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07-24-2008, 11:29 PM
well, this year Batista is in for some work. while away on a successful South American Tourney, Maccabi has signed a couple of centers and pfs.

in an interview with an Israeli sports site, Batista said that he doesnt really know the guys, and he isnt the manager, but he knows what he must do to play. he believes that if Maccabi signed these players, then they will definitely help the team next season.

08-10-2008, 04:09 PM
there is a poll on the Maccabi Tel Aviv official website asking "who will be Maccabi's top scorer in the Euroleague?"

Carlos Arroyo, Marcus Fizer, Rodney White, Esteban Batista or other

poll is on the bottom of the page:

and his player page on the English site still has no images or info

Sports Illustrator
08-10-2008, 09:59 PM
That is a good question. I saw Esteban Batista play in a South American tournament about a month ago and Esteban got killed by the Argentine Center Gonzalez. Esteban Batista looked slow and not nearly as athletic as he was when he played for the Hawks. He also didn't dominate that game like he should have been dominating. He supposedly was by far the better player from both teams playing that particular game in the championship too. I hope he gets back into shape and picks it up immediately. I would like to see him play in the NBA again in the future.

As for the question, I say either Fizer or Arroyo. It could be Fizer since he's adjusted so well with this team and has become a main option. I also mentioned Arroyo because he's more of a scorer compared to the other guys on the team.

08-11-2008, 07:55 PM
there is a poll on the Maccabi Tel Aviv official website asking "who will be Maccabi's top scorer in the Euroleague?"

Carlos Arroyo, Marcus Fizer, Rodney White, Esteban Batista or other

poll is on the bottom of the page:

and his player page on the English site still has no images or info

is this the guy that played for gonzaga?

08-11-2008, 08:00 PM
is this the guy that played for gonzaga?

I dont think he played college ball

Sports Illustrator
08-13-2008, 04:53 PM
Thats not the same guy from Gonzaga. Esteban Batista started playing basketball at the age of 16 and played in Uruguay for Awada until he was 18 years old. After he was 18, he went on to play professionally in Europe until he was 22 and went to play for the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA for two seasons in a row. After his two seasons with the Hawks, he signs with Maccabi.

08-24-2008, 01:14 AM
I decided that since both players are on Maccabi, and I have the easiest time following this team specifically... to make it a dual-thread

any objections?

08-28-2008, 09:29 PM
Marcus Fizer is going to be cut by MTA which means Batista is probably going to have a better chance at more minutes

09-11-2008, 03:51 AM
Arroyo arrives in Israel with high expectations
Source: FIBA.com (http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/news/lateNews/p/newsid/28495/arti.html)

TEL AVIV (Basketball Super League) – Puerto Rico point guard Carlos Arroyo is thrilled with the opportunity to play for Maccabi Tel Aviv.

The 29-year-old Arroyo, who spent the past several seasons in the NBA, sealed a lucrative move to Israel this summer.

He has arrived in Tel Aviv after helping his country win the Centrobasket title.

"This is a very big step in my career," he said.

"It'll be a great experience.

"I always have high expectations.”

Maccabi have dominated the Israeli game though they failed to win last season’s title, losing out to Holon.

They excelled in Europe, finishing runners-up to CSKA Moscow in the Euroleague final.

"The crowd here is amazing, and I can hardly wait to start playing,” Arroyo said.

"We want to win a championship and I'm excited to be here.”

09-22-2008, 03:40 PM
Excellent first and fourth quarters were not enough for Maccabi, as Panathinaikos Athens beats Maccabi 100 - 96. Arroyo finished with 21 points

Maccabi opened strong in the early minutes of the game, with three-pointers scored by Simmons, Burstein and Fisher, and Maccabi lead 13 – 6 two minutes into the game.
Maccabi opened with a sweeping run of thrilling dunks and alley-oops over the heads of the Greeks.
As the minutes ticked by, Maccabi wasn’t able to keep up the same level of intensity on defense, which allowed Panathinaikos to get back in the game and tie the score at 18 with a minute left until the end of the quarter.
Baskets by Williams and Burstein brought the score to 24 – 21 at the close of the quarter.

