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  1. Jawai Update
  2. Game 25 (TOR v. DAL)- Mavericks are in town, with a red hot Dirk leading the way
  3. My all time top 10 raps players
  4. Bosh just isnt that good
  5. Great way to keep bosh
  6. Problem is toughness boys
  7. Here's an idea
  8. Bosh: Superstar or not
  9. Game 26 (TOR @ OKC)- Raptors better smoke these guys...if they don't...oh boy.
  10. Corey Maggette
  11. Charlie V or Andrea??
  12. O'Neal Injured
  13. Anthony Randolph
  14. I still believe in this team, go raps !!!
  15. Message to BC ... regroup or rebuild
  16. We lost to the Thunder - How do we get our spark back?
  17. Disappointment with Calderon
  18. ESPN Rumour: Anthony Parker for Earl Watson
  19. Game 27 (TOR @ SA)- Raptors hit the one-third mark on the season
  20. Bosh
  21. Cap Space Scenario and Possible ideas?
  22. Good effort: Game Recap and some possible tweaks
  23. Time to erase all your expectations
  25. Oklahoma City Thunder Toronto Raptors Game Photos 12-19-08
  26. the three streak
  27. "Ball Don't Lie" - Power Ranking
  29. Game 28 (TOR @ LAC)- Woeful Raps hope to find a win under the tree in LA
  30. development league
  31. Maurizio Gherardini's role in all this
  32. John Salmons to the Raptors? (maybe this time it works)
  33. BC not giving up on this season; everyone available but Bosh
  34. No TSN2 still leaving Raptors fans in the dark
  35. Air balls: Where the raptors went wrong
  36. No Christmas Day break for Raptors...
  37. Bosh learned from the best
  38. BC not panicking!!!!!!!
  39. Darrick Martin, Will Solomon, or Roko Ukic
  40. All I want for Christmas is Stephen Jackson and Anthony Randolph...
  41. JO Thrown under the bus...
  42. CALDERON OR T.J.? Final Answer
  43. Building our team on a budget
  44. No Moon in Dunk Contest?
  45. OT: Does Fox and the Fiddle show Raptor games?
  46. Report: Nuggets Have Talked Trades with Thunder, Raptors
  47. Game 29 (TOR @ SAC)- Raps duke it out with the woeful Kings on boxing day in Sac-town
  48. Game #30 - Raptors go for three in a row in Portland!
  49. trade solomon
  50. Rosen: Raps need a few tweaks to avoid bottom-feeding status
  51. Raptors interested in Joe Smith....again
  52. NBA Draft 2009 Candidates
  53. Game #31: Raptors face the Warriors
  54. Smith: BC listening more closely to trade proposals involving Bargnani
  55. Team Patch Work
  56. Jamario Moon's season so far...
  57. Do you find cabbie as annoying as me?
  58. Game Recap (Raptors vs Warriors) - Inputs
  59. Crisis mode: now and the future.
  60. Christmas Miracle
  61. Game 32 (TOR v. DEN)- Raptors look to end 2008 on a positive note against the Nuggets
  62. Raptors were Kids Too
  63. If Only...
  64. Steve Nash on 2010
  65. What is the reason Anthony Parker is on bench?
  66. Ideas to getting steve nash?!
  67. Game Recap (Toronto vs. Denver) Good + Bad
  68. Raptors organization
  69. Where Toronto Raptors Happen
  70. Jake Voshkul
  71. 2008 raptors award vote
  72. Fans protest Rogers headquarters over TSN2 games
  73. Have faith in raps
  74. All Star Voting (JO close 4th place in voting)
  75. Triano wants players to stop looking to sidelines for answers
  76. Feschuk: Colangelo spends majority of practice showing Bosh calluses on Blackberry
  77. Earl Watson expects to be traded soon
  78. Game 33 (TOR v. HOU)- Can the Raptors start 2009 on a new page?
  79. Hottt Rumour out of Detroit.....
  80. Bargnani - STARTER vs BENCH
  81. Problem solved??? ... Bosh at SF?
  82. Lacking a quality backup point guard
  83. Toronto's dunk numbers
  84. Solomon vs Calderon
  85. Game 34 (TOR v. ORL)- Olympic buddies square off; Raps look to go perfect for 2009
