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07-29-2008, 07:50 PM
Detroit Pistons: If the Pistons wanted to send forward Tayshaun Prince directly to Atlanta for Smith, the BYC factor would get in the way. Even if Smith signed for a salary equal to Prince's ($9.5 million), the Hawks would only be permitted to take in $6.0 million which is $3.5 million less than permitted.

There are ways around the limitation, specifically if Detroit were willing to take in the contract of Speedy Claxton ($11 million over two seasons but $5.8 million for the coming campaign). For Smith ($10 million) and Claxton, the Hawks would be permitted to take in $13.5 million in salary.

A package of Amir Johnson with Prince totals $13.2 million which fits within the necessary margin for Atlanta. The most the Pistons can take in the two they send out is $16.6 million - well within the range for Smith and Claxton.

Technically a sign-and-trade with Detroit is possible with Smith making a starting salary between $9,391,032 and $10,800,515. Obviously the numbers change if either team were willing to put additional players into this theoretical deal.

The advantage for the Hawks is they lock in a quality small forward for three years and get the promising, albeit raw Johnson to develop. There'd be the issue of starting between Prince and incumbent Marvin Williams but if the Hawks were to lose both Smith and Josh Childress, it becomes a position of need. Al Horford can play start at power forward but then who starts at center?

Los Angeles Lakers: The Lakers have insisted publicly that they want to see Lamar Odom on the floor alongside Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol before making and significant changes to the roster. Should they feel Smith is the defensive presence they need over Odom's playmaking (both play either forward position), an Odom package could also work for Smith and Claxton despite the BYC complication.

The viable range for Smith would be $10,962,118 - $12,027,927.

Assuming the lowest figure, the impact on the Lakers would be an additional $2.6 million in salary which would immediately double with luxury taxes.

The Hawks would be able to plug Odom in directly at power forward. In erasing Claxton's contract and acquiring Odom's expiring deal, Atlanta would be looking at the prospect of significant cap room for next summer in the range of $25-$30 million.

Once caveat: Childress' "cap hold" remains on their books until they renounce him - to the tune of $10.9 million.

Denver Nuggets: The Nuggets are a very interesting case. Armed with a $10.1 million trade exception after trading Marcus Camby to the Los Angeles Clippers - they can technically acquire Smith without sending anyone back to the Hawks. Of course Denver specifically made the move to get under a significant luxury tax bill, but it's still a move the team could consider if they valued Smith's talent highly enough. It may not be likely with so much invested in Nene, Kenyon Martin, Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony.

To date the team has been steadfast Anthony is not available in trade.

The Hawks could angle to get small forward Linas Kleiza in return along with a future Charlotte Bobcats pick (with protections) that the Nuggets possess.

Dallas Mavericks: A Josh Howard/Eddie Jones swap for Smith/Claxton is doable at well. The salary range for Smith would be $8,198,604 - $9,868,932. While the former is probably under Smith's asking price, the Mavericks would still be able to commit to a $74.8 million, six-year deal at the latter.

The advantage to a Howard deal is that his contract ends before the summer of 2010 (team option) when players like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Amare Stoudemire are expected to be unrestricted free agents.

Cleveland Cavaliers: The Hawks might have interest in big man Anderson Varejao who is paid very reasonably over the next two seasons at $5.8 mil and $6.2 million (player option). The Cavaliers also have the ending contracts of Wally Szczerbiak ($13.3 million), Damon Jones ($4.6 million) and Joe Smith ($4.8 million).

A deal could be worked for Szczerbiak but there doesn't appear to be any on the court incentive for the Hawks other than shedding Claxton's salary. A more complicated deal could include Jones, Smith and Varejao for Smith and Claxton. In such a combination, Smith could earn between $12,387,830 and $13,141,765 in starting salary.

That may be more talent than the Cavaliers are willing to give up but it's technically a doable trade.


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sorry, but whats BYC?

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BYC= base year contract

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when a player signs a new contract he only counts as half of that number in trades for the first year...(its a bit more complicated then that... but thats the gist)