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07-03-2008, 09:42 AM
By watching the Moves in recent times ( 06 till thsi draft) and the general disposition on Expending money to build. or to Rebuild etc where do you see the 30 teams GOing in the next few Years?.

my Opinion.

NY : Gallinari' they are playing all their cards into Lebron and 09, but if they go on sucking ( wich i really see them doing) its gonna fail. NO PLAYOFFS FOR SOME TIME.

NJ:Interesting Side moves, wich will work perfectly FINANTIALY and may land them Lebron, they are in the RIGHT way to COMPETE in two years time.

BOS: Aging, should trade for expirings or younger prospects one of the Big three By february if they dont want to chase only another ring and then SUCK bigtime and have no Cap, if they do the right moves they could cmpete for some years....ill rate them as MILD

TOR: Nowhere, they got 2 power fowards who cant play center or SF, they got no cap, )8th/9th seed for some time until Bosh flyes away then teh abbyss.

Phi:COnservative but consolidating a good core, Playoff contending for a while. i can see them UP in a couple Years.

Mia: Has been doing horrid Bussines lately, Beasly may work, but theyd better Trade wade ( an his injury prone hsitory) before he becomes DEad wight in salary, Will do better, but not better than a 1st round for a while.

Orl: Great moves, have a young core and still hold some cards on their deck ( like Fran Vazquez or a Rddick Trade).THey are on teh up, and will eb tougher to beat this time.

CHa: FIre MJ, FIRE MJ, wha tthe hell where they thinking? Okafor is in realyty a 4 playign the five...why not take Lopoez?, Horrible drafting, and horrible choice of Coach, Larry brown does nto like young guys!!! Lotto here we go again.

Atl :Will soon face trouble to resign his Young guns, they coudl get good trades because they have tradeable assets, i see them slightly on the up.

Was:TOo much money for Jamison, and they are goign to mortgage tehmselves with top bucks to Arenas, they will eb one of the suckiest team the next few years.

Chi: Got "lucky", have a lot of assets to trade, back to teh secodn roudn this year, and watch out them in 2 /three years.

Det: Decomposition, they are enterign rebuilding mode, out of the playoffs in 2 years, lets see if they manage to go under the cap.

Cle: Lebron is gone, no doubt, high salaries, long contracts.....lotto team for 2009 and for a long time.

Mil: Jeffersson for Yi and SImmons? Steal of the season, they are a REAL pg away from being second round Material , id suggest them to Tank thsi season to get RIcky Rubio in the draft.

Ind: Great work on draft day by Larry Legend, freed some cap, got two terrific players who should have been drafted higher. Future looks bright for them.

Lak: they are a good Odom trade away from a Dinasty or a Bad Odom Trade ( Or odom more than 8 mill a year extension) away from being a 5 year C finals or Finals perpetual losers. Come on MITCH the name is S:H:A:N:E!!!!!

Lac: As ever, they lose theyr players in FA, then they resign another FA, their picks turn into crap etc etc..... Theyll Keep being the leagues most underachieving Franchise Ever.

Pho: One more Run (short run) then a blow up, theyll start rebuildign mode soon. or SOONER if they dont make the POffs this year.

GS: As usual leaded nowhere. as it happened the last two times they made the POFFs then started to suck and do ilogical moves with their stars, is everybody sure mullin gave up Drinking?

Sac: Rebuilding nicely, i can see them being a Poff team sooner than Later.

Sea: Going.....Oklahoma, what a shame, they keep doing nosense picks of african unproven 7 footers, and doing strange trades so theyll keep themselves low in teh standings for a long time.

Port: Best Gm of the last 3 years K Pritchard!!!! if they manage to resign all of their talent, and trade the ones who wont extend for the right FINAL PIECE
then they will be a COmplete Nightmare to the Lakers for some Years.

Den: Misleaded, they are taking the wrong way in keeping AI and not Tradign Melo, aging and Salary cap exceeded....wouldnt be surprised if they fell from offseason in 09.

MIN: COnfusing and PRomising, dont understand why didnt keep mayo, they had jeffersson didnt need Love.....Stuck in the Middle, no Poffs no Lottery, hard rebuilding.Fire MCHALE the CHEATER!!!

Utah: quietly working well, as always, Jerry sloan still has some runs at the title to do.

S.a :Decadence started, too comited to trade Duncan, so they will have to be on a lower level soon, until they can FA someone to play alongside Parker.

Dall: Disastrous direction, Kidd trade was Horrible, they ahve no Cap and Dirk is already considerign a Trade demmand, and when that happens you get 5 cents of the dollar, Bad Storm in the near Future.

N.O: gaining experience, ready to ink Pau long term, contenders for some years alongside Port and Lak.

Hou: bad bad bad, they shoudl trade BOTH ming and T-Mac and rebuild, they wont, MLE signings dont turn you into championship teams.

Mem: Interesting, Marc will even his brothers trade, If tehy could get a good Young PF instead of miliic i could see them in post season in to years.

07-03-2008, 12:24 PM
i meant paul not Pau in N.O :D

07-03-2008, 12:45 PM
leaded???...... or unleaded? hmmmm........ apparently since im on an even worse time zone than you i get the first crack at saying, "good try, but you gotta proofread/spellcheck these things before you post 'em." especially when they're *** rapingly long... yes, "*** rapingly" is the adjective i've chosen to use, anyways im saying bulls and magic are gonna give the celtics a run within the next few years... plus, how bouts that euro cup! VALE!

07-03-2008, 01:25 PM
knick is rebuilding well we just have to find a taker for zack and in 2 yrs we shall return back to stardom.

07-03-2008, 01:38 PM
the clippers are only losing maggette. they're retaining brand and getting baron davis. so ur analysis of the is pretty wrong.

07-03-2008, 01:44 PM
Pistons players are getting older, but they have great young talent right now. Stuckey, Maxiell, Johnson & Afflalo. Out of the playoffs in 2 years? Really?

07-03-2008, 01:54 PM
i actually read more of these... they're terrible. houston should trade mcgrady and yao? ah no, thats ********. seattle keeps drafting african 7 footers? they drafted one, ever heard of durant, green, westbrook in the last few? they're all american and none are 7 footers. memphis does have a young PF named darrell arthur, but darko plays center for them anyway. and no marc gasol will not even out that trade, thats still rape by the lakers. how is GS HEADING nowhere? they have young player, they just lost baron cuz he opted out. milwaukee should tank the season when u think they can get in the 2nd round of the playoffs? they have a solid PG in MO, why tank? cleveland will be in the 09 lotto? lebron is there until 2010 brains mcgee. miami should trade d-wade? :pity:. toronto is a top 3-4 team in the east, not 8th or 9th. o'neal has played center before... just quit at life please. and again, LEBRON IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE UNTIL 2010, IF HE LEAVES AT ALL. STOP PUTTING 09. overall, this list is pretty bad. idk if u dont get news of nba moves as quickly in spain or something, but this is not very good analysis.

07-03-2008, 01:58 PM
i kinda disagree with half of it

07-03-2008, 02:01 PM
i kinda disagree with half of it

I agree with you there.

07-03-2008, 02:14 PM
Lebron will be Traded next june (2009) or les probably in february 2010 , basically because i take that Cavs GM are not Stupid and will want to get at least some expirings or picks or youngsters back for him, instead uf just losing him stupidily for free in 2010......

But who knows.....

07-03-2008, 02:22 PM
terrible analysis of raptors

07-03-2008, 02:23 PM
terrible analysis of the raptors