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07-03-2008, 03:33 PM
The offseason has been pretty exciting this year, not even including the draft.

Jermaine O'neal to the Raptors was a huge move. For Toronto, it gives them one of, if not the most formidable frontcourts in all of basketball. Say what you will about JO's injuries and the like, but this move could pay off huge for the Raps, because Ford also is somewhat injury prone, and Calderon is more than capable of starting. And let's be honest, JO wasn't going to be happy or as productive in Indy as he would elsewhere, so the move makes perfect sense.
For the Pacers, its a great move in my opinion. Ford is a good starting PG, and for the kind of offense they run, uptempo and with shooters on the floor, Ford will thrive with that. Now Tinsley is expendable, and they should be able to move him as at least a salary dump. Plus they picked up a quality big man who should be able to have a stable NBA career in Hibbert. Plus they also got a nice expiring contract in Rasho, who is a nice backup C if they should choose to hold on to him.
Both teams won in this trade because both teams got what they need and watn.

Baron Davis opting out was a shocker to the Warriors and a lot of fans. Brand opting out was perhaps even more surprising. Perhaps there was some under the table shady dealings going on, but there is no proof, only speculation. It wouldn't be the first time such a thing happened either, and it won't be the last.
But if the Clippers land Baron and Brand, they become a formidable foe in the West. Even if they lose Maggette, they still have a solid team. Kaman and Brand is a very good offensive as well as defensive froncourt. Add a budding Al Thornton to that, and wow. Mobley is not what he used to be, but he's still a knockdown shooter. Add Baron and wowza, that's a formidable starting 5. Eric Gordon should be a good scorer off the bench, and Tim Thomas can be effective in spurts. If DeAndre Jordan pans out at all, they have another reliable big man. If they hold on to Quinton Ross, they've got a lockdown defender as well. If no one else tries to scoop up Livingston, they'll have a good backup to Baron as well. The Clippers made a great move toward relevancy, and that is a great thing for the NBA.

The Nets are apparently very serious about landing LeBron in a couple years. Jefferson was a solid player, near all-star. But his contract and the fact he plays the same position as LeBron made him expendable. What they got in return was not a great package. Simmons has never lived up to his contract, and I doubt he all of the sudden does. Yi has potential, and perhaps he'll pan out in the big market. But the trade talent wise was lopsided. But it still makes sense for the Nets, it's not like with the roster they had they were title contenders, and now they have a real chance at landing LeBron.

For the Bucks, it was a big splash, and I feel like RJ is a Scott Skiles kind of guy and he'll fit in well. Not only that, he and Redd provide an excellent 1-2 punch. They'll likely be able to move CV for something as well to, because he is soft and does not fit in at all with what Skiles will do. But now, the Bucks should likely be at the very least a playoff team.

The Wizards look like they are going to hold onto both Jamison and Gilbert. Jamison signed to a sensible contract, but if the rumors are true that Gil is going to get a max deal in the $120 million range, that's just ridiculous. He's a great player and he puts butts in seats, but gil is not worth that kind of money. Few players are, and he's not one of them. But the Wizards hands are kind of tied, they're in a tough spot. I don't know if I would do any different either.

There are a couple FA's left that are real intriguing. James Posey and Corey Maggette are both going to draw a lot of interest. Both would be great pickups for anyone. I have no idea where Posey will go, but I think Maggette will end up in SA, which would be stellar for the Spurs.

Then there are the RFA's. Deng, Gordon Okafor, Iggy, Josh Smith and Monta Ellis are the most coveted. To be honest, the only one I see changing teams is Gordon in some kind of S&T. Don't know where, but I think he's out in Chi-Town.

What's most interesting about this offseason, is that while it has had some big movements, it's not over, and I think we'll see some more big names change teams. Which excites me. It also makes me very excited for the next couple years when some other big names like LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Boozer and the like are all able to sign new deals. The next few years in the NBA off season are sure to be just as if not more exciting than this year.

07-06-2008, 11:29 PM
Who do you guys think is having the best offseason?

08-06-2008, 08:11 PM
76ers are definetly having the best offseason outta everyone

08-07-2008, 06:48 AM
Nice blog I'm glad someone else views the Bucks at a playoff team because I see some power rankings that have them at like 11-13th in the east :(

Frank Costanza
09-11-2008, 05:13 PM
Love your analysis, very fair, well written, of the teams that improved the most id say top 3 and TOR, PHI and HOU,