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07-20-2008, 01:48 AM
better than reading another rex/orton or favre to bears thread.

Random Thoughts on Recent News: NFC North

They way I see it, there's been enough happening around the NFL world (specifically, the NFC North world) for me to compile some opinions on.

Some of these you may have come across--in one form or another--in one of my posts, but I hope not. If you have, sorry for the re-hash.

So here goes, random thoughts on the recent events in our beloved Division:

** Did anyone else see Matt Forte on Total Access yesterday? God DAMN the guy is/seemed tall. Of course, he was standing next to Maurice Jones Drew and Terrell Davis, so it was maginfied, but MAN! In stature, he reminded me of Brandon Jacobs, almost (though a bit leaner).
If memory serves me, he's 6'2" (which isn't THAT big, but by RB standards, I guess it is). He described his running style as "smooth", and T.D. compared him to Eric Dickerson in style.
We'll see.
Forte seemed kind of uncomfortable on camera, but he should get over that with time.
Definitely, he was no big HAM like Robbie Gould was/is, when he appeared on the show, doing trick-kicks in the parking lot.
Forte sems to be a naturally soft-spoken kind of guy. He said that he doesn't drink (which is a significant tid-bit in the Cedric Benson aftermath), and that he doesn't do much trash-talking (he lets his play speak for itself, was his statement). T.D. was trying to bait him and Jones-Drew into a little trash-talk regarding the Bears-Jags game this upcoming season, but neither really took the bait. Jones-Drew seemed to be a good guy, and was pretty encouraging to the rookie Forte.

** I've got to admit, I LOVE all the chaos and animosity this Favre-Pack divorce has brought up. And the messier it gets, the better it will become for Bears fans.
Because the way this will all play out on the field--REGARDLESS of who starts at QB for the Pack--will be NEGATIVE. NEITHER QB will be able to flourish within the pressure-cooker that will exist as a result of all this drama.
Mark my words.
Never underestimate the power of "distraction" on a football team.

Imagine how the fan base and media will react the SECOND the Pack (and their QB) start to stumble (lose a game or two, throw some picks, fumble, etc.)--there will be calls for blood, and second-guessing, and hysterics, and Ted Thompson sodomized in effigy. Oh, it will be great.
I can hear it now:
"Brett would have made that throw..."
"If Aaron had been able to start, we woulda BEAT the Bears, for once!" (hee hee)
"Brett got us to the Conference Championship, Rodgers can't even get us to .500!"
"God, Favre's too OLD--Aaron would have escaped that sack!"

Packers fans, sorry to dump salt in your wounds, but we've been getting grief for the drama at OUR QB position for so long, it's only fair and natural to take some joy in seeing it somewhere else, let alone on YOUR team.

I know that's not nice, but I can't help it.

** Speaking of the Favre drama--How about this newly discovered Favre-Pack-Viking LOVE TRIANGLE?!?! More drama, more distraction. A seed of doubt and insecurity planted in Tavaris Jackson's head?

We can only hope! Again, the negative reverberations on the actual playing field can only be good for Bears fans.

We know something about this, having had San Fran tamper with our beloved Briggs. Thank God they did, though, because without it, who knows? Briggs may have actually made good on that promise to "never play another down as a Bear."
We were awarded SF's 5th round pick, and traded places with them in the 3rd round, moving us 5 spots. That's a pretty hefty penalty, if you ask me.

So my question is--assuming the Vikings DID tamper (and knowing about the relationship between Favre and his former coach there, I'm leaning towards guilty until proven innocent..sorry, but I am)--what would be the possible consequences? I'd like to hear YOUR thoughts on that one...

Obviously, history says it would be draft picks, but I'd like to see something more immediate, something that would effect them THIS season (What, exactly, I don't know). But I alos hope whatever the penalty is doesn't help the Pack out too much, either.

** This reminds me, I've been reading a lot of Vikings fans defending the development of T-Jack lately. As a Bears fan, it CRACKED ME UP to hear all the arguments, which were IDENTICAL to arguments WE'VE been using in defense of Grossman/Orton for a long time...For example: they're still young, developing, full of potential, they get a bad overblown rep in the media, they don't need to do much but "manage the game" because of great defense, good running, etc. Their record/s are much better than people realize, etc etc.
It's funny to hear it, because it's all so familar.