  86. Is Bargnani for Mayo a good trade?
  87. Maple Leafs Arena to Raptors arena.
  88. Group ticket rate (offer)
  89. Roko comparison to Tony Parker
  90. How strong is Joey?
  91. Sam Mitchell on NBATV
  92. Bargnani and Parker prime candidates to be moved
  93. Maybe Bosh should take those 3s :)
  94. Carlos Delfino
  95. espn gives raps no love
  96. Game 35 (TOR @ MIL)- Raptors take on Bucks on a 2-win roll
  97. The Jermaine O'Neal thread -- please post JO related ideas here
  98. Colangelo on fan 590 today
  99. Will Solomon!?!
  100. BC's mistake - trading away the bench for JO
  101. Roko Ukic thread
  102. Livingston cut, Raptors should act.
  103. CV3 would have been a better fit
  104. Upcoming Boston Home and Home
  105. Hindsight and the Raptors
  106. Game 36 (TOR @ WAS)- Raps look to go all Harry Potter on the Wiz in DC
  107. Jake Voskuhl and the luxury cap
  108. Doug Smiths response to the dallas rumors
  109. Sherman Hamilton - Colour guy?
  110. Hassan Adams traded to LA Clippers
  111. Josh Howard To Toronto
  112. NBA Journey: The Story of Chris Bosh Tonight on NBA TV
  113. Whats wrong with the Raptors?
  114. CB4 on Premier night today....
  115. Official Raptors Playoff Race Thread
  116. Bargnani Impact
  117. Graham or Moon???
  118. Reading between the lines: Doug Smith's Blog
  119. If you have to trade Bargs who is worth it in return?
  120. Even TSN mocks Solomon
  121. Sometimes I just feel that...
  122. Booing at Games
  123. Jose's feelings on TSN2 and Rogers
  124. Delfino staying put
  125. Game 23 (TOR v. MEM)- Raps take on Grizz in a battle of underachieving clawed animals
  126. Who watched HOOPS last night
  127. 2010
  128. The Killer B's?
  129. Why the injured player isn't on the bench
  130. What is BC waiting for??
  131. HOME AND HOME vs. Boston (#38,39)- First TO, then Boston against the sliding champs
  132. Jason Kapono playing Rockband...FUNNY!!!
  133. Who should be shooting the 3's
  134. Calderon needs to learn from bargnani.
  135. Free Throws: CALDERON....'s teamate?
  136. New nickname for Voskuhl
  137. What the Raptors Need from Bosh - can Raps be elite with Bosh as the “best player”?
  138. Andres Nocioni on Raps radar for wing position
  139. What is your Dream Position in the NBA?
  140. If Bosh and Bargnani put on more weight?
  141. Why do you think the rebounding is improving?
  142. Who here wants Boston vs Raptors playoffs?
  143. Feeling Sorry for JO, Jose and Bosh
  144. Raptors to add Georgios Sigalas to the coaching staff?
  145. Bulls in town = Chuck back in town!!
  146. Raptors trade idea (reposted in trade thread)
  147. The Shawn Marion to Toronto thread
  148. Rumors Raptors and Bulls talk trade
  149. Lebron James in Toronto
  150. Mitchell taking break after being fired
  151. Interesting coaching technique
  152. What would you do with Barg's minutes when JO comes back?
  153. Game 40 (TOR v. CHI)- Raptors take on potential trading partners at home
  154. Bargnani---Most Improved Player?
  155. Halfway mark - 8 games under .500
  156. It is Official: The Honeymoon is over BC !!!
  157. Deadline BUYERS/SELLERS?
  158. Tighter Perimeter Defense = Raps are contenders
  159. What do you want to see out of 2009?
  160. Nash trade thread #2 - already posted in trade idea thread
  161. Europe versus America
  162. Nash trade thread #3 - already posted in trade idea thread
  163. Jermaine O'Neal volunteers to come back in off the bench
  164. Raptors currently last in the divison, 4th last in the east
  165. Kapono/Graham start and Moon come off the bench
  166. JO's prison workout
  167. March 15 - playoffs softest sched in NBA
  168. Game 41 (TOR@IND)- JO heads back to Indy
