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07-02-2008, 02:09 PM
Detroit Pistons Lineup:

PG - Chauncey Billups | Sam Cassell | Lindsay Hunter
SG - Richard Hamilton | Devin Brown
SF - Tayshaun Prince | Devean George | Ruben Patterson
PF - Rasheed Wallace | Antonio McDyess | Michael Ruffin
C - Chris Kaman | Jason Maxiell

Orlando Magic Lineup:

C: Dwight Howard - Brian Skinner - Kurt Thomas
PF: Rashard Lewis - Kurt Thomas - Juwan Howard
SF: Mike Dunleavy - Rashard Lewis - Trenton Hassell
SG: James Posey - Mike Dunleavy - Keith Bogans
PG: Jason Kidd - Brent Barry - Eric Snow

Detroit Pistons Have Homecourt Advantage

Detroit Pistons Series Writeup:

Why the Pistons should win:

We didn't break up our team or our chemistry really. We still have our 4 main core guys from the championship team. We also have tons of experience in the playoffs, which plays a big factor.

We also traded for Kaman, since we thought one of their previous weaknesses was rebounding. With him we have a big defensive presence down low and we can now bring mcdyess off the bench. Also for rebounding purposes, we signed Michael Ruffin, who averaged 4 RPG in just 13 MPG. Also with getting Kaman, Sheed can play the PF position, which he is better at and is better suited for his game.

Other guys we added were Sam Cassell, Devean George, Devin Brown and Ruben Patterson. We added Cassell for his experience and he is a vet. We added George because he is a great perimiter defender, Devin Brown for his scoring off the bench and Patterson for his great D. He can also play PF too (He played against Jermaine O'Neal and allowed 2 points and outrebounded him).

Basically we kept the Pistons main guys intact while adding many good role players and Kaman. We made a great team better. With our leadership, experience, mix of vets and young guys, talent and depth it will be hard for the Magic or any team to stop us. We have a good offense, even a better D and a great bench now. The Pistons were known for having a weak bench, one reason because they don't get much PT, but now with Patterson, Brown, Cassell, George, Maxiell, and Mcdyess, you can no longer call it weak. Our team can go 12 deep (Billups, Rip, Prince, Sheed, Kaman, Maxiell, Mcdyess, George, Patterson, Brown, Cassell, Hunter) and not lose much, how many teams can say that?

Orlando Magic Series Writeup:

C: Dwight Howard 42 - Brian Skinner 6
PF: Rashard Lewis 24 - Kurt Thomas 24
SF: Mike Dunleavy 28 - Rashard Lewis 16 - Brent Barry 4
SG: James Posey 36 - Mike Dunleavy 12
PG: Jason Kidd 36 - Brent Barry 12

We have the most dominant center in the league in Dwight Howard here. Dwight Howard will at least get his 20/15 against Kaman and also shut Kaman down. Sure Kaman has great stats, but they're all really inflated on such a horrible team without Brand where he's the only one who can grab boards. Dwight Howard will anchor the paint and won't allow anything to go in near the basket. Skinner will come in for minimal time to block shots, play defense and grab boards.

Power Forward:
Rashard Lewis is one of the most gifted offensive players in this league with his ability to score inside and outside. Against Rasheed Wallace in this year's playoffs, he averaged 20 PPG while Sheed averaged 13 PPG. Shard has shown his ability to use his speed to beat Sheed on both the offensive and defensive end. But, in the power forward match up, we will have a top man-man defender in Kurt Thomas playing against Sheed for most of the game. When Shard comes in, there's no way Sheed or McDyess will be able to guard him and his quickness.

Small Forward:
We will have Mike Dunleavy and Rashard Lewis split time here. Both are offensive monsters, but we already know Tayshaun Prince should limit them. Prince won't do too much offensively himself, but we do realize he should get his average of about 16 points against Dunleavy. However, when Prince sits down, Lewis will definetely use his speed and size to go off against Devean George. Brent Barry will see minimal time here to give us another shooter.

Shooting Guard:
We've moved James Posey to SG to lock down the Pistons' #1 scorer in Richard Hamilton. Posey is a top 5 perimeter defender in the league, and will hold Hamilton well below his average. Posey will be on Hamilton the whole game until he sits down. Dunleavy will play here when Devin Brown comes in and he will indeed score a bunch against him with his 4 inch height advantage.

