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07-08-2008, 11:33 PM

The NBA salaray cap for the 2008-09 season will be $58.68 million, ESPN.com has learned.

The figure was arrived at after daylong consultations between lawyers for the NBA and the players' union.

The luxury tax threshold will be $71.15 million, and the value of the mid-level exception will be $5.585 million. Over-the-cap teams can only offer the mid-level exception to free agents.

The league's moratorium on trades and free-agent signings expires at midnight on Tuesday, and three teams -- the Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Clippers -- had been waiting on the exact cap figure to determine the size of the offers they can make to Elton Brand, who had become the No. 1 free-agent target of all three teams. ESPN.com's Marc Stein reported Tuesday evening that Brand has given a verbal commitment to the 76ers.

Edit: To give an idea of what teams salaries are for 2008-2009 right now, these are taking from shamsports.

Source: ShamSports (http://www.shamsports.com/content/pages/data/salaries/index.jsp)

1 New York Knicks $89,840,047
2 Dallas Mavericks $83,955,400
3 Cleveland Cavaliers $81,417,147
4 Denver Nuggets $79,799,215
5 Los Angeles Lakers $75,847,313
6 Boston Celtics $72,039,739
7 Phoenix Suns $71,110,347
8 Indiana Pacers $68,875,040
9 Houston Rockets $67,745,783
10 Portland Trail Blazers $67,347,092
11 Milwaukee Bucks $62,691,549
12 Sacramento Kings $62,173,328
13 Utah Jazz $61,921,087
14 Detroit Pistons $60,814,066
15 Orlando Magic $59,776,798
16 Miami Heat $59,464,919
17 New Orleans Hornets $58,289,570
18 New Jersey Nets $58,136,077
19 San Antonio Spurs $55,815,227
20 Minnesota Timberwolves $53,634,995
21 Toronto Raptors $51,733,602
22 Atlanta Hawks $51,506,090
23 Chicago Bulls $49,371,173
24 Seattle Superdupersonics $48,422,867
25 Charlotte Bobcats $45,724,399
26 Washington Wizards $42,165,117
27 Memphis Grizzlies $39,162,246
28 Philadelphia 76ers $35,497,670
29 Los Angeles Clippers $31,328,597
30 Golden State Warriors $29,865,807

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interesting* :D

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interesting* :D

very interesting :D

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Overall, this seems to be a fairly average cap increase by the measure of recent years. It's below average percentage-wise, but not too significantly.

Season Salary Cap Dollar Increase Percentage Increase
(in millions) (in millions)
02-03 40.3
03-04 43.8 3.5 8.68
04-05 43.9 0.1 0.23
05-06 49.5 5.6 12.76
06-07 53.1 3.6 7.27
07-08 55.6 2.5 4.71
08-09 58.7 3.1 5.58

Averages 3.07 6.54

The base cap #s come from wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NBA_Salary_Cap).

07-09-2008, 12:22 AM
I was hoping it would be 60 Mil witht he luxury being 1 mil higher

07-09-2008, 12:37 AM
I was hoping it would be 60 Mil witht he luxury being 1 mil higher

Yeah, an above average jump this season and next sure would help out some of the league's financially locked down teams - like mine.

Well, maybe next year, when AI comes off the books (assuming he's still with us up to that time), they'll hike it up a bit more and we'll actually be right there at cap level for the first time in ages...

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i thought it dropped it for a sec but it didnt.

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Minor news but news none the less. They really do have to make a relatively significant change if they want the teams to be able to be both average and able to get better. The current system is somewhat F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition.

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Update: Team Salaries added in 1st post for 2008-2009 to my knowledge

07-09-2008, 07:29 PM
Update: Team Salaries added in 1st post for 2008-2009 to my knowledge

Thanks, JB.

So wow, Cleveland passed us... interesting. We've been in that "3rd highest salary in the NBA" slot for such a long time now...

I'm not sure about Dallas there, though... Hasn't Finley come off the books for them yet?

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Anyone know when the free agent signing period ends?

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thats sadd...... i think the NHL has a bigger salary cap

07-09-2008, 07:59 PM
Anyone know when the free agent signing period ends?

I don't think it does end, actually. I think there are rules and restrictions regarding whether players signed at certain times can play in the playoffs, maybe regarding salary. I think we just basically don't hear much about FA signings mid-season because most teams want their rosters set from the beginning of the season, and nearly all the FAs really worth taking are gone by then anyhow.

^All of that is just my impression, and I could be totally wrong. I hope someone who actually knows can give you (us) a more solid answer.