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07-30-2008, 12:01 PM
Morning Roundup
I've got to head over to the courthouse in Brooklyn for Tim Donaghy's sentencing, so we need to hit this quick:

* The Timberwolves and Ryan Gomes have agreed to a five-year extension.

* Former No. 1 overall pick Kwame Brown signed a two-year, $8 million deal with the Pistons. Low-risk gamble by Joe Dumars, who gave Brown an opt-out after '08-'09.

* The Bobcats and Emeka Okafor are close to agreeing on a six-year deal believed to be worth around $72 million -- similar to the Andrew Bogut deal with Milwaukee.

* Nenad Krstic has left the Nets for a two-year deal with a Triumph Moscow for 3 million Euros per year. Agent Marc Cornstein says that equates to $9 million a year when you factor in the exchange rate and the fact that it's net of taxes. There was simply no market for Krstic in a sign-and-trade.

* Ricky Davis signed with the Clippers.

* Josh Smith update: There have been some reports about sign-and-trade scenarios for Hawks restricted free agent Josh Smith. There's simply no market for him at the moment, according to a person familiar with the situation. Atlanta officials have received exactly one phone call about Smith, and those talks are old news and didn't last very long. (I checked, and the Knicks have not inquired about him, nor would they have any sane reason to given that they are in serious cost-cutting mode.)

The Hawks have a multi-year offer on the table for Smith that is pushing $60 million, according to a source. Smith's camp is hoping to find something better in a sign-and-trade and may very well drag out the impasse all the way through September, as the agents for Luol Deng and Ben Gordon did last season. Good luck!