Maccabi opened up a promising lead at the beginning of the second quarter, thanks in large part to the athletic ability, on both defense and offense, of Williams and Casspi, and brought Maccabi to a 32 – 24 lead two minutes into the second quarter.
Batista also contributed from under the basket, helping give Maccabi a double digit lead.
But, like in the first quarter, a drop in concentration on Maccabi’s part let the Greeks come back with the help of some successful attempts from three point range, bringing the game close (38 – 35) with four and a half minutes left in the quarter.
Maccabi coach Efy Birenboim put Arroyo back in the game, but it was Saras (Sarunas Jasikevicius) who led his Greek teammates to tie the game, 40 – 40, with two and a half minutes left until halftime.

At that point, it seemed Panathinaikos had found their rhythm, while Maccabi had trouble scoring (Arroyo had zero points up until halftime).
By the end of the first half, the Greeks had opened up a small lead on Maccabi (50 – 45).

When the third quarter opened, Fisher and Arroyo scored, and Maccabi showed signs of coming back.
But Panathinaikos kept on coming with their excellent inside/outside game, and regained the lead with a three pointer from Spanoulis, bringing the game to 55 – 50, four minutes into the third quarter.
This quarter showed a sharp drop in Maccabi’s playing ability, while Panathinaikos looked fluid and in control.
Efy put the ball in the hands of Arroyo, who was able to create plays for his teammates.
On the other hand, a lack of coordination in Maccabi’s defense enabled the Greeks to achieve their largest lead of the game, 73 – 58, with half a minute left in the third quarter.
A three pointer by Arroyo at the end of the quarter brought that down to 73 – 61.

When the fourth quarter opened, another three point shot by Arroyo started Maccabi off on an offensive run.
Three minutes into the quarter, the score stood at 76 – 68.
The defensive leadership of Batista and Fisher broke Panathinaikos’ flow, and brought Maccabi to 78 – 75, with five minutes left in the game.
The Greek’s surprising star, Perperoglou, broke Maccabi’s momentum and brought his team to an 81 – 75 lead with four and a half minutes left.
Burstein (with an ability that is cause for optimism for the rest of the season) and an effective Batista brought about a tie, and Arroyo completed the comeback with a shot that gave Maccabi the lead, 85 – 83, with a minute and a half left in the game.
Then Panathinaikos tied the game, and Saras had the chance to give the Greeks a win, but missed his three point shot and the game went into overtime (though not before Arroyo let loose with a Hail Mary shot to try and win the game).

The game remained close during the overtime period.
A basket by Diamantidis gave the Greeks a slim lead (90 – 87) two minutes into overtime play.
Fisher and Arroyo scored, keeping Maccabi close, then a three pointer by Saras brought the score to 95 – 91 in favor of Panathinaikos, with a minute and a half left in overtime.
A huge shot by Arroyo gave Maccabi back the lead, 96 – 95, but then Diamantidis scored over the head of Burstein, and the score was 97 – 96, with 40 seconds remaining.
A foul on Williams brought him to the free throw line with a chance for Maccabi to regain the lead, but the forward missed both shots.
With thirty seconds left and the ball in the hands of Panathinaikos, Maccabi had no choice but to foul one of the Greek players.
Spanoulis made only one of his free throws, and with twenty seconds left in the game, Arroyo launched Maccabi’s last offensive play with a chance to tie, or to win with a three point shot.
But the guard got confused and lost the ball to Spanoulis, who closed the deal with a basket that gave Panathinaikos the victory, 100 – 96.


Arroyo 21 points (7 assists), Fisher 20 points (8 rebounds), Batista 19 points (9 rebounds), Williams 13 points (6 rebounds), Burstein 9 points (7 rebounds, 5 assists), Simmons and Casspi 6 points each, Eliyahu 2 points.
Hagag played but didn’t score.


Spanoulis 19 points, Perperoglou 16 points, Diamantidis 15 points, Fotsis 12 points, Batiste 10 points, Saras 8 points, Nicolas 7 points, Tsartsaris 6 points, Sakota 3 points, Hatzivrettas 3 points.

