View Full Version : Ginobili still playing waiting game over ankle injury

07-07-2008, 06:52 AM
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BUENOS AIRES (Olympics) - Manu Ginobili is hopeful that he will be able to play at the Beijing Games but is still uncertain if his left ankle injury will prevent him from helping Argentina defend their title.

The superstar guard flew to San Antonio this week to have his ankle examined by doctors and then returned home to Argentina.

"After the second injection they applied on my left ankle in San Antonio, I need to rest three or four days and then have some rehabilitation for five more days," Ginobili said.

"If after that time the pain is acute, then things will be complicated."

Argentina basketball fans are waiting on the edge of their seats to see if Ginobili will be able to play in Beijing.

Ginobili says everyone needs to be patient.

"They havenīt given me a definite date (about a decision)," he said.

"They only spoke to me about rehabilitation and then we shall see.

"I personally would prefer to have a definite date but for the time being thereīs nothing for me to do but wait for the updates every 24 hours."

San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich and the Spurs did not want Ginobili to play last summer at the FIBA Americas Championship, advising him to rest instead.

"What did Popovich tell me when I was in San Antonio?" Ginobili said of this week's visit.

"He wants me to go to Beijing but just like the other executives, he told me to be honest when the time comes to take a definite decision."

Argentina coach Sergio Hernandez, meanwhile, is remaining optimistic about Argentina's chances in China.

"What would happen if Manu cannot go to the Olympics?" he said.

"Thereīs always a Plan B but I am optimistic that he will recover.

"But if that didnīt happen, you cannot cry in a tournament because you are missing a player.

"What the team must do is not to focus on the ones that are absent but on the potential the team has."