View Full Version : Deron Williams agrees to 3-year deal, with option for 4th, worth as much as $70 mil

07-17-2008, 11:52 PM
Source: SaltLakeTribune (http://www.sltrib.com/sports/ci_9913086)

The Jazz and guard Deron Williams have agreed to a contract extension, according to Williams' agent, Bob McClaren.
According to sources, the extension is for three years with a fourth-year option and will pay Williams the maximum allowed by the NBA's collective bargaining agreement. The earliest Williams would become a free agent would be the summer of 2012.
The exact value of Williams' extension won't be determined under the NBA sets its salary cap next July. But Williams will earn approximately $50 million the first three years and as much as $70 million if he exercises the option.

07-18-2008, 12:02 AM
about 17m a year if he exercises his 4th option...wow

07-18-2008, 12:05 AM
Damn.. the 2 future PG (Paul, DW) are locked up now.. NBA giving out huge sum of money.. 17m.. wow...

07-18-2008, 12:07 AM
he too is worth it.

07-18-2008, 12:21 AM
congrats Utah fans, this guys a fierce competitor, easily one of the top five PG's in the game.

07-18-2008, 12:23 AM
thats good for Utah to lock up the 2nd best PG in the league behind CP3

07-18-2008, 12:23 AM
that's a lot of money...well deserved

07-18-2008, 05:36 AM
Money well spent.

07-18-2008, 11:32 AM
this are the type of players that should get that much money, not like andrew bogut

07-18-2008, 11:56 AM
yeah agree. Money WELL spent.

07-18-2008, 12:05 PM
Money well spent. Plus it is a win/win for player and team the deal is short enough not to bogg down the franchise since it only 3 with a 4 option. I would like to more of theese shorter contracts throughout the league with team/player options. i beleive it would best for the league hell I'll go as far as every pro sports league should adopt short deals. Makes for a far more interesting sports landscape.

07-18-2008, 12:25 PM
Lol @ D Will taking the 3 year deal. That is a great business/personal decision for him. He won't regret that decision 4 years down the line.

07-18-2008, 02:16 PM
this are the type of players that should get that much money, not like andrew bogut


07-18-2008, 05:51 PM
this are the type of players that should get that much money, not like andrew bogut

Haha yup. D-Will deserves this money.

07-18-2008, 06:15 PM
no player "deserves" that much money, but its the kind of money you have to spend to keep a player of Dwills caliber on your team.