Link (http://www.maccabi.co.il/News3.asp?ID=1604&language=english)

09-27-2008, 05:40 PM
gl arroyo

10-07-2008, 12:40 AM
From the Euroleague Team Focus on Maccabi Tel Aviv:

on Batista

The bruising Batista brings an aggressive style to the center position that not only brings points and rebounds, but energizes the crowd.

on Arroyo

Arroyo was brought in to become the team’s floor leader. A dynamic point guard with explosive scoring skills, Arroyo also has past Euroleague experience that should help him find his way with his new team quickly.....

link to Team Focus Article is on the Euroleague Preview thread (http://prosportsdaily.com/forums/showthread.php?t=278720)

10-12-2008, 11:52 AM
the Israeli Basketball league tips off in 2 hours... I probably wont be able to catch the game or give a webcast (if available), but I'll give what info I could find after the game

10-12-2008, 05:06 PM
my mistake, it wasn't the league opener it was the quarter finals of the domestic cup

anywho, Maccabi lost 79-77

10-12-2008, 05:07 PM
my mistake, it wasn't the league opener it was the quarter finals of the domestic cup

anywho, Maccabi lost 79-77

10-12-2008, 06:49 PM
I managed to catch the last 3 and a half minutes of the game, Maccabi was down by 14 points at the time

Arroyo scored 15, and Batista had 6 pts

10-16-2008, 04:43 AM
another mistake by me, it wasnt even the Domestic Cup, it was some Tourney called the Winner Cup... oh well....

anyways, amidst Maccabi losing 7 straight games (6 preseason and 1 Winner Cup match), Maccabi may be looking to make some cuts and topping the list are Rodney White, Esteban Batista and Chester "Tre" Simmons.

looks like this thread might become just the Carlos Arroyo thread :(

10-17-2008, 03:30 PM
Maccabi Tel Aviv have finally won a preseason game after 6 straight losses beating Rishon L'Tzion 96-85

Arroyo scored 21 pts and added 8 asts

Batista scored 6 pts

10-20-2008, 02:57 AM
Source of the Rumor: Ball in Europe (http://www.ballineurope.com/european-basketball/euroleague/marcus-brown-maccabi-tel-aviv-zalgiris-kaunas/)

It is looking bad - really bad for the only Lithuanian club, that still plays in the Euroleague. Rytas - is out of the Euroleague since last season and now it looks like Zalgiris has big problems, which we talked about already. After we thought Zalgiris is fine - we got the news now that Marcus Brown - one of the top Euroleague players left the club.

After head coach Rimantas Grigas left the club yesterday, it looks like Marcus Brown is leaving too and will fly to Tel Aviv to talk about a possible contract with Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv, according to Lithuanian and Israeli sources.

If Maccabi can get Marcus Brown, they will have a player that got the title ‘all time leading scorer of the Euroleague’. Sounds great doesn’t it?

according to the Official team site its done, hopefully the article will be published on the English site soon enough.

10-20-2008, 12:49 PM
Marcus Brown Signs with Maccabi for One Year
Source: Maccabi Tel Aviv Official Website (http://www.maccabi.co.il/News.asp?id=1635&language=english)

Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv is pleased to announce the signing of guard Marcus Brown for one season.
Brown will arrive in Israel at 13:45 today (Monday) and will join the team.
Tomorrow the guard will fly out to Zagreb with the team in preparation for Thursday’s game against Cibona.

Brown (34 years old, 1.91 meters or 6’ 6”), a talented, experienced guard, is known as the all-time top shooter in the Euroleague with
2,312 points, and is second all-around (Vujcic is first) with a rating of 2,381 points.

In his impressive career, Brown has played in 140 Euroleague games, and he is one of only two players (Luis Scola is the other) who scored over 2,000 points in the top league in Europe.
His averages in the Euroleague are 16.5 points, 2.8 assists, 2.6 rebounds, 52.1% from two-point range, 39.3% from three-point range, and 85.7% from the free throw line.
Brown has the touch from the outside (all-time fourth best in the Euroleague), and he’s listed seventh of all time in assists made.

Last season, Brown played for Zalgiris Kaunas; before that, he played two years with Unicaja Malaga, two years with CSKA Moscow, two years with Efes Pilsen, and one year with Benetton Treviso.
At the beginning of his career, he also played in the N.B.A., for the Portland Trailblazers and the Detroit Pistons.
He also wore the uniforms of two French teams, Orthez and Limoges.