** The recent Kevin Jones signing was a good one (potentially great one) for the Bears. First, anything that can potentially stick it to another NFC North team AND help us is a bonus. Let's hope Jones' motivation to teach the Lions a lesson pays off. Secondly, he can only help. NFL teams need two backs in this day and age. Injury abounds (especially for Jones!), and Forte can use the veteran experince to help guide him, AS WELL AS the competition to help push him.
I don't see Jones taking Forte's job, however, but you never know. Most likely, I see carries split about 60-30 in Forte's favor (with 10 for Adrian Peterson or Wolfe or whoever).
By the way, what WILL the Bears do with Garrett Wolfe? You KNOW tearing a 3rd round pick away from Jerry Angelo--no matter how useless they may become--is like trying to separate the Fridge from his BBQ...God himself using a crow-bar would have trouble!

Anyway, good move by the Bears--I LOVE how they always smokescreen, too: saying they will or won't do something in a big, public way ("we won't bring in a veteran running back), then turning around and doing the exact opposite.
Jones, like our beloved Thomas before him, was a first round pick who had injury issues and then was discarded by his team.

Let's hope THIS version of Mr. Jones will be a "big star" (yeah, that's a Counting Crows reference, for those wondering).

** I've read/heard a lot of people talking about what a great, stand-up guy Rodgers has been for staying mum on this whole Favre fiasco. WRONG!! Well, NOW maybe he's keeping his yap shut, but it was ONLY a couple weeks ago when Rodgers said in an interview (I forget with who--maybe Sports Illustrated), something to the effect of:

"I'm going ot be the starting Quarterback, and that's the direction the team is taking...the fans either need to get on board, or SHUT THEIR MOUTHS..."

Now, that's not an exact quote, but the "shut their mouths" part of it is. WOW! Now, Pack fans are gonna say: "Good! This shows BALLS! and CONFIDENCE!" And I sort of agree (I like when people speak directly, and don't mince their words in politically-correct mealy-mouthed ways), but the other side of me has to ask:

Is this the BEST time to be throwing down a gauntlet to your own fans? Aren't the enduring enough? Isn't their a big enough rift in Packer nation right now?
So, my verdict: good, strong message. Maybe could have said it a bit more diplomatically, though. Right message, wrongly stated. Right idea, wrong time.

** Finally, the debate rages during this time of year, among fans, among the media, among all amateur 08 season predictors: Who will win the North? Almost invariably, it's the Vikes, everyone says. If not, then the Pack will, people say. I'm not going to turn this into my chest-thumping soap-box for why and how the Bears are gonna turn things around this year, but I will say that it simultaneously sickens and delights me to have so many people ALREADY counting the Bears out.

The good part is that it makes us an underdog, and we like that.

So keep sitting back and letting them talk, Bears fans. They'll forget about us, but then we'll give them a reason to remember!

They'll remember WHY we went to the Superbowl in 06!
They'll remember WHY our defense is always ranked so high in fantasy rankings!
They'll remember Mike Brown, and Vasher, and a healthy Harris!
They'll come to understand WHY we're scheduled for 5 prime time games this season!
They'll REGRET all the digs they took at Rex (or Kyle)!
They'll remember WHY our special teams unit is the BEST in the league!
They'll even be SHOCKED that they could have been SO dismissive about our offense!
They'll remember WHY we're called THE MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY!!

Alright, enough of my goofy, melodramatic cheer-leading.
Thanks for reading.
I appreciate all comments, good, bad, indifferent or otherwise.

Bear Down!.

CT Bears Fan
07-20-2008, 08:14 AM
Lay off the merlot!!! Some good stuff though. I was thinking the same thing about the negative off-seasons the Pack and the Vikes are having. Now we just need Kitna to spout off a 10-6 prediction and we'll be in the drivers seat for the division crown!

07-20-2008, 10:35 AM
Great Post!

07-20-2008, 09:26 PM
So my question is--assuming the Vikings DID tamper (and knowing about the relationship between Favre and his former coach there, I'm leaning towards guilty until proven innocent..sorry, but I am)--what would be the possible consequences? I'd like to hear YOUR thoughts on that one...
It should be the same as the Briggs tampering by the Niners.

But I alos hope whatever the penalty is doesn't help the Pack out too much, either
The Packers won't be compensated, maybe a switch in a round w/ Min. That's about it though.