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07-30-2008, 11:10 AM
Ok I know there are a couple of topics already, but is there anything that you guys think will happen? I have seen plenty of rumors, mostly of us being intrested in Lefty Relievers, but do you guys think we will make any moves at all? It looks like DD wil stand pat, but I guess you never really know until the deadline passes. There is one guy I really want, Fuentes. Although I have heard the asking price is very high so that is unlikely to happen.

07-30-2008, 12:25 PM
Im thinking that nothing will happen before the deadline.

07-30-2008, 12:55 PM
yea, i think if we fall out of it in august we could try and make some deals then by sending guys through waivers and such.. but as of right now.. it looks like any bullpen moves could be handled internally, especially if we find ourselves in the race in august.. maybe Perry could join the pen, and i wouldn't be surprised to see guillermo moscoso in the pen this year (just promoted to erie) he is 24 so he is a little older.. but the dude struck out 72 in 52 IP while only walking 13.. apparently he has a low 90's fastball occassionally gets it up to 94'ish range, but apparently he has a pretty sick curve to go with it.. so, i think that we could see some of our prospects come up to fill any needs.. also i won't be surprised to see Dolsi head down to Toledo to work out some kinks.. he hasn't been good lately, so i would look to see Casey Fien come up and take his place..

07-30-2008, 01:02 PM
5.5 Back..But we are so inconsistent. I think we shouldn't do much to the team. When you figure Next year we will get bondo back(hopefully 100 %), Porcello looking like he will do what Verlander did and come up very quickly. One move for a RP or a SS with speed would be very nice though

07-30-2008, 02:51 PM
Jon Paul Morosi of the Detroit Free Press says the Tigers aren't liking the market price for relief help. The chances of Dave Dombrowski adding a top guy like George Sherrill are slim to none. (By the way, if Sherrill has another outing like last night his ERA will be approaching 5.00.)

Morosi says picking up a cheap unwanted reliever like Brian Wolfe or LaTroy Hawkins is plausible, but promoting from within is even more likely. If the Tigers are contending in September might we see Ryan Perry as the first '08 draft pick to reach the bigs?


07-30-2008, 04:12 PM
Good. I just don't think its worth it trading away the farm for the guys that are available. I like the idea of promoting from within