View Full Version : I think the Celtics will repeat next year for there 18th championship.

07-27-2008, 02:46 PM
i really think so cause there a great team there unstoppable great defence remeber defence wins championships and thats what the celtics have why does everyone think the lakers are gonna win it in 5-7 years? u kidding the lakers are a lack of defence team they have no defence there only good on offence how can people think the lakers are gonna win the ring next year, look at the phoenix suns they still have 2 more chances to win the ring the suns could be great next season this season they didint do that well cause it was shaqs first year he was playing like he was still with the miami heat since he got traded cause the heat had the worst record on the season shaq will play great next season now he got experienced again in winning games with the west after 3 years with the east next year the champs could be either the suns or the celtics could repeat.