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07-03-2008, 09:51 AM
Maccabi "Electra" Tel Aviv
After 40 years, Maccabi got a new main sponser as of today: Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv!
Source: Maccabi Tel Aviv Official Website (http://www.maccabi.co.il/News3.asp?ID=1509&language=english)

The new main sponsor of the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball club is "Electra" and that's through three "fellow subsidiary" - "Electra Consumer Products Israel" - The leading company in Israel for electrical appliances, along with "Electra Ltd." and "Electra Real Estate". The agreement is for five years, in terms that aren't less than what were given to the team by "Elite".

As off July 1st 2008 the team will be called Maccabi "Electra" Tel Aviv.

The company is leading the Israeli market of home air-conditioners, when two of its brands - "Electra" and "Elco" hold about 45% of the market, and together lead in modernism and unique technologies. The company also imports and markets a wide variety of electrical appliances of famous international brands.

The brand "Electra" is shown on a wide range of products, including: home air-conditions, industrial air-conditions, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, drying machines, dish-washers, ovens, TV screens and even elevators, when the selling circle of the brand is about two billion NIS.

The parent company of all the "Electra"s is "Elco" group - a public company its shares are traded in the Tel Aviv stock exchange, owned by Gershon Zalkind, and his sons Danny and Mickey Zalkind serve as joint chairmans. "Elco" group finished 2007 with selling circulation of about 7.5 billion NIS, covering about 100 countries.

The season ticket holders of the team will soon enjoy an attractive celebration of sales of "Electra". In general, there's no doubt in the next seasons there will be electricity in the air when Maccabi plays.

10-07-2008, 08:19 PM
Who wants to play against Maccabi?
Source: Ball In Europe (http://www.ballineurope.com/european-basketball/euroleague/who-wants-to-play-against-maccabi/)

Our friend Yarone Arbel from Israel has sent us a very interesting story about his favorite team, Maccabi Tel Aviv. We don’t know how much DVD players he got from their new sponsor for making us aware of this important news but it is a very nice story for all the teams that will play Maccabi this season.

If you wonder which arena would be the most favorite by Euroleague players this season, well, save the energy and time. Focus it on more productive issues such as hacking Christophe’s computer (lots of videos and pictures he would rather avoid from public’s knowledge lay there…) or practice your foreigner language skills towards the visit of your favorite opponents in the upcoming Euroleague season. The answer is clear and simple: Nokia Arena, Tel Aviv. The legendary home of Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv.

Now some percentage of you may think they already know why I claim so. Some would think the very few weeks of cold weather, the nightlife, the local girls, the food and the great combination of all the above are enough to make you want to go there again and again. Others believe it’s the great atmosphere in one of Europe’s most legendary arenas, the warm fans who push their team till the very end but also know to respect a worthy opponent with applause that create an environment every player wants to experience. Well, all the above is true, but starting this season there’s one more reason, and a it’s one lethal argument.

Short background first.

After more than 40 years, probably the longest partnership in the history of sports sponsorship, Maccabi and Elite separated ways. Elite is a local sweets brand that with the help of Maccabi established its name also outside the holy-land. If you’re a chocolate fan do try to snatch one of their creative or just very-good products. A true yummy experience.

This is also a good time to demand the BallinEurope.com staff to investigate the connection between European basketball and Sweets (Elite, Ulker & Kinder are just few sweets brands who sponsored top teams…).

During all those years, right after the players’ presentation at Nokia arena, when the players exchange gifts, Maccabi’s opponents received a big box of chocolates. First time it’s surprising, second it’s tasty and refreshing, third time it’s cool, but when you’re Theo Papaloukas and visit Nokia Arena for the 8th time if not more, it’s getting a little boring, right?

Anyhow, this summer Maccabi and Elite parted ways and the Israeli powerhouse signed a five year deal with Electra - an electronics giant brand with a long list of products. Only problem was most of them are a little too big to hand over as a small gift. Air conditions? Too heavy to carry. Elevators? cool, but the overweight in the flight will kill you. Escalators? Very useful, but that’s probably not a good idea as well.

At some point the joke was that Maccabi’s gift will be a big poster of a lady named Carmen who carry a similar name, but at the end of the road the people at Electra found a perfect solution.

Last Thursday the gift was presented to the public, and it turned out to be a mini DVD player with a 7″ LCD screen.

Go around 23 Euroleague gyms and try to find a cooler and more efficient pre-game opponent gift than this.

The only problem Papaloukas face starting now is what to do if while watching the new Carmen Electra movie on his new Electra brand DVD player he would have craving for some…Chocolate.