Brown is a winner who has led almost every team he has played for to their local championships.
Last season, Brown led Zalgiris to victory in the Baltic league championship, the Lithuanian championship, and the Lithuanian cup.
Similarly, he won the Spanish championship (2006), the Russian championship twice (2004 and 2005), the Turkish championship twice (2002 and 2003), and the French championship twice (1998 and 2000).
In addition, Brown won four cups (France, Russia, Turkey and Lithuania).
He has played three times in the Euroleague Final Four (twice with CSKA and once with Malaga).
In 2000, he won the Korac cup with Limoges.

10-23-2008, 03:31 PM
Israeli basketball is boring, so unlike the Greece and Russia league threads, this will be a team thread. a Maccabi Tel Aviv thread. I'll post the big news about the team but will focus especially on Arroyo and Batista due to the original request.

10-26-2008, 12:09 PM
Maccabi lost their Euroleague opener in Zagreb 81-79

Arroyo had 10 pts, Batista 3

Game Recap (http://www.maccabi.co.il/News.asp?id=1644&language=english)

10-28-2008, 10:37 AM
Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv got off to a great start in the Winner League with a decisive 89 – 70 victory over Hapoel Galil/Gilboa. Casspi was top scorer with 18 points.

Maccabi: Casspi 18 points, 6 rebounds; Eliyahu 15 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists; Arroyo 14 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists; Brown 11 points; Tre Simmons 8 points; Yaniv Green 7 points; Burstein 5 points; Williams 4, Fischer 4 points, 8 rebounds; Sharp 3 points.

Carlos Arroyo, who had an excellent second half, said:

“I think it took me, all of us, some time to get into the game tonight, but in the end we showed that we are a good team on the court, and we really deserved this victory.”
The Puerto Rican complimented the team’s newest player, and said, “I am happy to be working together with a player like Marcus Brown with his experience, his shooting skill and his ability to create shooting opportunities for himself and others.”

For complete Game Summary (http://www.maccabi.co.il/News.asp?id=1649&language=english)

10-28-2008, 11:09 AM
Looks like Esteban Batista is furious with the playing time he is getting, and might be on his way out to potential interested teams in Spain....

10-29-2008, 12:04 PM
this year it will be hard for yellows. a big team can't loose players like halperin and morris(more than vujicic) ,also we based our rooster on effi's very couriuous opinion : he doesn't like batista,one of the more positive last year,but we wanted to have simmons and hagag and also he is giving too much minutes to elihau who is a palyer that u never can say how will play that night. I'm very disappointed by our rooster and by our coach and i don't wanna say anything about arroyo , a so overvaluated player . If i think that u can have three davor kus instead of one arroyo ,this make me crazy. european baskletball is not made for him and i'm dreaming the day we will start to build a team with eastern european players because theyr basketball is the powerful way to play basket in euroleague.

10-29-2008, 08:37 PM
this year it will be hard for yellows. a big team can't loose players like halperin and morris(more than vujicic) ,also we based our rooster on effi's very couriuous opinion : he doesn't like batista,one of the more positive last year,but we wanted to have simmons and hagag and also he is giving too much minutes to elihau who is a palyer that u never can say how will play that night. I'm very disappointed by our rooster and by our coach and i don't wanna say anything about arroyo , a so overvaluated player . If i think that u can have three davor kus instead of one arroyo ,this make me crazy. european baskletball is not made for him and i'm dreaming the day we will start to build a team with eastern european players because theyr basketball is the powerful way to play basket in euroleague.

lets just hope they're happier with this season then they were with the last

10-30-2008, 06:14 AM
hope..unfortunatly to hope is a verb that doesn't need to win championships :) when u decide to give arroyo 2,5 mln $ and don't want to give 2 mln to morris and halperin ,or don't wanna search for a better point guard at less price(there are lot of them in every european leagues),there's something wrong in the planning room . anyway ok, just hope:)

10-30-2008, 09:38 AM
true, hope is for the fans though.

I want Arroyo to get used to the Euro Style of play quickly....

