View Full Version : Notes: Rodgers is jumping into camp with both feet.

08-02-2008, 02:39 PM
Aaron Rodgers has never been afraid to move around the pocket to make a play.
But so far in training camp, the Green Bay Packers’ starting quarterback has seemingly always been on the move. Rare has been the play where Rodgers has just stood in the pocket and rifled the ball down the field.

“That’s good, that’s good practice,” coach Mike McCarthy said Friday night. “There’s five or six plays a game where the quarterback has to move his feet and to get those reps in live football or competitive drills like that, that’s outstanding work because that’s practical. It’s very realistic.”

McCarthy admitted that Rodgers’ protection hadn’t been the greatest because the Packers aren’t yet using some elements of their pass protection.

“You are going to get a little more push in the pocket than you’d like,” McCarthy said. “But it’s no excuse.”

Although the line play has struggled at times — Rodgers’ first play in the 2-minute drill resulted in a sack after a bad shotgun snap by center Junius Coston — Rodgers doesn’t appear to be going much beyond his initial read on the play, and then tries to make something happen with his feet.

“Is he jumping out there too early?” McCarthy asked rhetorically. “I don’t see that. I see him stepping up, playing within his feet, playing within his time clock and coming out at the right time.”


One thing thats a plus with Aaron Rodgers is his mobility. Hopefully like Tony Romo he can slide out of the pocket and give our offense hasn't seen in a long time. Rodgers has been known to take hits, he shouldn't have to.