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  1. Ryan Grant
  2. Official Brett Favre Thread
  3. Rookie and Training Camp Updates
  4. Packers' Herron foils burglary in his home
  5. ***Breaking News*** Aaron Rodgers News
  6. Grant Contract Thread (Contract Signed!!!)
  7. A. Rodgers has a cannon!
  8. Fantasy Football
  9. No. 2 job is Brohm's to lose
  10. PSD Packers Fantasy Football Leagues
  11. Pete Prisco ranks Woodson as #2 CB, and Kampman as #6 DE in NFL
  12. Check This
  13. For the people that want a vet RB, who might be able to put up short yardage
  14. The Packers are looking at a former NFC North RB
  15. Packers Vs. Bengals (9/20/92)
  16. Rumor Mill: Cook pushing Favre to play in '08?
  17. Other Teams
  18. Fact/Ficton
  19. Barnett avoids criminal conviction
  20. Breaking News-Favre in touch with Packers about possible return
  21. Favre to be released?
  22. Packers Fans' Opinion-Favre related
  23. Madden 09 Lambeau Leap
  24. Favre to Carolina?
  25. Report: Favre was ready to 'un-retire' in May
  26. Brett Favre might be welcome in Chicago
  27. Favre For Hire?
  28. Nightmare in Green Bay: The saga of Brett Favre is far from over
  29. Article: Speak up, Packers, if you don't want Favre
  30. Bring Favre Back - Trade Rodgers
  31. TT should be fired!!!!!
  32. Favorite memory
  33. Dont We All Know How This SHOULD Work
  34. Report: Favre sends text message to Packers GM Thompson
  35. Aren't you tired of all the talk about Brett Favre going to the vikings.
  36. Ironic?
  37. Ron Wolf moving back to Green Bay
  38. Simplified Brett Favre Thread
  39. Trent Dilfer
  40. Greatest QB of all time
  41. Aaron answers some questions
  42. Report: Murphy, Harlan believe Favre will stay retired
  43. Report: Favre could un-retire in next 10 days
  44. Murphy speaks up
  45. ESPN Insider ranks Packers 4th best WR group
  46. TT is not to blame for the Favre Drama...
  47. Kriegel's take on Favre
  48. Breaking News - Favre asks Packers for release
  49. Favre welcome...as a backup to A-Rod
  50. Are you sure Ted didn't want Brett back?
  51. Reasons why I believe Brett will play for the Pack or stay Retired
  52. Brett Favre Playboy, ask some guuy on craigs list?
  53. OK this is BS, Favre needs to be a Packer
  54. McCarthy, Anti-Christ (Thompson) to talk about Favre at 1 p.m.
  55. Mariucci on Favre, very very interesting
  56. Soon to be breaking news
  57. What players are on the bubble?
  58. i am disgusted...
