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07-22-2008, 12:10 PM
As expected, the Orlando Magic traded disgruntled guard Keyon Dooling to the New Jersey Nets for a $3.3 million trade exception.

Monday's sign-and-trade transaction allows Dooling to get a three-year contract starting out at $3.3 million next season. The first two years of the three-year contract are guaranteed at $6.8 million, while the third season offers a guarantee of $500,000.

The Magic have a year to use the $3.3 million trade exception. It allows them to take back a player making up to $3.4 million ($3.3 million plus $100,000) in a trade without having to send matching salaries back in return. The trade exception can't be combined with another player's contract in a bigger trade.

The likelihood is the Magic won't use the trade exception because their payroll has swelled to $68 million this offseason. The NBA's dollar-for-dollar luxury tax kicks in at $71.1 million and Magic general manager Otis Smith has emphatically said Orlando will not exceed the threshold.

One possible scenario could be the Magic dealing the trade exception in a three-team transaction or to a team looking to shed salaries in order to pick up a future first- or second-round draft pick.

"This move allows us some potential flexibility in the future," Smith said in a release. "Keyon did a lot for our organization during his three seasons here. We wish him and his family nothing but the best."

The move comes after a protracted dispute between the Magic and Dooling over the combo guard's worth to the team. Dooling was Orlando's top reserve this past season, averaging 8.1 points and 1.8 assists a game. And when a contract that paid him $3.5 million this past season expired, Dooling said the Magic informed him that his resigning was a top priority this offseason.

But the Magic instead signed shooting guard Mickael Pietrus to a four-year, $25.1 million free-agent deal. They then offered Dooling a two-year, $3.8 million contract, which he promptly turned down. Orlando then used that money to sign veteran point guard Anthony Johnson.

The move to New Jersey reunites Dooling, 28, with former Magic coach Brian Hill, now an assistant with the Nets. Dooling will back up Vince Carter at shooting guard and Devin Harris at point guard. Dooling, a Fort Lauderdale native, chose the Magic over the Nets when he was last a free agent in 2005.



07-22-2008, 12:21 PM
Well now we have some cap room...It looks we will get Jarvis...I just hope we dont over pay for him. How good can he be if he is at the bottom of a depth chart with the likes Conley, Lowery, Mayo & Jaric in front of him. And was traded from a Lakers team that are still looking for a pg???

To me the best move would be to trade JJ & the trade exception for Chris Wilcox or Nick Collison...if we cant either of them sign Kurt Thomas.

07-22-2008, 12:54 PM
so you wanna trade for another pf wich would make 3 when out first need is a pg?

07-22-2008, 02:21 PM
Well Marcus Williams(who i know the magic wouldn't get) got traded to the Warriors for a 1st rounder.

07-22-2008, 06:06 PM
so you wanna trade for another pf wich would make 3 when out first need is a pg?

3??? we have no true pf...Lewis need to be moved back to sf so he can be effective again...Battie is true center...dwight would benefit so much if he had a true pf playing beside.

We do need a back up pg, and Anthony is not the answer but Wilcox or Collison are better than any Jarvis or Marcus Williams

If we do swing for Nick or Chris...i wouldn't mind trading Cook for Charlie Bell
to fill that back up pg spot

Well Marcus Williams(who i know the magic wouldn't get) got traded to the Warriors for a 1st rounder.

Wow??? That is way too high for Marcus...To give a lottery pick up for a guy who hasn't done much in this leagues is crazy...If marcus was that good why did the bring Devin Harris to replace Kidd...I'm hoping this dont force Otis into trading a 1st rd pk for Jarvaris because Macrus & him are on the same level

07-22-2008, 06:17 PM
Yeah we need a true PF and another PG. I say make a trade for a PF and trade for Jarvis or sign some free agent as a PG.

The question is who. The Sixers might be looking to move Jason Smith who posted 15PTs in the summer league and grabbed 8Rbs and added a mid range jump shot to his game, i say we get him. Someone said he could be a starter, not sure about that, but he would compliment Dwight nicely with his jumpshot.

If the Sixers ask for JJ and a 1st do we make that trade?