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  1. Bryan Colangelo praise Kings for Gay Trade but sly dig at Masai Ujiri
  2. Kyle Lowry trade speculation thread
  3. Make this trade perfectly even plz
  4. Fancy Game Thread: 76ers @ Raptors
  5. Sexy Game Thread: Raptors @ Bulls
  6. Masai Ujiri goes to Turkey to scout Nets first round pick Bogdanovic
  7. Do we really need to tank?
  8. Vasquez learns from wily Johnson
  9. Game #23: Raptors try to take a bite out of the Bobcats lead in the standings
  10. Game 24 (TOR v. DAL) Dec 20: Raps Look to steal a win in Dallas
  11. Carlisle points out that Casey changed the culture in Toronto
  12. Trade anyone, just leave me _____
  13. I am a Raptor jinxer
  14. Game 25 (TOR v. OKC) Dec 22: Raps roll into OKC to take on the Thunder
  15. Raptors Might Rise Out of Atlantic Mire by Marc Stein
  16. Game 26 (TOR v. SAS) Dec 23: Raps Look to Keep Rolling on the Road
  17. Why not swap picks and make a push?
  18. Terrence Ross
  19. Game 27 (TOR v. NYK) Dec 27: Raps Looking to Crawl one step closer to .500 in NY
  20. So...what do you make of this team?
  21. Game 28 (TOR v. NYK) Dec 28: Raps look to win back to back against NY
  22. Raps To Sport Black & Gold Uniforms?
  23. Raptors Rebranding - Black and Gold is the Frontrunner
  24. Zach Lowe on Current State of the Raptors
  25. Game 29 (TOR v. CHI) Dec 31: Raps Look to Close off 2013 with a win in Chicago
  26. ross 4 affalo rumour
  27. Game 30 (TOR v. IND) Jan 1: Happy New Year Raps Fans! Toronto looks to reach .500
  28. Casey named EC Coach of the Month
  29. BBallBreakdown of Raps vs. Pacers game
  30. Game 31 (TOR v. WAS) Jan 3: Raps Look to Stay Hot Tonight Against the Wiz
  31. Game 32 (TOR v. MIA) Jan 5: Raps look Burn the Heat in Miami
  32. The question in the back of everyones mind: Should the Raps trade the pick?
  33. Game 33 (TOR v. IND) Jan 7: Raps Look to Knock off Pacers Twice in one week.
  34. Game 34 (TOR v. DET) Jan 8: Raps Look Take Apart the Pistons at the ACC
  35. Raps have pulled Lowry from trade talks and will attempt to re-sign him
  36. if posters were Raptors...
