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07-30-2008, 01:17 PM
The spanish media BasketMe.COM, with the collaboration of the Spanish Basketball Federation, has developed two fantasy games based on the Olympic Games (Men and Women) that will be played in Pekin since 9h to 24th of August. The games have been named “Olympic Men Challenge 2008” and “Olympic Women Challenge 2008”. The three top-qualified users of the Olympic Men Challenge will get three official NBA jerseys, and the three top-qualified users of the Spanish Basketball Federation.

The users can create their team until 9th of August at 9:00 am (in Pekin).

The URL of the Olympic Men Challenge is http://www.basketme.com/2.0/omc_index.php?lang=en

The URL of the Olympic Women Challenge is http://www.basketme.com/2.0/owc_index.php?lang=en


• Choose a five players lineup with one player for every position.

• Scoring will be the equivalent of player´s ranking per minute.

• Lineup changes are unlimited before and after every game. Lineups can´t be modified during the games.

• Each user can register just one lineup.


• To sign a player, click on the question mark in the empty position, and click on the button “sign” of the player chosen in the pop-up window.

• To change a player, click on the player´s picture, and pop-up window will be opened with all the players for that position. Then, follow the same steps to sign a player.

• Changes can only be made between gamedays.


• Total team scoring in every gameday will be the aggregate of five players ranking per minute.