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08-01-2008, 02:34 PM
10. Jason Williams
With so many teams needing point guard depth, Jason Williams should be able to find a home on an NBA roster rather than looking to Europe and Maccabi Tel Aviv as his destination. The problem, though, is NBA squads are only going to offer him a minimum deal and he might be able to get a little bit more out of Maccabi. There's a possibility that Williams returns to Miami next season, as the HEAT still need to figure out their point-guard situation, but if Williams' people can get a more lucrative offer from Maccabi, probably in the $2-3 million range, he will probably end his nice basketball career in Europe.

9. Jannero Pargo
After the New Orleans Hornets locked up James Posey with his four-year deal, the team was expected to move quickly in making sure Jannero Pargo was a part of their plans for next season, but that hasn't really happened yet. The reserve guard is very active, coming into games and immediately making his presence felt as instant offense, sure to put up as many shots as he can in the few minutes he can get in behind Chris Paul. Pargo is looking for a three-year deal and isn't likely to get it anywhere other than the Hornets, so expect his return. His agent, Mark Bartelstein, also represents Posey and has said he expects Pargo to return as well.

8. Michael Finley
Europe definitely isn't in the cards for Michael Finley, who, according to his agent, turned down offers to play there. Finley's tenure with the San Antonio Spurs saw his role change significantly from the go-to status he had in the past and his playing time was directly tied to Manu Ginobili's health, but it's still highly likely that he returns for another stint with the Spurs. Reportedly, Finley is looking to join a championship-contending squad, so could the Celtics come calling considering their loss of Posey?

7. Carl Landry
The drama between Carl Landry and the Houston Rockets is well-documented. The squad wants Landry to get his knee examined in-depth before they present him with a long-term deal, which has irked Landry's representatives who feel that the Rockets are intentionally lowering his league-wide value. There have been rumors that Landry would consider going to Europe, but his agent, Buddy Baker, is confident that Landry will land with an NBA squad soon enough. It's going to take a while, but Landry will probably be back with the Rockets.

6. Delonte West
The Cleveland Cavaliers and Delonte West are not very close to negotiating a new deal. West's agent, Aaron Goodwin, recently told Cleveland media that he's upset with how the Cavs have been negotiating and feels that the team is severely low-balling his client, being unfair in talks. West's representatives are seeking a deal that is more than the $3.7 million salary the team gave Daniel Gibson since West is the starter, but the Cavs haven't gone high enough. Citing Chris Duhon's new contract as a comparable (two years, $11.6 million), West is unlikely to be dealt in a sign-and-trade (Boston and Miami have reportedly called and been turned down), so expect him to play for the $2.7 million qualifying offer and take unrestricted free-agency next summer.

5. Carlos Arroyo
Arroyo's time with the Magic is done, as the team opted to signed backup point guard Anthony Johnson after Keyon Dooling was traded to New Jersey. Arroyo has garnered some interest from teams that need a playmaking backup point guard like the Phoenix Suns, but lucrative deals will not be on the table for him. It's highly likely that he, too, eventually joins the exodus to Europe.

4. J.R. Smith
J.R. Smith was in Las Vegas watching the Nuggets' Summer League games on a regular basis and was added to Team USA's Select Team (younger players being groomed for future international competition) this month, working out with the team before they left for China. Smith said this week that negotiations haven't really moved forward between he and the Nuggets, but after the team moved Marcus Camby, there's enough payroll now available to bring the young, often dynamic guard back to Denver.

3. Ben Gordon
After locking up Luol Deng with a long-term deal, the Bulls now have focused their attention on restricted free-agent Ben Gordon. There doesn't seem to be as much sign-and-trade interest from around the league as one might think, so Gordon's options have significantly shrunk. The Bulls will almost certainly try to avoid going into the luxury tax should they sign Gordon, so a deal of more than five-years, $58 million is probably as high as the team will be willing to go; Gordon reportedly wants something closer to $11- million per year instead of the $8-9 million the team has offered. But the bottom line is that the Bulls do want Gordon back because he's been such a good teammate, so even if he doesn't get the offer he wants, Gordon might take the $6.4 million qualifying offer to stick with the team rather than head to Europe.

2. Josh Smith
Negotiations between Smith and the Hawks seem to have reached an impasse with neither side really budging on their stance. Smith is in almost the exact same situation as Gordon, but more teams are seemingly interested in sign-and-trades for Smith. There have been plenty of rumors, but nothing substantive has really come through the rumor mill. It isn't likely that Smith will take his relatively small $3.1 million qualifying offer, so at some point both parties are going to have to hash this deal out. Smith wants a contract worth more than $10 million per year, which isn't likely since the Hawks will have to negotiate with Mike Bibby and Al Horford soon, so tying up too much to Smith isn't an option. Expect Smith to return to the Hawks eventually, but this thing is going to drag out.

1. Andre Iguodala
The Philadelphia 76ers have done a lot of nice things this summer, not the least of which was snagging Elton Brand from the Los Angeles Clippers. The team has added some depth at the guard spots by bringing in Royal Ivey and Kareem Rush and with Louis Williams signing his long-term deal, Iguodala is the last chore left for the Sixers. The team offered Iguodala a five-year, $57 million contract that he turned down last season, so he's likely to be looking for a deal similar to what Luol Deng signed (six years, $71 million). The good news for Sixer fans is that the team and Iguodala's representatives are talking and working the details out, so a resolution can be expected soon.


Ph1lly Diehard
08-01-2008, 02:43 PM
I'll be very happy once we resign Iggy.

After we resign Iggy all we have to do is find our 13th man for our roster and were set and contenders for the ship this year :)

08-01-2008, 02:49 PM
When will he sign?

08-01-2008, 02:58 PM
I think he's good but slightly overrated (Iggy).

Still, the sixers will be solid this year if Brand can stay on the court

Ph1lly Diehard
08-01-2008, 03:05 PM
I think he's good but slightly overrated (Iggy).

Still, the sixers will be solid this year if Brand can stay on the court

Solid is an understatement. A solid team is a team like the Cavaliers and Wizards.

I'd like this to to be a solid contender possibly? :p

And no, Iggy isn't overrated. He just had to do more then he was asked kind of what Iverson was in Philly. Now that they'll most likely be focusing in on Brand that will only help improve Iggy.

To JordanBulls- Within the week i'm hearing.

08-01-2008, 03:32 PM
As long as Iggy doesn't sign to the Clippers lol.