  37. Game 35 (TOR v. BRK) Jan 11: Raps Look to Knock off Surging Nets at ACC
  38. NBA.com: Race to MVP ladder- Kyle Lowry
  39. Sacramento Raptors - which one is a keeper?
  40. Patrick p starter?
  41. Is Derozan living up to his contract or surpassed it now?
  42. Game 36 (TOR v. MIL) Jan 13: Raps look to Take Down the Bucks at ACC
  43. The Question has been answered
  44. Is dero a top 5 SG today.
  45. Trading Demar Derozan is Ripe !
  46. Game 37 (TOR v. BOS) Jan 15: Raps look to stay hot against Celtics in Boston
  47. Around the NBA Part II
  48. Game 38 (TOR v. MIN) Jan 17: Raps Look to Feats on Wolves at ACC
  49. Game 39 (TOR vs LAL) Jan 19: Raps look for first ever season sweep against LAL
  50. What if Lowry walks?
  51. Game 40 (TOR v. CHA) Jan 20: Raps Look for Road Win on Rare Mid Week Day Game
  52. Best pg to play for the raps ?
  53. Raptors Can Make The Playoffs + End Up With Wiggins/ or Parker
  54. Are the Raptors going to retire VCs jersey? Should it happen? Will it happen?
  55. Game 41 (TOR v. DAL) Jan 22: Raps Welcome back VC to Toronto
  56. Game 42 (TOR v. PHI) Jan 24: Raps travel to Philly for Date with 76ers
  57. 2013-2014 Raptors Trade Thread vol. 3 - Deadline Edition
  58. Twitter!
  59. Lowry vs Derozan - Who deserves an all-star spot more?
  60. Game 43 (TOR v. LAC) Jan 25: Raps look to stay hot against Clippers
  61. Ross makes a bit of NBA history
  62. Game 44 (TOR v. BKN) Jan 27: Raps Look to Overcome Loss of DeRozan against Nets
  63. Amazing vince carter documentary
  64. Game 45 (TOR v. ORL) Jan 29: Raps Look to Cast out the Magic from the ACC
  65. DeRozan set to make his 1st All-Star game appearance
  66. Game 46 (TOR v. DEN) Jan 31: Raps Look to carve out a win in the Mile High City
  67. Game 47 (TOR @ POR) Feb 1: Raps look to continue blazing trails in Portland
  68. Game 48 (TOR v. UTH) Feb 3: Raps hope to make Jazz sing the blues
  69. K Lowry named EC player of the week
  70. Kyle Lowry Summer Destinations
  71. Demar Derozan's Ceiling
  72. Game 49 (TOR v. SAC) Feb 5: Raps Look to Remove the Crown from the Kings
  73. Raptors OTT: MHC; the biggest man in the Raps Forum edition
  74. The Awful Offensive Foul Call Against Kyle Lowry at the end of the Kings Game
  75. Game 50 (TOR v. LAC) Feb 7: Raps Look to Finish West Road Trip With a Win
  76. We really need a young stud at the 4
  77. Game 51 (TOR v. NOP) Feb 10: Raps Look to Feast on Pelicans at the ACC
  78. The REAL Elephant in the Room
  79. Game 52 (TOR v. ATL) Feb 12: Raps look for Strong Finish Before All-Star Break
  80. After the All-Star Break...
  81. 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend Discussion + Complete Schedule of EVENTS
  82. Is making amends with Vince the first step in going after Durant?
  83. Is KD on raps a better team the KD OKC?
  84. Sources: Raptors Have Discussed Three-Team Deal Acquiring Jeff Teague
  85. Wolstat - Raptors interested in acquiring Rajon Rondo
  86. Game 53 (TOR v. WAS) Feb 18: Raps look to Start Second Half of Season with a Bang
  87. could we use the "disabled player exception" on Fields ???
