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07-10-2008, 12:41 PM
Favre’s return not in the works
QB has not talked to team, says CEO
Posted: July 9, 2008
Boarding a bus to Janesville, which was the next stop on the Green Bay Packers’ weeklong “Tailgate Tour” of Wisconsin, team President and CEO Mark Murphy gave quarterback Brett Favre his empathy but also gave general manager Ted Thompson his support.

It was a week ago when the story first surfaced that Favre wanted to reverse his March 4 decision to retire, but as of Wednesday Murphy said the Packers had not heard from Favre.
“No. All we really heard is rumors and speculation, the same thing that you’ve heard,” Murphy said. “Officially, all we’ve heard from Brett is the retirement announcement in March.”
Murphy, of course, is well aware of the unofficial reports that Favre wants to come back as well as the latest criticism swirling around the ongoing saga: that Thompson didn’t welcome Favre back at the end of 2007 and that he isn’t doing enough now to open the lines of communication with Favre.
To that, the new president threw his support behind the fourth-year GM.
“I really think Ted is handling this situation very well,” Murphy said. “It’s very delicate and he’s handled it well, very professionally.”
Pressed to explain further, Murphy said: “He’s always looking out for the best interest of the Packers, but in Brett’s situation, he reached out to Brett. This is going back a couple years ago, where he went down and visited with him. I think he also made it clear as an organization that we wanted Brett back. But, as a former player, I think Ted knew that this was going to be a difficult decision and that he wanted Brett to be able to make the decision himself.”
Favre formally announced his retirement in a news conference March 6 and said he was going out on his own terms. Still, there is plenty of speculation that Thompson forced Favre out; Thompson has not returned messages in the past week seeking comment. Murphy said such criticism was unsubstantiated.
“I think so, particularly for Ted,” Murphy said. “I go back to the press conference that Brett made a point of saying, you know, ‘I wasn’t forced out; this was my decision.’ I think that’s important. And (Thompson) has my support. Obviously he’s had tremendous success in his short time here, too.”
Murphy said any talk of a comeback for Favre was hypothetical, given that he didn’t actually know whether that was Favre’s intent. If Favre changes his mind before his scheduled appearance at the Packers Hall of Fame induction ceremony July 19 at Lambeau Field, Murphy said the organization needed to handle the situation with tact.
“That’s hypothetical, but he has meant so much to the organization,” Murphy said. “And he’ll always be a special player regardless of what happens. He’s such a special person and has meant so much to the Packers and the league, it’s obviously delicate."
“I mean, all the way going back, we’ve always handled it delicately. At the end of last season, we wanted him back. We stated that; we let him know that. And that’s where he made a very emotional decision. Obviously it was something he really weighed for a long time and gave a lot of serious thought and made a decision to retire and that’s what we keep going back to."
“At this point, we’ve heard nothing official other than he’s retired.”
Murphy was a safety with the Washington Redskins, an overachieving undrafted free agent who went to the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl. He was asked what he would say to Favre if the quarterback admitted that the retirement was a mistake and that he wanted to come back.
“I guess what I would say, and having played and been through the situation myself, it’s very hard to leave the game,” Murphy said. “And what he is going through right now is a very difficult time. He’s a great competitor and always wants to challenge himself and it’s very understandable, what he’s going through — again, hypothetically."
“But I have so much respect for him and what he’s done as a player and what he’s meant to the Packers and the league. I understand completely. I thought I was really prepared. I had my undergraduate degree; I got my master’s during my career. I worked in the off-season. It was still a very difficult process and sometimes I think the longer you play, it’s even more difficult."
“Brett’s in a unique situation. He made the decision to leave on his own. Most players have that decision made for them. Like me, I say they retired my jersey while I was still in it.”

07-10-2008, 01:58 PM
good stuff, thanks for the post. I'm still processing it so i'll post my reactions later.

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Handled the issue professionally!?!?!

If by professionally you mean completely ignoring the situation and letting media speculation tarnish the image of our team while you sit on a ****ing yacht