11-07-2008, 03:47 PM
The Jerusalem Post: Arroyo sends Maccabi to thrilling overtime victory

A Carlos Arroyo jumper with 1.1 seconds to play in overtime gave Maccabi Tel Aviv an 82-80 victory against Le Mans at the Nokia Arena on Thursday night.

Despite a poor game Maccabi somehow managed to escape with its second straight Euroleague victory to the relief of the capacity crowd.

With just 10 seconds to play in regulation Maccabi trailed 73-70, but Marcus Brown saved the team with a clutch three and Arroyo clinched the victory in the most dramatic of fashions.

Arroyo scored 19 points, grabbed seven rebounds and passed five assists for Maccabi, with D'or Fischer adding 20 points and seven rebounds.

David Bluthenthal, who spent three seasons and won the 2004 Euroleague title with Maccabi, led Le Mans with 23 points and seven rebounds.

Bluthenthal scored the first points of the night and three more points by the former Maccabi forward gave the visitors a 7-3 lead.

Arroyo finally found his scoring touch in the closing minutes of the first period and the Puerto Rican led Maccabi to within two points (20-18).

In the final minute of the quarter, Le Mans managed to extend its advantage once more and Tel Aviv trailed 24-18 after Brian Chase sprinted down the court and laid the ball in the basket to beat the buzzer.

In the first five minutes of the second period Maccabi only managed to score three points and Alain Koffi's turnaround jumper gave the visitors a seven-point cushion (28-21).

A Jason Williams three with half of the quarter remaining sparked a Maccabi fight back and D'or Fischer's basket with three-and-a-half minutes to go to the interval brought the hosts within a single point (29-28).

The offensive blitz, however, lasted for no more than 90 seconds and despite Le Mans's ineffectiveness Maccabi still trailed at the break (31-30).

The hosts entered the final 10 minutes of the encounter still ahead by a point (54-53), but the lead was back in Le Mans hand early in the fourth quarter, setting up a thrilling final few minutes.

Arroyo twice gave Maccabi a three point gap midway through the quarter, but each time the hosts were quickly pegged back and Chase's acrobatic basket with 2:19 to play opened a 69-66 Le Mans lead.

Tel Aviv closed to within one point several time in the final two minutes, but was down by three points with 15 seconds to play after Chase's free throws.

The hosts weren't down and out just yet, however, with Marcus Brown tying the score with a triple just nine seconds before the end of regulation to send the contest to an extra session.

Both teams continued with their disorganized play in overtime and the lead exchanged hands several times in the extra period.

An Arroyo basket gave Maccabi a 79-77 lead with a minute to play, but Dewarick Spencer hit a triple at the other end and the visitors were in front once more.

The final 10 seconds would belong to Arroyo, however, and Maccabi somehow managed to claim the win.

Also Thursday, Cibona Zagreb maintained its perfect record, defeating the previously unbeaten Olympiacos 85-76 in Croatia.

11-12-2008, 02:33 PM
Rodney White = Out/ Marcus Fizer = In

well, the title is pretty self explanatory, but for the love of G-d why?

11-21-2008, 01:02 PM
In a make-up game from Round 2 of the Winner League, Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv lost to Hapoel Jerusalem, 91 – 77. Arroyo scored 16 points and made 6 assists

for full game recap, Click Here (http://www.maccabi.co.il/News.asp?id=1692&language=english)

Nets fan 93
11-22-2008, 10:35 PM
Isnt there a big crisis in Russia?

11-22-2008, 10:41 PM
yeah, it's mentioned in the Russian League Thread

Maccabi Tel Aviv is in Israel

Nets fan 93
11-22-2008, 10:59 PM
yeah, it's mentioned in the Russian League Thread

Maccabi Tel Aviv is in Israel
What the heck.. guess i clicked on the wrong thread:o

11-22-2008, 11:03 PM
Big changes coming to Maccabi....
Source: TalkBasket.net

Maccabi Tel-Aviv is close to big changes. Israeli media reports that a head coach Effi Birenboim and three players could be on their way out. Birenboim took charge of Maccabi last summer after the resignation of Zvika Sherf. The Yellows are 2-2 in Euroleague and 3-1 in Israeli league after losing against Hapoel Jerusalem.