  88. At what point...
  89. Game 54 (TOR v. CHI) Feb 19th: Raps Look to Wrangle up Bulls at ACC
  90. Trade: Nando De Colo for Austin Daye
  91. Raptors Talking With Lowry About Possible Extension
  92. Game 55 (TOR v. CLE) Feb 21: Raps Host Cavs on Canadian Basketball Night at ACC
  93. VC (and Tmac) reflect on special first years in Toronto.
  94. Game 56 (TOR vs ORL)
  95. Game 55 (TOR v. ORL) Feb 23: Raps look to make Magic disappear at the ACC
  96. Which Team Would You Want to Face In Playoffs (1st round)
  97. 48 wins
  98. Danny Granger anyone? If you are Toronto, do you make him an offer?
  99. Will Raptors try and trade up for Tyler Ennis in the draft?
  100. Game 56 (TOR v. CLE) Feb 25: Raps look to Keep Hot on the Road Against Cavs
  101. What's Toronto's Backup Plan if Lowry Walks?
  102. Raptors Free Agent pick-up Idea Thread.
  103. Game 57 (TOR v. WSH) Feb 27: Raps Look to Build Atlantic Division Lead at Home
  104. Playoff Standings
  105. Bryan Colangelo admits he tried to tank in 2011-12 season
  106. Myck Kabongo Remember Him? Well apparently he's a rapper now....
  107. vasquez and masai connection
  108. Game 58 (TOR v. GSW) March 1: Raps look for huge Sunday win against Warriors
  109. Demar derozen?
  110. Another look at the 2009 NBA draft.
  111. Raptors Unveil 20th Anniversary Logo
  112. Purple 'Dino' Jerseys Officially Returning
  113. Create Your Ideal Raptors Uniform
  114. The sky is blue (read inside to see why)
  115. Game 59 (TOR v. SAC) March 7: Raps Welcome Back Rudy Gay to Toronto
  116. Game 60 (TOR v. MIN) March 9: Raps look to rip apart Wolves on the road
  117. Game 62 (TOR @ BKN) Mar 10: Raps looks to scorch Nets in Brooklyn
  118. Ujiri's #1 target this summer is....
  119. Game 63 (TOR v. DET) March 12th, 2014: Firing up the engines against Pistons
  120. Game 64 (TOR v. MEM) March 14: Raps look to take big bite out of the grizz
  121. Game 65 (TOR v. PHO) March 16: Raps Look to Stay Hot Against Surging Suns
  122. Raps Forum March Madness Tournament - Yahoo
  123. 2014 Draft/Prospects Thread Pt II
  124. Game 66 (TOR v. ATL) March 18: Raps Look to Ground Hawks on the Road in Georgia
  125. Staying or going? Lowry wonít commit...
  126. Game 67 (TOR v. NOP) March 19: Raps Look to End Skid on the Road in Louisiana
  127. Game 68 (TOR v. OKC) March 21: Raps hope to Rattle the Thunder at ACC
  128. Game 69 (TOR v. ATL) March 22: Raps look to Rip apart the Hawks at the ACC
  129. Fools Gold???? or do the Raps really have something here ??
  130. Game 70 (TOR @ CLE), March 25th, 2014: Raps look for W in Ohio on Lowry's birthday
  131. Game 71 (TOR @ BOS) March 26th, 2014: Raps look to rebound in Beantown
  132. Could Patrick Patterson = Paul Millsap?
  133. Game 72 (TOR v. BOS) March 28: Raps look for back to back wins over Celtics
  134. Game 73 (TOR @ ORL) March 30th, 2014: Raps look to make Magic disappear in Orlando
  135. Patman return status - please update as you hear news
  136. Game 74 (TOR v. MIA) March 31: Raps look to Escape South Beach with rare road win
  137. Trouble in Pacer Land - Hibbert
  138. Game 75 (HOU vs TOR) April 2nd, 2014: Raps look to send Rockets to a galaxy far away
  139. Masai Ujiri on George Stroumboulopoulos
  140. Tim Leiweke on Strombo - big Lowry update!
  141. Game 76 (TOR v. IND) April 4: Raps Look to Keep Pace in the East Against Indiana
  142. Game 77 (TOR v. MIL) April 5: Raps look stay Hot in Wisconsin
  143. Discussion: DeRozan vs. Ross
  144. Can the Raptors make the ECF's ??
  145. The new "RPM" stat, and Amir Johnson
  146. JV Charged with DUI
  147. Ujiri on nba.com: "Casey has done an unbelievable job bringing this team together"
  148. Game 78 (PHI vs TOR) April 9th, 2014: Raps continue their quest for the 3rd seed
  149. Raptors : MVP? MIP? DPY? 6th man ?
  150. DeMar DeRozan; the Raps best Defensive Player
  151. Game 79 (TOR v. NYK) April 10:P Raps look to Tie Franchise Marks for wins in a Season
  152. Defensive Slippage
  153. Raptors earn second division title in franchise history
  154. Game 80 (TOR v. DET) April 13: Raps look get back on track in the Motor City
  155. Lowry; "I couldnít choose a better team and the teammates than what Iíve got here.Ē
  156. Game 81 (TOR v. MIL) April 14: Raps Look to Win Out to Secure Third in the East
  157. Jonas getting ready for the postseason...
  158. Raptors have the most expensive tickets in the playoffs
  159. A Nice Breakdown of our Offense