  59. newest rumor
  60. Everyone Chill Da **** Out!!! Now!!
  61. Attention: Chill out, We are all Packers fans
  62. Packers DT Jolly faces drug charge
  63. Who do you see as the current starters?
  64. Thompson taking care of Self First
  65. Trade Aaron Rodgers
  66. Rally for Favre
  67. Was this the plan all along?
  68. Brett Favre Situation Simplified
  69. OMG... It's the Madden Curse!
  70. Sports Writers Are Not Real Reporters
  71. TT has USED Favre
  72. The fans seem to be divided
  73. Favre interview tonight 7/14
  74. Stephen A. Smith on Brett Favre
  75. When do you think the whole Favre situation will be resolved?
  76. Brett Favre is classless
  77. What will TT do ?
  78. Can't blame Favre, nor could you blame the Packers
  79. Interesting - Favre now owns a unique no-trade clause
  80. Favre tempted to show up to camp to call Packers' 'bluff'
  81. How about this one?
  82. Will Packer Fans Be Upset If He Signs With Chicago!
  83. Messy Offseason
  84. James Campen: The Packers will have no choice but to accept you
  85. Packers file tampering charges against Vikings
  86. Favre has no definite plans to apply for reinstatement
  87. Nightmare Scenarios?
  88. Favre still out there flinging bombs
  89. Sick and tired of all the drama
  90. Interesting Article, by Jason Whitlock
  91. The Vikings wish they were the Packers
  92. On a different note...
  93. Favretigued
  94. Greg Jennings interview
  95. Good Reading on "our" Ordeal
  96. Did any of our draft picks sign yet?
  97. Brett made the trip to Lambeau
  98. Would you have traded for JT?
  99. Ryan Grant inducted into HOF
  100. Marco Rivera Retires as a Green Bay Packer
  101. Prediction Regarding Defensive Tackle
  102. Packers have contacted multiple teams about Favre
  103. Report: Phone records show calls between Favre, Childress
  104. Do you want Favre back?
  105. I thought this guy was done.ahmad carroll.
  106. For TT fans
  107. Depth Of Roster Will Present Difficult Choices
  108. Goodell getting involved in #4 saga
  109. Packers sign Giacomini, Swain, Flynn
  110. If Favre traded what team would you (Fans) want him to go to?
  111. News: The Packers lied?
  112. Packers Re-sign Poppinga
  113. Shareholders Hostile to Overrated GM
  114. Packers agree to terms with 4th-round DE Jeremy Thompson on a 4 year contract
  115. Booing Rodgers
  116. Favre Will Show Up For Camp
  117. Donald Driver
  118. The Pack's asking price for Favre is....
  119. Packers sign WR Jordy Nelson to 4-yr deal
  120. 3rd round pick TE, Jermichael Finley signed
  121. CB Patrick Lee signs 4-yr deal with Packers
  122. Favre not reporting to camp Sunday
  123. 2nd round pick QB, Brian Brohm signs multiyear deal
  124. Why continually low ball offers to players!
  125. Justin Harrell - DL
  126. Thompson holding Favre hostage
  127. Rodgers under center as Packers open training camp
  128. TT and Donald Driver interviews on Favre situation
  129. 'Brett,you can't do that, you'll get me fired.'