Birenboim himself is not talking about his possible depart. "Unless I'm told otherwise, I am still a head coach of Maccabi", Israeli coach said.

There are many candidates to replace Birenboim, according to Israeli media. Pini Gershon, Sharon Drucker, Zvika Sherf, Mickey Dorsman, Erez Edelstein, Dan Shamir and Bozidar Maljkovic are the names speculated in the news.

Pini Gershon is in charge of Bulgaria national team. He helped them reach Eurobasket 2009 in Poland.

Sharon Drucker returned to his former club Oostende. When discussing his contract with the Belgian side Drucker asked for a release clause which might come handy at this time.

Zvika Sherf is also a possible replacement for Effi Birenboim. Sherf is currently coaching Israel national team. He lead Maccabi to Euroleague final last season.

Mickey Dorsman made a name for himself last season by winning Israeli league with Hapoel Holon and ending Maccabi Tel-Aviv hegemony.

Erez Edelstein faced Maccabi this week. He's the head coach of Hapoel Jerusalem. His side defeated The Yellows in their first meeting this season.

Dan Shamir is working as an assitant coach at Dynamo Moscow. He was brought there by David Blatt.

Bozidar Maljkovic previously worked in Spain but hasn't coached any club since 2007 when he worked with TAU Ceramica.

Jason Williams and Chester Simmons were brought to the team by Effi Birenboim and they could soon be left looking for a new job. Simmons averages 6.7 points and 4.3 rebounds per game in Euroleague. Jason Williams is less impressive with 5 points per game.

The third player who shoul leave Tel-Aviv is Esteban Batista. 25-year-old Uruguayan center was close to leaving Maccabi last summer but eventually stayed. Finding a new club shouldn't be a problem for him as a few teams expressed interest in him already.

Elton Brown who helped Hapoel Holon steal Israeli title from Maccabi is rumoured as a candidate to replace Batista.

looks like I should start following the Spanish league soon... I hope someone helps me

11-22-2008, 11:03 PM
What the heck.. guess i clicked on the wrong thread:o

it happens :)

11-23-2008, 06:43 PM
In the fifth round of Winner League play, Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv defeated Givat Shmuel 81 – 61. Arroyo had 19 points and 8 assists; Eliyahu scored 18 and pulled down 7 rebounds.

For full game recap Click Here (http://www.maccabi.co.il/News.asp?id=1695&language=english)

11-24-2008, 11:42 PM
Pini Gershon is the Coach of Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv
Source: Maccabi Tel Aviv Official Site (http://www.maccabi.co.il/News.asp?id=1697&language=english)
The man who led the club to three European championships will become Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv’s head coach starting Tuesday, November 25, 2008. He has signed for three seasons with the team, including this one.

Tonight (Monday), the management of Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv made some important changes in the team’s professional staff.
Pini Gershon, the team’s former head coach who led the club to three European championships, will once again become the team’s head coach starting tomorrow, Tuesday, November 25, 2008, for the next three seasons, including this one.
The club has parted ways with former head coach Efy Birenboim, and his assistant Roi Hagay, and thanks them for their faithful service over the past few months.

Pini Gershon is expected to arrive in Israel tomorrow afternoon, and to coach Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv’s Euroleague game against Unicaja Malaga this coming Thursday.

Maccabi and Gershon; together again
Source: Euroleague.net (http://www.euroleague.net/news/i/39136/180)

Call it a different kind of three-peat. Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv announced on Tuesday that legendary head coach Pini Gershon will return to the club's bench for a third time in the last decade. The man who revived the club's legend with three continental titles between 2001 and 2005 is wearing yellow again, and will be through the end of the 2010-11 season, according to Maccabi's announcement. Gershon will be on the bench as soon as Thursday for Maccabi's home game in Group A against Unicaja Malaga. His hiring ends the brief tenure of Efy Birenboim, who had a 2-2 record in Euroleague play and lost his last game on the road by 19 points to Olympiacos, althoug a subsequent domestic defeat to Hapoel Migdal Jerusalem led to Tuesday's move.