Point Guard:
Billups' offensive game relies on shooting and posting up. Kidd is the one of the best defensive PGs when he isn't facing a lightning quick PG, so you can definetely expect him to limit Billups. We don't expect Kidd to score much, but he should get a bit under his average against Billups. Kidd will provide the tools that will get him a pass into the hall of fame- leadership, court vision, and passing. This guy has made the playoffs every year except his rookie year. he is a well-respected teammate (2nd most desired team-mate in the league according to a SI poll of NBA players). Brent Barry will come off the bench at PG, because of his sharp shooting ability. He's also a very underrated play maker, but he was able to put up 5 APG multiple times in his career playing at SG so he shouldn't have any problems initiating the offense. He's got the height advantage and will be able to shoot right over Sam Cassell. When we run a lineup of Barry/Posey/Dunleavy/Lewis/Howard out there, you better watch your back. If you collapse on Dwight inside, you are gonna pay.

We decided to take the minutes and match ups we'd be using to break down how many points each player would score. This is a very realistic scenario of how much each guy would score in an intense lower scoring game.

C: Howard 20 + Skinner 2 vs. Kaman 10 + Maxiell 2 (+10 Magic)
PF: Lewis 12 + Thomas 6 vs. Wallace 12 + McDyess 6 (Equal)
SF: Dunleavy 12 + Lewis 10 + Barry 2 vs. Prince 16 + George 3 (+5 Magic)
SG: Posey 10 + Dunleavy 8 vs. Hamilton 14 + Brown 4(Equal)
PG: Kidd 8 + Barry 7 vs. Billups 15 + Cassell 5 (+5 Pistons)

Overall, the Magic win this one because of the huge advantage at C. The other positions are even and cancel each other out. The Magic have 3 of the leagues top defenders in Kurt Thomas, James Posey and Jason Kidd locking down their best 3 scorers in Billups, Hamilton and Wallace. However, the Pistons do not have an answer to stop the Magic's best player, Dwight Howard. Our team is probably amongst the most experienced in the league with 135 years of experience under their belts and 601 playoff games. The team is built around a superstar unstoppable big man in Dwight Howard and a future HOFer playmaker in Jason Kidd. We've surrounded this team with 2 20 PPG scorers in Lewis and Dunleavy who can create their own shot along with 2 of the leagues top defensive players in Kurt Thomas and Posey. Kidd will make everyone look better and with Dwight drawing double teams, you can expect a whole lot of wide open shots for the other 3 guys on the floor who can all shoot at a good percentage. This is one of the most balanced, experienced and talented teams in the league, and there's no way a Piston team that we match up very well against will stop us from winning a title.

07-02-2008, 02:15 PM
Have to say Detroit handily. Pretty much the same teams that met this year except Detroit had no Kaman and the Magic had no Kidd.

07-02-2008, 02:57 PM
I went with Detroit also. I like Sheed back at PF with Kaman at C and McDyess as the sixth man off the bench.

07-02-2008, 03:24 PM
I went with Detroit also. I like Sheed back at PF with Kaman at C and McDyess as the sixth man off the bench.


Nets fan 93
07-02-2008, 03:34 PM
Sorry Kidd looks like no championship again :p
Detroit in 5

07-02-2008, 03:34 PM
Orlando because we got Brian Skinner.lol

07-02-2008, 04:03 PM
pistons because they got a good center along with their other all stars, like their championship year

07-02-2008, 04:04 PM
People need to realize that the Howard/Kidd combo is pretty much perfect. Besides the fact that no one in Detroit's front-court is strong enough to stop Dwight or fast enough to keep up with Lewis in their own rights, Kidd just makes both of these guys that much more dangerous. He is well liked by everyone in the league, (http://www.fannation.com/blogs/post/106660), and Dwight Howard had some extremely heady praise about Kidd (...greates PG...) after playing with him on team USA.

Look at the match-ups again. Forget centre, because everyone knows that Dwight dominates his guy on offense and bottles him up on D, while blocking any errant drives to the hoop by guards and pulling down anywhere from 1-2 dozen boards.