  130. What will be a bigger key to success for Aaron Rodgers?
  131. Report: Favre to Bucs was almost a done deal
  132. EA Puts Favre in Different Uniforms
  133. Brett Favre faxes in reinstatement papers
  134. Guests JOIN NOW!!!
  135. Can we sue the packers if they do not put #4 on the field...
  136. You Gotta Check This Out
  137. Brett Favre now officially in the Drivers Seat?
  138. Murphy mum as he boards plane for Hattiesburg
  139. Murphy may need to decide TT fate!
  140. Day dreaming of a more peaceful time.
  141. WR Option play
  142. Report: Packers offer Favre $20 million to stay home
  143. Packers considering trading Favre to division rival
  144. I support Brett no matter who he plays for NOW
  145. media coverage of TT
  146. Brett Favre Charters plane to Green Bay
  147. posted by a vikings fan on another board - good laugh
  148. Packers Brass Taking Front Office Tips From Clippers
  149. Favre to the Jets?
  150. What happens if Aaron Rodgers sucks
  151. Nathan Vasher has a hell of a sense of humor.
  152. Montgomery to the rescue?
  153. Jermichael Finley & Jordy Nelson 2008 Outlook.
  154. TT is turning the Packers Organization into a Joke
  155. Ryan Grant seeking a ridiculous $40 million contract
  156. Notes: Rodgers is jumping into camp with both feet.
  157. Former Whitehouse Press Secretary Ari Fleischer talks to team.
  158. Favre Update: Not Taking Packers Offer?
  159. Sources: Goodell likely to act on Favre reinstatement by Monday
  160. Mike should undercut TT
  161. Report: Ryan Grant signs 4 year deal worth up to 30M
  162. Am I REALLY the only one to believe the Packers are loaded
  163. Breaking news: Favre reinstated
  164. Justin Harrell says he'll be back despite critics.
  165. 'Brett Favre Flip-Flop Night' to Be Held at Minor League Stadium
  166. Fuss about Favre is nuts on both sides. (Article)
  167. Aaron Rodgers having a 'fantastic' camp.
  168. Favre competing with Rodgers for starting gig
  169. Thoughts on Family Night
  170. Favre to Vikings reports heating up?
  171. Owning the Packers
  172. Screw the stupid scrimmage - Rodgers vs. Cowboys relived.
  173. NFL: Vikings did not tamper
  174. Favre added to the active roster
  175. Official Mike McCarthy press conference thread
  176. Who will be the Packers starting QB?
  177. Glazer: Split between Packers, QB looks likely
  178. Punt Return Game
  179. Some details from last nights meeting..
  180. Screw the Organization, Love the team
  181. This 'QB Competition' Crap.
  182. Our safeties aren't perfect, but I like them.
  183. Favre Wants Divisional Trade - Packers say Hell No.
  184. Breaking News... Favre To Tb??? Espnews
  185. Official Mike McCarthy press conference thread 2-set to be at 6:00 PM EST
  186. Favre Leaves Green Bay
  187. Brett Favre traded to Buccaneers
  188. Team First BS
  189. The Devil AKA Ted Thompson to hold press conference at 12:30 EST
  190. tt says
  191. Packers players fed up with Favre saga
  192. Aaron Rodgers
  193. Who the hell is Brett going to throw to in Tampa Bay?
  194. Who's not in the right mindset?
  195. Compensation for Favre
  196. I wish the Packers had a real owner
  197. The Madden Curse
  198. Report: Bidding war is going on for Favre
  199. Ok Who Do We Get
  200. Sig Bet with Vikings fans
  201. Who would you rather play - Chris Simms or Brian Brohm?
  202. Include Pennington/Garcia in the deal
  203. Favre traded to the Jets
  204. Packer's Record Predictions
  205. The Worst And Darkest Day In Packer History........
  206. Spending money
  207. Ryan Brohn and Brian Brohm
  208. Let's see who the real Packer fans are
  209. Avoid the Jets board - you'll puke
  210. I was looking over our schedule...pretty brutal.
  211. This years Jets remind me of last years Packers
  212. Sorry Packer Nation
  213. Quotes from the trios press conference
  214. Must Read For Skeptical fans
  215. Favre/Jets transcript
  216. One Day Contract
  217. Preseason Week 2: Cincinnati Bengals at Green Bay Packers
  218. Why do people keep calling the NFC North WEAK?
  219. The "Family Night Fiasco"
  220. Like Aaron already said....
  221. NFL Power Rankings: 2008 Training Camp edition
  222. To the fans. Respect our QB
  223. Most likely to have a breakout season
  224. Pennington gets what Favre wanted
  225. Fantasy Football 08
  226. Report: Grant's injury to hamstring only minor
  227. Aaron rodgers 08-09 predictions
  228. Dont you hate jets fans now.?
  229. Do We Need A Veteran QB?
  230. sup packer fans
  231. Abdul Hodge
  232. Aaron Rodgers
  233. Brohm
  234. Lumpkin
  235. My Thoughts On The Packers This Year.....
  236. Flynn > Brohm?
  237. For those who missed - NFLN highlights!
  238. We might not win a Superbowl - But I ****ing love this team.
  239. Executive Committee has new member
  240. Pat Williams to "Crush" all of the Packers...
  241. Blackmon finally overcomes Punt Return "Phobia"
  242. The Hawk is hurt
  243. Positional Breakdown of the Roster
  244. Could of/would of/should of
  245. Where do you rank our Defense?
  246. Preseason Week 3: Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers
  247. Rogers
  248. Bengals' White fined for hit on Martin
  249. Brett Favre the Green Bay Packer
  250. Packers 'Payoff' to Brett Favre Involved a Blog, Merchandise and Appearances