Gershon became an icon in Tel Aviv and beyond by reaching the continental title game in every one of the five full seasons he coached Maccabi - and taking the trophy three times. He first joined Maccabi midway through the 1998-99 season. It was only the following year that he made his mark by leading Maccabi to the 2000 Euroleague final, although the team lost to Panathinaikos. The following season, playing in the Suproleague, Gershon brought a European trophy to Tel Aviv for the first time in 20 years by defeating Panathinaikos in a title-game rematch.

Following that historic achivement Gershon retired, but after two years off the courts he wrote a spectacular comeback. With Tel Aviv due to host the 2004 Euroleague Final Four, Maccabi called Gershon out of retirement to take charge again. The expectations were off the boards in Israel, but the charismatic coach delivered by winning another title in record-breaking fashion, with the most one-sided victories in the history of elite championship games, a 118-74 defeat of Fortitudo Bologna before an adoring all-yellow crowd in Tel Aviv. The next season, Gershon and Maccabi outdid themselves, becoming the first back-to-back European champions in 15 years when they downed Tau Ceramica in the title game of the 2005 Final Four in Moscow. Gershon stayed for a third season, in hope to keep the streak going, and making Maccabi just the third club in history to win three trophies in a row, but the 2006 final in Prague saw CSKA defeat Maccabi and marked the end of Gershon's era with the club.

Gershon's next stop was Olympiacos Piraeus, where he coached for one season and a half, before being dismissed at the end of the 2007-08 regular season. Since his departure from Maccabi, Gershon didn't take part in another Euroleague Final Four, but now he's back in his home-ship in hope to lead Maccabi back on the road of success together.

I'm really happy about this move, but I don't know how many changes need to be made for the team to fit the coach... could be a huge overhaul

11-29-2008, 06:33 PM
they were 2nd, after the Russian league

I also did it according to request, more people asked me to follow the Russian league than to follow Batista and Arroyo. the other threads I'm just doing for the heck of it

11-29-2008, 06:41 PM
Arroyo returning to the NBA?
The Hoop Blog (http://thehoop.blogspot.com/2008/11/arroyo-returning-to-nba.html)

There is a rumor according to krespinis.net that Carlos Arroyo(1.88-PG/SG) may leave Maccabi behind and return to the NBA. Arroyo seems to be a candidate for the Orlando Magic but he is still tied to a contract with Maccabi that won't just let him go without a compensation.

The puerto-rican scorer has been a vital player for Maccabi averaging 15.8 points 4.8 rebounds and 5 assists per game in 4 games in the Euroleague so far.

Arroyo is on his way out, Batista may be next....

11-30-2008, 09:35 AM
no I don't. they've been doing the worst in franchise history for the past few years

11-30-2008, 10:28 AM
no way Arroyo returns to Orlando. At least there has been nothing on the local news about it, and they report EVERYTHING that happens with Arroyo.

Also, he's getting big minutes and producing good numbers. He wont go back to be 2nd or 3rd PG. If he goes back it has to be under a "I'm your starting PG" status.

11-30-2008, 11:24 AM
Orlando doesn't really have a PG right now, and it could stay like that for about 2 weeks... still, I believe you're right. I would hate to see him go to a Euroleague rival

11-30-2008, 11:31 AM
Yes, but it will change in 2 weeks when Nelson comes back, who I really think is extremely overrated. He might be an undersize SG, but his PG skills suck. Arroyo has a better ball handling, court view and passing skills. Nelson has a better jump shot. Arroyo's main problem is that his D sucks.

11-30-2008, 07:32 PM
my bad... in the GT I said that I'll know later today if Arroyo is healthy enough to play. I will know tomorrow...

12-01-2008, 08:01 AM
Simmons, White and Williams are very likely on their way out. Maccabi is mainly looking @ players in Russia who are suffering from the economic crisis.

Delfino has recently refused to play for Khimki Moscow. could he be on his way to Maccabi?

12-01-2008, 10:44 PM
Simmons, White and Williams are very likely on their way out. Maccabi is mainly looking @ players in Russia who are suffering from the economic crisis.

Delfino has recently refused to play for Khimki Moscow. could he be on his way to Maccabi?

Delfino played with Arroyo in Detroit and I think they have a good relationship. Maybe he's doing some recruiting...

