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07-05-2008, 08:07 PM

Biggest Contracts, Biggest Names:
Ray Allen was one of the most pursued players on the market, but he chose to re-sign with the Seattle SuperSonics for five years and $80 million. Joe Johnon was the biggest contract to change teams when he was signed and traded to the Atlanta Hawks from the Phoenix Suns for five years and $70 million, in exchange for Boris Diaw and draft picks. Other bigger deals included Antonio Daniels (Washington, five years, $30 million), Earl Watson (Seattle, five years, $29 million), Raja Bell (Phoenix, five years, $24 million), Kwame Brown (signed and traded to the Lakers for Caron Butler, three years, $25 million), Cuttino Mobley (signed with the Clippers for five years and $42 million), and Antoine Walker (signed and traded to Miami from Boston, six years, $53 million).


Biggest Contracts, Biggest Names
Wallace signed with the Bulls for four years and $60 million. The other biggest movers may be Tim Thomas (from Phoenix to the LA Clippers for four years and $24 million) and Vladimir Radmanovic (from the Clippers to Lakers for five years and $31 million). Other larger deals include Nazr Mohammed (a panic move by Detroit to replace Ben Wallace, five years, $31 million), Al Harrington (four years, $35 million), Portland's Joel Przybilla (five years, $31 million), Seattle's Chris Wilcox (three years, $24 million), Utah's Matt Harpring (four years, $25 million), and Washington's Darius Songaila (five years, $23 million).


Biggest Contracts, Biggest Names
Lewis' contract with Orlando is worth a staggering $118 million over six years, almost $20 million per for a player who is not a first option on offense. Carter's extension was worth $78 million over five years. Billups' deal ended up being fairly pedestrian at five years and $60 million. Charlotte's Gerald Wallace for some reason that makes no sense at all received very little consideration on the open market and re-signed with the Bobcats for six years and $57 million. Other contracts of note include Dallas' Jerry Stackhouse (three years, $21 million), the Lakers' Derek Fisher (three years, $14 million) and Luke Walton (five years, $31 million), Memphis' Darko Milicic (three years, $21 million), Milwaukee's Desmond Mason (two years, $11 million), Charlie Bell (five years, $18 million), and Mo Williams (six years, $51 million), Morris Peterson (New Orleans, four years, $23 million), and Steve Blake (Portland, three years, $12 million).


07-05-2008, 09:52 PM
Still can't get over that. Shard is gettin 118 mil and he's the third option. That is crazy.

07-05-2008, 09:55 PM
wallace was gettin money 2 take up space used to b good now not so much