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07-30-2008, 01:53 AM
These were his comments to John Fay, Cincinnati Enquirer Reds Beat Writer on July 29th.

Reds CEO Bob Castellini made a side trip to Houston and met with the front office staff and Dusty Baker.

"It's discouraging and frustrating," he said. "We've got talent on this team and we don't want anyone to lose their confidence. We'll take it one day at a time."

Here's what he said:

On Bronson Arroyo and a salary dump: "I'd rather Bronson Arroyo be here next year than me. He's been one of our shining stars lately."

On Adam Dunn: "How can you not be a supporter of his power. He's probably had the best year he's ever had in Major League Baseball."

Castellini, however, would not answer the direct question about whether there was a chance that Dunn would be back.

On deals being discussed with Walt Jocketty: "Walt can talk to me forever and not say a thing."

On why he's here: "I was in Colorado. It was a good opportunity to swing by, give everybody moral support. This is the time of year you can lose confidence. That shouldn't happen with a team of this caliber. That Rockie series was rocky. It was the worst series that we've had since we owned the team. These fellows are better than that and so are the managers and coaches behind them. We're all better than that."

On a winning record: "I think a winning record is very, very important. We want to win. Walt has not been instructed to dump salary."

On the Ken Griffey Jr.-Jeff Brantley controversy: "I got a little whiff of that today. That will be handled internally."

Are the broadcasters too critical in general? "They're still working for us. Sometimes all of us can be overly critical or keeping saying things and saying them instead of leaving them alone. If once in a while that happens with some of our announcers, that's a human error and they hear about from the fans and everybody else. I don't think any of our five key (announcers are) overly negative."

Walt Jocketty answered questions also:

Nn potential trades:" "Nothing close. We've had a lot of conversations. I still think clubs are looking. But if something's going to happen, it will probably be close to the deadline. I've been making calls.

"If we're going to make a trade and take someone away from our club, it's going to have to for someone who will help us for the future."

07-30-2008, 01:57 AM
I believe Castellini said absolutely nothing, if you take anything away from his comments it would be: were not going to do anything because we think we have a winner now and nothing needs to be done....so the losing will continue.

"Rather have Bronson here instead of myself"...so you want to retire already

"Dunn's having his best year"...yeah those two months he did nothing don't count

"Just heard about the Griffey thing"...get your head out of the sand

"Walt can talk and say nothing"...one of us is a tool and he's still assessing

and walts comment was the best "if we make a trade it has to help us in the future"...no crap

and "I've been making alot of calls"...that sounds very discouraging, I would have liked him to have said he was getting alot of calls, appearantely other teams don't like what the Reds have to offer.

Very frustrating I wouldn't expect this team to make any moves.

Freel for prez
07-30-2008, 01:11 PM
The Reds would be insane to make any moves unless they find a good one for guys like weathers, freel, griffey or some other high paying non contributing player. They will not get ANY good deals. So stick with what ya got if you ask me.

07-30-2008, 01:18 PM
I say trade Griffey now. i doubt he's coming back next year anyway. the Reds are going to form the team around Bruce and Volquez... and that includes getting rid of Griff so Bruce can play RF. Trade Griff now while he's actually worth something.

07-30-2008, 01:19 PM
nice thread, Kinsm!