken lower leg and anticipated playing in Saturday's scrimmage. "I should be ready," Humphrey said. ... C Scott Wells sat out Saturday with a strained lower back muscle. Wells said the injury wasn't related to one he sustained earlier in the offseason. "It's on the other side, a different muscle," Wells said. "It's kind of weird. But it doesn't seem too serious." ... CB Tramon Williams (hip flexor), RB DeShawn Wynn (concussion) and DTs Ryan Pickett (hamstring) and Justin Harrell (back) also sat out Saturday. ... RB Noah Herron and LB Abdul Hodge got into a shoving match during Saturday's practice that escalated into a brief brawl also involving DE Jason Hunter and RB Vernand Morency. McCarthy said offensive players might have been venting frustration after struggling early in practice. "I think when frustration sets in you get some of that extracurricular activity," McCarthy said. "That's really not necessary."

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************************************************** ********I like this team.......I like the direction we are headed! We have a lot of good young studs man.......just need to be polished and coached!

I also remember telling this board it would be a hell of a training camp......lots of fights lately! I heard earlier made the whole team stay for extra practicing and cleanups tonight! AQt the end of the day, TT is a Ron Wolf desciple..........and he has proven it time after time! Am I really the only one to believe we are loaded?
************************************************** ********Does anyone have any predictions for T Humphrey?