12-02-2008, 04:21 PM
Maccabi acquired Elton Brown. That guy is a beast. He actually played for the Lakers for like a couple of games.

thank you... I didn't check any news yet (until I saw the post) but yes, yes he did

12-02-2008, 04:25 PM
Maccabi tabs rebounder Brown
Source: Euroleague.net (http://www.euroleague.net/news/i/39680/180/item)

In its first move of the new Pini Gershon era, Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv announced Tuesday the the addition of rebounding ace Elton Brown, one of the team's nemeses last spring, to its frontcourt. Brown (206, 25) signed until the end of the season and is expected to arrive to Tel Aviv on Wednesday, in time for Maccabi's crucial Group A home game against Cibona on Thursday. Last season, Brown played an important role for Hapoel Holon, the team that made history by beating Maccabi in the finals to win the Israeli League drown. Now, he will reunite with Maccabi swingman Tre Simmons, who also played for Holon the past season. Brown signed last March with Holon and quickly became a key factor in its run to the title, averaging 13.1 points and 5.4 rebounds hwile making 70% of his shots. He had previously starred at Makedonikos of Greece in 2005-06, where averaged a double-double of 13.3 points and 10.5 rebounds as the Greek League's top rebounder. He has also spent time with Menorca of Spain, Arecibo of Puerto Rico, Florida and Colorado of the NBA development league, as well as four seasons at University of Virginia.

01-21-2009, 01:12 AM
Maccabi Releases Jason Williams
Source: Euroleague.net

Shortly after the Top 16 Draw, Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv announced the release of forward Jason Williams, who has already agreed to terms with fellow Israeli club Ironi Nahariya. Williams joined Maccabi this summer with a two-year deal, but has seen his playing time dip since Pini Gershon took over as head coach, which led to the two sides parting ways. Nahariya be William’s third stop in the Israeli Basketball League since he arrived three years ago from University of Texas El Paso. Williams excelled for two seasons at Bnei Hasharon before signing with Maccabi. In six total Euroleague appearances, Williams averaged 3.3 points and 2.2 rebounds per game.

Maccabi have also recently released Elton Brown and Esteban Batista

01-21-2009, 01:21 AM
Williams Switches to Nahariya

Jason Williams was released by Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv Monday.
The 25 year old American forward (1.98 meters) has signed with Ironi Nahariya, which will become the third team Williams has played with in Israel.
While with Maccabi, Williams played in eight Israeli league games where he contributed an average of 4.9 points, and in six Euroleague games where he averaged 3.3 points.

01-26-2009, 12:01 AM
Maccabi Tel Aviv Inks Dee Brown till Season's End

Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv has signed guard Daniel (Dee) Brown (24, 1.85 meters) until the end of the current season.
His jersey will be number 4.
The player signed the contract on Saturday, and is expected to arrive in Israel on Sunday afternoon.

For Complete article, Click Here (http://www.maccabi.co.il/News.asp?id=1796&language=english)

01-30-2009, 03:48 PM
Gaines to Maccabi

Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv signed the forward/center (age 27, 2.03 meters) in a contract good for the remainder of the season.
Gaines will wear Maccabi jersey #4, and the also newly-signed Dee Brown will wear #12.

For Complete Article, Click Here (http://www.maccabi.co.il/News.asp?id=1803&language=english)

02-02-2009, 01:14 PM
Appeals panel reduces Hasharon fine

Source: EurocupBasketball.com (http://www.euroleague.net/ulebcup/home/news/i/43401/448/item)

After appeals filed by both Eurocup teams of a recent disciplinary judge's decision, the appeals panel for the competition has partially adjusted the original sanctions. The appeal of Turk Telekom was denied completely, meaning that it must pay a fine of €15,000 and play its next home game without fans for not taking "all necessary preventive measures to avoid disturbances before, during and after the game" on January 6, 2009, when it was to have played Bnei Hasharon in Week 5 of the regular season. The appeal of Bnei Hasharon was partially accepted. The team from Israel remains sanctioned with a 20-0 defeat for refusing to play the game, but the appeals panel cut the team's original fine to €5,000. The decisions may be appealed again before the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne within 15 days.