  169. BC's BEST/ WORST move so far
  170. Lay off BC
  171. What happened to J.R. Rider in Toronto?
  172. Who is the best PG to maximize each Raptor's performance?
  173. I Miss...
  174. JO reminds me of hakeem olajuwon when he played for the raptors
  175. Jawai Update
  176. Odom to Toronto?
  177. Michael Grange on Nash and Triano
  178. Game 42 (TOR v. PHX)- Captain Canada comes to TO to take on coach/buddy Triano
  179. Calderon's injury - when will he be back?
  180. Is it just me or do Raptors have a TOUGH Schedule this Season
  181. Leo+matt
  182. How do you think Anthony Parker handled the PG position tonight?
  183. Look at the brightside.....
  184. Who thinks Shawn Marion is the franchise saviour?
  185. Game 43 (TOR @ ATL)- Raptors head to Atlanta
  186. Cap room and Free Agents in 2009?
  187. And the next cause of grief is...
  188. Raptors Trade Ideas - PLEASE POST TRADE IDEAS HERE ONLY
  189. NBA officiating
  190. Pre-trade Opinions on Moon -- does he make this team worse?
  191. Player Overview
  192. Chuck Swirsky - "how about a BOLD trade to rebuild"
  193. where would you rather be this summer?
  194. Shaq-FU takes a shot a MR.Bosh
  195. Will Anthony Parker be here next year?
  196. Who Thinks trading Calderon could make this team better.
  197. Ron Artest wants the US to be like Toronto
  198. Who wants to admit they were wrong about Bargnani?
  199. Game 44 (TOR@DET)- Scuffling Pistons see Raptors as their bailout package
  200. TSN2 game moved to TSN?
  201. We need to ride it out with O'Neal rather than get another rental player
  202. Where does Andrea rank?
  203. Who still believes??
  204. Yahoo claims Colangelo is "relentless" in selling trade ideas
  205. Wanna lash out about the Pistons game
  206. What's up with Calderon???
  207. joey's natural habitat = coming off the bench?
  208. Heat and Raptors exchange medical reports
  209. Jawai in uniform!!!
  210. Hump out with broken fibula
  211. The Playoffs
  212. Can Tsn2 Take Some Raptors play off games?
  213. Rebuild
  214. Iavaroni just got dumped by Memphis !
  215. Game 45 (TOR @ CHI)- Jose returns in Windy City amidst the throes of a stormy season
  216. How Many More Games Will The Raptors Win?
  217. The next coach
  218. Can/will Colangelo take back what's "his"?
  219. For all the people who suggested we trade Calderon...
  220. Home Court
  221. Colangelo should have the Blazers and Warriors on the radar
  222. Should the raptors bring back their old, old-school jerseys?
  223. Trade Deadline Thread
  224. Game 46 (TORv.SAC)- Starving Raptors tasted Bull blood, want to pick off feeble Kings
  225. Long-term price for O'Neal deal?
  226. How well do the raps have to play before the break to keep O'Neal?
  227. O'Neal shows his class
  228. You wanted Moon out?
  229. Andrea Bargnani - what will his extension be worth?
  230. Kapono gets compared to Larry Bird
  231. Mid-Season Grades
  232. Nathan Jawai...The Crocodile Hunter...jk..check out the video
  233. Game 47 (TOR @ NJ)- Raptors hope to keep rolling in New Jersey
  234. Solution for those who do not get TSN2
  235. Previous Drafts
  236. Breaking the cycle of stars leaving Toronto
  237. Matt Devlin Chokes on crunch time!
  238. Jalen Rose's Comments!!??!!??
  239. Raptors 2009 NBA draft thread
  240. Colangelo interview on nba.com
  241. Would you take back T-mac?
  242. All Star Reserves
  243. Game 48 (TOR v. MIL)- Raptors hope to bring it at home against the Redd-less "Does"
  244. Andrea Bargnani Nike Commercial
  245. Awful Ratings on TSN2
  246. Raptors hire psychologist
  247. 2010
  248. Thoughts about Charlie V and the Bucks?
  249. The "Best Raptor Team"