  160. I Am Amir Johnson
  161. Game 82 (TOR v. NYK) April 16: Raps look to Lock up 3rd in the East Against Knicks
  162. We The North
  163. Is it time to let Fields loose?
  164. Game 1 (TOR v. BKN) BKN leads 1-0 {April 19 2014} Raps look to rebound in Game 2
  165. PSD Raps Forum Game Event Real Sports Bar
  166. Raptors Lose Draft Tiebreaker, Will Pick 20th
  167. Did He Just Say That?
  168. Help me win raptors playoff tickets!
  169. EPSN To Blame For Shot Clock Malfunction
  170. Former Referee Donaghy: Raps are up against Nets, and referees!!!
  171. Game 2 (TOR v. BKN) Series tied 1-1 {April 22}: Raps Look to get even with Nets
  172. Jonas needs more touches...
  173. Music during players intro? 2014 Playoffs
  174. Raptors Make the Playoffs -Hell Freezes Over- the NBL gets National TV Deal
  175. Game 3 (TOR v. BKN) Series tied 1-1 {April 25th} Raps look to go up one game on Nets
  176. Demar: "Heís not white. Greivis is black"
  177. Game 4 (TOR v. BKN) Nets lead series 2-1 {April 27} Raps look to even up Series
  178. Hypothetical question
  179. The Advanced Stat All Star - Amir Johnson
  180. Game 5 (TOR vs. BKN) Raptors lead 3-2: Raps look to take lead in series!
  181. 2014 Community Assist Award Nominee - Demar Derozan
  182. Game 6 (TOR v. BKN) May 2 {Raps lead series 3-2) Toronto looks to close it out
  183. Game 7 (TOR v. BKN) May 4 {Series Tied 3-3} All comes down to this for Raps
  184. Northern Uprising
  185. Kyle Lowry: 'This is only the start for us and the Raptors organization'
  186. Our Free Agents - Who do you think is coming back?
  187. What do they need to do to be successful next season?
  188. Report: Raps Considering Bringing VC Back
  189. Raptors and Casey agree in principle to 3 year deal
  190. This off season I think the raps will ......
  191. Thank You Raptors Fans
  192. The Jonas thread, get your Jonas here, buy 1 Jonas get 2 free
  193. Lowry could have been Most improved player of they year.
  194. Vasquez on KD
  195. Greg Monroe
  196. Koreen: Nets' playoff results make us look at Raps more critically
  197. 2014 NBA Draft Thread
  198. Kevin Love
  199. Landry Fields As Lionel Richie!!!
  200. Bold Moves
  201. Can the Raptors find a gem in the draft
  202. Off Season Rumours Thread
  203. Chandler Parsons to become a free agent...
  204. We The North
  205. DRAFT DAY THREAD: Ujiri makes his first Raptors draft pick
  206. Around The NBA Part III
  207. Lowry to heat imminent deal: or was Bucher punked?
  208. 2014 NBA Summer League Thread
  209. TSN: Raptors extend tenders to Vasquez, Patterson and De Colo
  210. Should the Raptors have used their first pick for Bruno Caboclo?
  211. Direction If Lowry Doesn't Re-sign
  212. Raptors in advance talks to trade John Salmons for Lou Williams
  213. Grange: Lowry almost a done deal.
  214. Kyle Lowry Free Agency thread
  215. Grizzlies make Ed Davis a UFA, should we sign him?
  216. Kyle Lowry agrees to 4 year/$48 mil contract
  217. Off topic Basketball Discussions
  218. Raps Concerned With Amir's Ankles
  219. Raps re-sign Patrick Patterson for 3 yrs, 18 mil
  220. Steve Novak Traded to Utah
  221. De Colo turns down Raps, heading to CSKA-Moscow
  222. Vazquez will accept Raptors Qualifying offer
  223. marvin williams mle?
  224. Andray Blatche Meets With Raptors
  225. Raptors' Tim Leiweke explains 'We The North'
  226. Breaking: Welcome Back GVZ
  227. Greivis Vazquez re-signs with Raptors
  228. Raptors sign James Johnson to a 2 year deal.
  229. Anthony Morrow
  230. Lebron is going to cavs
  231. Pipe dream trade scenario
  232. As of now how do you guys rank the East?
  233. DUI Charges against Jonas have been dropped
  234. Ross motivated after playoff loss
  235. Bebe returning to spain...
  236. 2015/2016 Offseason
  237. Raptors complete buyout with Nogueira's Spanish team
  238. Bruno Caboclo
  239. Deandre Daniels
  240. Raps n Will Cherry agree to 2 yr deal
  241. Valanciunas looking jacked
  242. Are Raps-Pacers in talks about 2Pat for DWest?
  243. Jonas Valanciunas evaluations/What to expect next season
  244. Report: Raptors in talks with Rochester team, would add them to D-League
  245. Raptors 2014/15 Schedule
  246. Derozan on Team USA
  247. Raptors sign Jordan Hamilton to a 1-year deal
  248. Do the Raptors have less Depth than the Knicks?
  249. Tim Leiweke leaving?
  250. Assistant Coach Jama Mahlalela's impact on the team