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06-30-2008, 05:37 PM
Villanueva being available is a microcosm of why Milwaukee is so terrible. I'm not against them drafting Joe Alexander, but why pick a 3 after trading for Jefferson, a 3? They gave up on Yi almost immediately to get a solid but aging scorer, only to draft a near Jefferson clone. Then of course they draft yet another 3 in Mbah a Moute. Still, none of this explains how Villanueva is available, as he plays a 4, and Skiles and company must be thinking about Joe Alexander at the 4.

I'm an admitted and recovering Pacers fan, and at least this makes me smile and realize my Pacers will not be the worst in the Central as long as the Bucks are around. Having said that, I think Indiana should trade for Villanueva. He's 24 years old, and when starting he averaged 15 and 8. An All-star he is not, but the 4 is of glaring weakness in Indiana. Pacers- package Tinsley with David Harrison or Marquis Daniels, hell even a future 1st rounder for Villanueva. Don't tell me Milwaukee couldn't use a combo guard who can score like crazy and has pretty good ball handling skills. Plus Tinsley won't get in much trouble in Wisconsin.

One last note. How dumb are these teams? This is the second time Indiana has dangled a player out there, full well admitting they will trade or cut him (remember the Artest fiasco?) and now they join the Bucks in doing the same. Way to go GM's, give that leverage away.

vince wilfort
07-01-2008, 04:08 PM
How was trading for Jefferson a bad move? He's not aging. He's only 28. If the Bucks package Villanueva and others for another big name, they will have a solid trio with Redd, Jefferson, and whoever. They will be better than the Pacers next year if they continue making moves to contend. The Pacers are a rebuilding team.