Wallace can't stay with Lewis. He is used to defending in the post, and Lewis will beat him easily on the perimeter and off the dribble. Wallace will see signifcant time trying to score on Kurt Thomas, one of the leagues toughest defenders to score upon.

Our SF duo will give Detroit 3s nightmares- trying to defend the 6'10" Lewis and the 6'9" Dunleavy. Both guys can create on their own, but will be greatly helped by Kidd.

Posey locks down Hamilton at the 2, while burying any open shots and contributing to Orlando wins by doing the "off the stat sheet" stuff like grabbing loose balls.

Kidd and Billups are cut from the same physical cloth. Billup's palying style is the type that Kidd is so adept at defending, and that doesnt change here. Kidd quarter backs this offense greatly.

Also, a Barry/Posey/Dunleavy/Lewis/Howard lineup will see significant time on the floor- every guy outside of Howard has unlimited range and can bury the openlook, no problem. You try to double on Dwight? Good night- you get buried from outside. You try to man-up on Dwight while guarding the shooters? Two points for Orlando, broken knees for the poor sap trying to stop Howard.

Finally, people need to realize that this isnt the same Pistons team that has been domiant. Sure, they added Kaman, a guy whose numbers vastly exaggerate the skill he has- but this is an aging Detroit team that has pretty much dumped all of the youth/depth that carried them through the rough patches this year. Stucky, Hayes, Johnson (among others) are all gone and have been replaced with older, crappier bench players.

While Detroit has a great unit, Orlando is essentially Hall of famer-Great scorer/creator-Top defender-Versatile scorer-Most dominant player in the league.

07-02-2008, 05:37 PM
PG: I'll take Chauncey over Kidd. Chauncey can guard Kidd, while Kidd will have some trouble guarding Chauncey. Cassel and Hunter are better backups to Barry and Snow. PG goes to Det.

SG. Posey and Dunleavy aren't quick enough to keep up with Rip. Rip would have trouble with them, but the team D of detroit would help. Backups at SG and SF are a wash. SG is even.

SF: I'll take prince over Dunleavy, without a doubt. SF goes to Det.

PF: Sheed would absolutely abuse shard in the post. I'll take Mcdyess over Thomas. Det. wins badly at PF.

C: Howard will handle Kaman, but Kaman is a body with good size that will give Dwight resistance. Magic win, but Kaman helps to limit the damage.

The Magic are the same team as last year except for Kidd basically. Same style with a better pg, but still living and dying by the 3. Detroit's D is too good.

07-02-2008, 06:03 PM
BB41, we are allowed to vote?

07-02-2008, 10:51 PM
I think Pistons win

07-02-2008, 11:42 PM
BB41, we are allowed to vote?

I'm pretty sure you are.

07-02-2008, 11:48 PM
Detroit. Deeper team. Not a huge Dunleavy fan, and I think Kaman brings Detroit a lot of help.

One thing though...Superkegger, Shard and Sheed played against eachother in the REAL playoffs, and Sheed had a pretty bad series. Lewis averaged 20 and 6 vs. him. So saying he'd "rape him" is kind of funny. Saying "******** slave girl" was just classless.

07-02-2008, 11:52 PM
Detroit. Deeper team. Not a huge Dunleavy fan, and I think Kaman brings Detroit a lot of help.

One thing though...Superkegger, Shard and Sheed played against eachother in the REAL playoffs, and Sheed had a pretty bad series. Lewis averaged 20 and 6 vs. him. So saying he'd "rape him" is kind of funny. Saying "******** slave girl" was just classless.

That was when sheed was at C though, and when they had Hedo as well. Now Sheed is a PF, and I just think Detroit would take more advantage of it the 2nd time around.

Yeah, probably not the best choice of words. I'll edit that.

07-03-2008, 12:07 AM
That Pistons team is solid IMO. I would say they dominate this series in 5

07-03-2008, 10:30 AM
I say Pistons in 6.

07-03-2008, 04:14 PM
seems unnecessary, but I'll do it anyway, bump

Nets fan 93
07-03-2008, 08:09 PM
Wow I thought they woulda been so much closer complete downfall for the magic