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07-25-2008, 08:15 AM
Source: DimeMag (http://dimemag.com/2008/07/nba-team-needs-utah-jazz/)

The Needs If the Jazz do nothing else this offseason, they still had a positive summer by signing Deron Williams to a contract extension. That being said, Utah is still missing the same thing since, dare we say it, Jeff Hornacek? With Okur, Boozer and AK-47, the Jazz still have one of the most formidable frontcourts in the league and their bench is one of the deepest. The missing piece to the puzzle? A legit scoring two-guard.

The Possible Solutions In-house, the Jazz are really hoping that one of their current players step up. Chances are, they let C.J. Miles (restricted FA) walk to Oklahoma City, which really leaves them with two options: the incumbent starter Ronnie Brewer and D-Leaguer Morris Almond. Brewer (12.0 ppg, 1.7 spg) had a very solid season. Hes excellent defensively and has some breakout offensive games from time to time. Almond had huge scoring nights in the minors and the Jazz are hoping that translates to the League this year, but hes been up-and-down in summer league play. Ideally, both come off the bench and continue to develop. No offense to Kyle Korver, but we dont see him as a two-guard; besides, Utah had the perfect role for him last season, and that wasnt starting. So whats out there? Would the Jazz step out of their comfort zone and try to sign a J.R. Smith or Ricky Davis? Bonzi? Could the Jazz get a Michael Finley? The options are limited, but theyre out there.

Our suggested moves? We like what they have internally in Brewer and Almond, and they might develop into very good players, but the Jazz should bring in one more guy in case they dont. We dont see Finley happening. If he plays for a contender, wed think hed re-sign with the Spurs. We dont think Jerry Sloan would do do it, but the guy wed pull the trigger on? J.R. Smith. In terms of talent, hes what they need. Offer him a low-risk deal. If hes more trouble than hes worth, let him go. Good luck getting the Jazz fans to embrace him, though.

If youre the Jazz, what do you do?

07-25-2008, 12:32 PM
The Jazz should do what they can to get Artest maybe a swap for AK47 or try to trade Korver, Harpring and Brewer for Vince Carter.