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07-06-2008, 09:18 AM
First Team

Shaquille O'Neal: His graphic rap song against Kobe Bryant is the latest in Shaq's attention-grabbing antics. The performance in a New York City club cost him badges in two Sheriff Departments, one of the many side jobs he has taken on over the years. O'Neal has basked in the spotlight his entire career, from television shows to movies to his own album. After more than 15 years in the league, it doesn't look like Shaq is going anywhere any time soon.

Joakim Noah: The screams, the chest pumps, the frazzled mess of untamed hair were all symbols of Joakim Noah's intense play at the University of Florida. During his four years with the Gators, Noah became one of the most eccentric players in college basketball. He has never been afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and on Draft Night 2007, he wasn't afraid to wear what was that ensemble? The rookie introduced himself to the NBA by donning a '70's-inspired suit complete with bowtie and Chicago Bulls hat stuffed on top of a bale of curls. Noah has played just one season and the league and there is no telling how many more sides of his personality he will show throughout his career.

Rasheed Wallace: Just one step into the locker room and it's easy to tell Rasheed Wallace is in town. Wallace's traveling entertainment system a Bose iPod dock might as well be a subwoofer given the noise is creates. The big man refuses to talk pregame but offers up an improv version of rap classics and hits. Aside from running Club 'Sheed, he is often a loose cannon with a mic in his face and rarely holds back from saying what is on his mind. He was recently fined $25,000 for his rant against the officials during the Eastern Conference Finals.

Gilbert Arenas: Arenas wanted to make one thing clear he is an entertainer. After (incorrectly) guaranteeing a Washington Wizards victory over the Boston Celtics on Opening Night, he embraced the boos and backlash. "It's about entertaining," he said after the loss. Arenas broadcasts his thoughts and opinions for the world to see on his popular blog, "Agent Zero: The Blog Files." He even took home the 2007 Weblog Award for Best Celebrity Blogger, beating out Mark Cuban, Donald Trump, and Kanye West. Arenas knows fans don't always agree with what he has to say, but he wants them to hear it anyways.

Delonte West: In just four years, Delonte West has become one of the most quotable players in the NBA. He first made headlines for his Valentine's Day interview for ESPN's Page 2 in which he detailed a special night of yachts, Popeyes, and romance. West later took his humor to a Boston Celtics television program, swearing that his jacket was made of tasmanian devil and that Denzel Washington was calling him. Although his hints at a reality show have never been fulfilled, West has the quirky personality to provide hours of entertainment.


07-06-2008, 09:37 AM
noahs crazy with his hair and drugs... i love sheed

07-06-2008, 03:52 PM
I love Sheed's little dance before every game.

07-06-2008, 03:53 PM
I love Sheed's little dance before every game.

dont we all